Bass Guitar Review: Squire Vintage Fretless Bass

Fretless Bass With Frets

Rummaging through the music store and perusing through guitars I could not afford, I suddenly came across a Squire version of a fret less bass.  Retail pricing was around $330CAD and surprisingly the look of the bass seemed like it should have been more.

The body was a shiny, autumn burst with the tradition fender bass form.  The frets have been drawn on so don't let the photo fool you. 

Curious, I took down the bass and plugged it in.  I was surprised by the ease of the fluidity and how much more smooth the playing was than the traditional basses with frets.  The two pick ups allowed for diverse bass tones but pure pleasure was the sliding bass tones up and down the neck.

I would definitely recommend this bass to beginners as well as intermediate players.  Even experts could purchase this and then change the strings for yet an even richer tone.  The colour, the body shape, and the fret neck all make this a great economic purchase! 

It is no wonder that this guitar frequently goes out of stock at the various stores that I have sought it. 

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