Best Of The Awesomely Bad Lost 80's Music Videos Of All Time The Totally Epic Ultimate Mega Cheese Edition

Cheesy 80's

The 80's had It's ups and downs, but here it's the underrated and or overrated songs or just plain weird (there is one), that you have probably never seen because of the country or that the great US of A diden't except these works of art. So have fun on the Time Machine to the 80's and there's a lot of videos on here so it should keep you busy for awhile. And to add, that I diden't type in between of video's because I wanted you to do the talking not ME! And so, HAVE FUN 80'S FANS TO THE Best Of The Awesomely Bad Lost 80's Music Videos Of All Time The Ultimate Cheese Edition!!!!

1 Silent Circle- Love Is Just A Word

2 Roger Meno- I Find The Way

3 Fancy- Lady of Ice

4 Julian- Straight To My Heart

5 Michael Cretu- Samurai

6 Rocky M.- Fly With Me To Wonderland

7 Silicon Dream- Albert Einstein

8 Modern Talking- Geronimo's Cadillac

9 Babaluga- My Paradise

10 Slizzy Bob- Glasses

11 Man- Arabian GoGo

12 Laban- Caught By Surprise

13 Facts & Fiction- Give Me The Night

14 Happy Hour- Wie Geht`s

15 Silent Circle- Danger Danger

16 RAF- Self control

17 Sandra- Maria Magdalena

18 Lake- In the midnight

19 Vanilla- In The Year 2525

20 Radiorama- Vampires

21 Jack`s Project - Shy Shy Sugarman

22 Keith Ellis- Starship of SevenTears

23 Richard Marx- Satisfied

24 Heaven Knows- Lucky Guy

25 Jessica - Like A Burning Star

26 Zig Zag- Hold You

27 One Of Them- Jump In

28 The Radio Pirates - What Shall We Do With The Drunken DJ

29 Casablanca- Angel of Night

30 Boytronic- Don't Let Me Down

31 B-Point 2- After Midnight

32 Mauro- Buona Sera Ciao Ciao

33 R.BAIS- Dial My Number

34 Fair Control- Symphony of Love

35 SaySay- Revolution in my Heart

36 Baltimora-Tarzan Boy

Nice ride ha! So tell me what you think, is this good, bad , so-so, anything would make my day! and if you have more 80's videos that I should have put on here then let me know so we can continue the list. I think the line is getting short, Do you want to have another go! And my favorite song on this list is Roger Meno's I Find The Way if anybody wants to know.

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Brother Louie profile image

Brother Louie 5 years ago from The 80's Author

Reynold Jay Thanks man you made me one happy guy! As a 80's fan to a 80's fan thank you kind sir for not saying anything bad about this work of art. And if anyone wants to know the music that you were listening to was called "EuroDisco", check out more hits!

Reynold Jay profile image

Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

Wow --just spent an hour listening to all this Wellllll done! I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and Useful. Hey! I'm now your fan! RJ

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