Bachelorette Movie Soundtrack List (2012)

The 'Bachelorette' 2012 Soundtrack

It seems that there are two different scores for the film. According to Film Music Reporter, the movie when it comes out in theaters will feature a score composed by John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein, the duo who previously scored the Will Ferrell-starrer Casa Mi Padre .

However, the website also reported that when the film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, it featured a score by Michael Wandmacher. The Wikipedia page for the film has Michael Wandmacher listed as the music composer.

The Song in the Movie That Sounds Like David Bowie

Again, it's not a David Bowie song. Instead, it's a song called A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins.

The film's IMDb page mentioned the song I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles as performed by Adam Scott to be also present in the movie.

The Song Featured in the "Bachelorette" Trailer

It's not an AC/DC song although it sounds a lot like AC/DC. However, it's a song by Airbourne, a hard rock band from Australia. The song is called Blonde, Bad and Beautiful. It's the third track from the band's second studio album titled No Guts No Glory which was released in 2010. The album contained eighteen tracks, five of which are Special Edition bonus tracks. Airbourne was formed in 2001. The current band lineup are Joel O'Keefe, his brother Ryan O'Keefe, David Roads and Justin Street. When asked about their musical influences, they often mention (surprise, surprise) AC/DC. That's pretty obvious when you listen to their recordings. They also cite Judas Priest, The Angels and Rose Tattoo as influences.

Watch 'Bachelorette' Before It Hits Theaters

Bachelorette will be released in the United States on September 7, 2012. However, you can watch the film earlier than the release date since it's available on Video On Demand. Running for about one hour and thirty minutes, you can watch the entire movie on Amazon.

It is also available for Amazon Instant Video HD compatible devices like PlayStation 3, Roku, and the Xbox 360. Reviews of the film on Amazon are mostly positive. A lot of these reviews gave the film five stars out of five. Now that's something. A movie's got to be funny to get reviews like these.

The film also reached number one on iTunes. That is quite an achievement.

The Cast

*Kirsten Dunst (The Bling Ring, Upside Down, On The Road)

*Isla Fisher (Now You See Me, The Great Gatsby, Rise of the Guardians)

*Lizzy Caplan (Item 47, 3 2 1 Frankie Go Boom, Save the Date, Home for Actresses)

*Rebel Wilson (Pain & Gain, Ive Age:Continental Drift, Pitch Perfect)

*James Marsden (Dead Circus, The Loft, As Cool as I Am, Robot & Frank)

*Kyle Bornheimer (The Family Tools, Bent)

*Adam Scott (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Guilt Trip, ACOD, See Girl Run)

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