The Host is being made into a movie! MY cast list.

It's the TRUTH y'all!!!!

Today, Stephenie Meyer has updated her website to say that The Host will be made into a major motion picture. Check the link to her website for more info!!!! If you haven't read the book, it is great! Meyers has also said many times that she is wanting to make it a trilogy. Time to jump on the band wagon folks!!! When I read the synopsis, even though I love Twilight, I was very sceptical. A Sci-Fi romance? How's that going to work? It's like a some what peaceful invasion of the body snatcher, only in the book the invasion part is over and the humans have pretty much lost. If you love Twilight, if you love Sci-Fi, or if you just love romance, give The Host a try! Update! I just re-read The Host and now I just love it even more!!! If you have only read it once, read it again. Everything just fell into place even better re-reading it. I also want to add some new suggestions for casting. I can't wait until the movie!!! When will it get here?!?!

UPDATE! They just announced the release date for The Host. March 29th 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have read it, who would you pick to cast the movie? Here's my cast list:

Melanie - Camilla Belle or Jessica Alba

Wanda (end of the book) - Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettiere(she's shorter!)

Jared - Ryan Phillippe OR Hayden Christensen

Ian - Tom Welling

Kyle - Hugh Jackman OR Ian Somerhalder

The Seeker - Bebe Neuwirth

Uncle Jeb - Mel Gibson OR Robin Williams (can't you see him as Crazy Uncle Jeb?)

Doc - John Cusack

Jaime - Josh Hutcherson or Skandar Keynes


Ian or Jared

Which is your FAV?

  • Ian
  • Jared
  • both
  • neither
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MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

April 4 years ago


MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

That would be cool. I guess Melanie has been cast though.

Saoirse Ronan got the part. She doesn't really strike me as the best choice, but who knows?

Vipula 4 years ago

Oh please be it jensen ackles to play ian.

And for melanie camilla belle...

And ian som. Could also be good ian.

MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hugh Jackman would make a good Doc! Channing Tatum might be good for Jared..... I guess I just think he's OK. I know, most people think he's gorgeous. When I read the books I actually pictured Uncle Jeb as Burl Ives. LOL!!!

faskldfjas 4 years ago

My picks for the Host movie:

Melanie: DEFINITELY Camilla Belle

Wanda: Gemma Ward, she just looks so innocent!

Jared: Channing Tatum, hot stuff

Ian: Ian Somerhalder (A vampire! and his name is already Ian)

Kyle: Kellan Lutz (OMG TWILIGHT ^_~)

Seeker: Carla Gugino...maybe, doesn't really matter to me

Uncle Jeb: The Mel Gibson you have pictured would be perfect! For some reason I always think of Jebediah S. Jerky from the Sims 2 DS lol

Doc:I was think Hugh Jackman for this role

Jamie: Agree with both of your choices, but I'm leaning more towards Josh Hutcherson

Jetara 4 years ago

Continued thought....

I think Tania Raymonde would have made a great Melanie. She has the look at least.

Jetara 4 years ago

I just finished The Host for the 3rd time. I still find things I missed the first time. if I could pick the cast I think this would work...

Melanie: No point - they already cast Saoirse Ronan and she's growing on me. With the right makeup, hair color and contacts she may be alright.

Jared: Jensen Ackles or Matthew Goode (How he looked in Leap Year)

Jamie: Logan Lerman

Jed: Sam Elliott

Ian: Ian Somerhalder(I like him but Jensen Ackles could pull it off to. He needs to NOT pull the eyebrow like in Vampire Diaries)

Kyle: Tom Welling

Maggie: Lois Smith (she may be to old but she's sassy but look how old Sam Elliott looks huh)

Sharon: This one is hard...Elizabeth Moss or Melanie Lynskey if they could pull off bitchy. Maybe Emma Stone

Doc: Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Paul Rudd

Wanda/Pet: Elizabeth Harnois

The Seeker: Christina Ricci

Brandi 4 years ago

I have read The Host and I think it is absolutely amazing!!! I will definitely be watching this movie when it comes out. I am also a huge Twilight fan!

a big fan 5 years ago

heyyy ildd love ian somerhalder to play ian in the movie, i think he's perfect... I always prefered Jensen ackles to play Jared as well, I believe he'll fit the part perfectly... as for melanie, wat about Megan Fox?

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I haven't heard anything official, but I'm pretty positive it will be a trilogy. I wouldn't be surprised if the second one is announced before the end of the year.

Jenny 5 years ago

Not Saoirse Ronan!! I hope the movie won't fail (and i believe it doesn't) but i just can't get over the fact that Sophia Bush isn't going to be Melanie. She would have been perfect.. And Jensen Ackles for Jared. It would have been the dream cast. I would like to know if they even concidered them.. And do you know if there are coming more books?

Ugghhh 5 years ago

David Conrad for doc....I know I am a lil late but I am keeping myself entertained right now

Ugghhh 5 years ago

Alexandra daddario(?) for Melanie?

Ugghhh 5 years ago

What about evanna lynch for Wanda at the end? The girl who plays luna lovegood?

Ugghhh 5 years ago

Really? That is an awful choice for Melanie.... I don't even want to see the movie now! They should have read this page first!

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Totally! Maybe Stephenie is planning for the future? It's supposed to be a trilogy.

... 5 years ago

Don't you think she's a bit young? Saoirse Ronan just turned 17! I don't really care about who gets the part, but I don't want that the Host turns into 'the new' Twilight, you know? I want an adult movie...

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

So...have y'all heard this?! Melanie has been cast!

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Really? Hmmmm...interesting...

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