BP Hires Kevin Costner

 Announced at a press conference on Friday BP's COO Doug Suttles stated that they have purchased 32 "dream" machines from the Hollywood actors company, Ocean Therapy Solutions. These centrifuges are said to separate 200,000 of oily water per day.

The first 3 of the fleet are said to hit the oily water as early as this weekend.

For the last 17 years Costner has been working close with scientists in the development on the machines to clean up oil spills. Testifying before Congress last week, Costner stressed the need for these machines and also a possible solution for deep-water drilling.

Here's hoping that Costner's company has what this oil spill needs and that they can help aide in the clean up.

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chasingcars 6 years ago

Also a very useful and upbeat take on the disaster. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, thank God. Good post.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

Ah - I saw this on news. It seems like something he would do. Remember his movie - he produced, directed and starred in - called "Waterworld"? It was a bit of a disaster at the box office but showed something of his spirit.

Thanks for the good hub, hon!

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