I Think These Girls are Beautiful!

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It would be ridiculously easy for me to bang out a hub on guys I have crushes on. I could easily categorize them: sports guy crushes, music guy crushes, actor guy crushes. Instead, I decided to write a hub about my girl crushes. Pardon the euphimism: I don't "play for the other team," but I can easily tell you who, in my opinion, is a beautiful woman.

And that's the thing - it's my opinion. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and all that. This list is completely debatable, and everyone's list is different.

I'm not going to delude myself in saying that this kind of beauty and physical shape is attainable by anyone, or that this is what girls or women should aspire to. If we all had an entourage consisting of a chef, a personal trainer, hair and makeup artists, and photographers standing by to airbrush our bodies into perfection, then sure, we could all look like this if we wanted to. That doesn't mean it's bad or wrong to discuss who's "hot" and who's "not."

So in no particular order, here's this girl's top ten list of the most beautiful singers, supermodels, and starlets.

Heidi Klum I know, she's a supermodel, and naturally a ton of people will probably agree with me on this one. I actually watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (twice) just to watch her walk the runway. I think she's beautiful.Seal, on the other hand...

Eva Mendes My husband disagrees with me on this one. I don't know why. I think this Miami-born actress is scorching hot!

Keira Knightley I think she desperately needs to eat a sandwich (or six!) but her face is just so strikingly pretty. She reminds me of an old Hollywood actress. I love her in Love Actually and Atonement.

Katherine Heigl I used to be a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, but my attention started to wane when Addison left and they did the whole Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice split. However, I'm still a Katherine Heigl fan and 27 Dresses is one of my favorite movies!

Tyra Banks Another supermodel. Well, what can I say? She's tall and curvy and shapely. She looks good with straight hair, wavy hair, afro-curly hair. She's just beautiful.

Sarah Jessica Parker I'm sure there's a lot of people that disagree with me on SJP. My fanship of her goes back before Sex and the City to when she starred in a little movie called If Lucy Fell. I know she's got some crazy, quirky fashion sense, but I think the girl's adorable!

Mila Kunis I never really watched That 70s Show and kind of forgot about Mila Kunis until I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She's got great eyes! I wonder if she's still dating Macaulay Culkin...?

Beyonce She can sing. She can REALLY sing. None of that lip-synching crap. She has crazy moves. She's got a great body. Watch one of her music videos. Nothing on her jiggles or wiggles. At all. What else can I say?

Kate Walsh Another Grey's Anatomy actress. When I was really into the show, and she came to Seattle Grace to steal Derek away from Meredith, I couldn't stand her. Somewhere in the plotline of the show, it dawned on me that she's a heck of an actress for me to get that worked up watching her. Then I ended up really liking her. She's very glamorous and she has a great voice. My husband loves her Cadillac commercial.

So, there you have it. That's who this girl thinks is beautiful.

Who do you think should be on this list?

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Msgracie 6 years ago

Hey TLG! I really enjoyed and like your post. Beyonce does have a bit of jiggle and wiggle though, she just keeps it under control :) smile!! Sarah Jessica, she looked real hot in ...Vegas movie w/ Nick Cage, The First Wives Club and Hocus Pocus (there are more, but those sticking out at this time LOL)! She still is cute, but she was super fly in those movies her legs where great back then and the curly hair !!!

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