Barney & Friends “Ahora Mismo!: Spain” Episode

“Ahora Mismo!: Spain” Episode Wrap Up

The “Ahora Mismo!: Spain” episode of Barney & Friends first premiered on PBS on September 9, 2009.  Two girls are excited for a pony arriving and wondering where Ben is.  Then Barney comes to life when asked if he will ride the pony.  Barney says he will because he is too big.  They then sing a song about being together with friends.


After the song the pony man arrives with a pony.  Holly feeds the horse a carrot.  A few other things are taught about ponies, such as their feet are hooves and their hair on the head is called a mane.  There is then a song about pony riding with scenes of other kids and pony riding.


The girls then take turns riding the pony.  Ben then arrives and he missed riding the pony.  He thinks they are kidding at first, but they are not and he is disappointed.  Barney ties to console him that the pony man might come back another day.  They then sing a song about not being able to wait.


After the song Ben talks a lot about horses showing his knowledge about horses.  He then tells a little bit of a fib about getting a horse of his own.  Barney then decides to take Ben to Spain to see another horse using Barney’s Travel Book and some imagination.


In Spain Barney introduces Ben to a dancing horse.  At first Ben does not believe that the horse can dance.  He has to wait some more because he is not ready to dance, yet.  To help pass the time Barney has him watch flamenco dancers, which include Riff and Baby Bop, perform.


The horse is then ready to perform.  They sing a dancing song while the horse performs his dance moves.  New words in Spanish are then taught through the use of a song.  Words include how to say hello, girl, boy, friends, and please.


While the horse gets ready to dance again, the dinosaurs and Ben think of a dance to teach the horse.  They sing a song to teach the dino dance to the horse.  It is then time for Barney and Ben to leave while Baby Bop and Ruff stay to practice their flamenco dancing.


Ben has decided he could wait to ride a pony, but he ends up not having to wait being the pony man has returned.  They then sing the traditional ending song, “I Love You.”


Overall this is an okay episode, but it is kind of disappointing after the China episode that premiered the day before.  The main reason being that this episode barely teaches something although it kind of teaches about waiting and patience, but not really.  Also, it does not even teach that much about Spain and really just teaches general stuff that almost makes it seem like it could have been about any Spanish speaking country, especially Mexico.  It is bad enough the set is totally fake about them being in the country, but to then not teach much about the country’s culture it is just plain sad.  Here’s hoping the episode about Italy tomorrow is more like the "Big Brother Rusty: China" episode than this episode.

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