Barbara Eden and I Dream of Jeannie

I remember watching Barbara Eden in the show "I Dream of Jeannie". After seeing it once I was, well, hooked.

I would stop whatever I was doing, even if I was outside playing with my friends on a nice summer night, and I would make sure I was in the house to see it, which was only once a week.

I loved the idea of having magic powers, being able to blink my eyes and have anything I want absolutely fascinated me.

Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, who played Jeannie's master, Major Anthony Nelson, made a beautiful couple and I must admit I had a little crush on him.

He was a cute and handsome astronaut after all - No wonder Jeannie wanted him to be her husband, lol!

She was (and still is) so beautiful and I could never figure out why Major Nelson didn't want this beautiful woman who obviously adored him, to be his wife. Oh, and she did have that magic thing going on too.

But for some reason, he always wanted to put her in her bottle and keep her from using her powers! That's what the show was about basically, Jeannie trying to get Major Nelson to be her husband

And then Major Nelson would try to keep her in the bottle and getting upset with her every time she blinked something good into his life and him getting mad at her and trying to get her back in the bottle until the next episode. Go figure!

Jeannie in all her glory


The very first episode

I always wanted to have magic powers

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Barbara Eden Interview

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visitor 4 years ago

That era when "I Dream of Jeanie" played was turbulent, but also innocent in a way that allowed us into the world of Jeannie and to forget about war. It was more wholesome and kind in a lot of ways than "Bewitched", more like a Wonderland than a Las Vegas. I'd like to go back.

The show was enchanting and funny and in sequences in which Jeannie changed the timeline to one in which she would not be in Major Nelson's life any longer, viewers cried. Tony Nelson was sure different from J.R. Ewing on Dallas. I prefer the major.

Great writing, btw!

Georgie Lowery profile image

Georgie Lowery 4 years ago from Slaton, Texas USA

Jeannie was awesome. This is one of the few shows from that era that I can watch and not immediately think 'dang, that's cheesy.'

Great hub!

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