Galilea Montijo - Beautiful Latina Actresses

Beautiful Latina Actress - Galilea Montijo

Mexican actress and television personality Galilea Montijo was born on June 5th, 1973 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
After winning the contest "La Chica TV" in 1993, Galilea appeared in several telenovelas and shows, including "Tres mujeres" (1999), La Paloma de Marsella (1999), "Azul" (1996), "Tu y yo" (1996), "Ritmo-son" (1996) and "El Premio mayor" (1995).
While she was dating Mexican football star Cuauhtemoc Blanco (creator of the natty ‘Blanco Bounce‘ trick), she entered the reality show Big Brother VIP in 2004 and ended up winning.
Galilea also participated in the second season of Bailando por un Sueño (Dancing for a Dream, like the American " Dancing With the Stars"). She didn't win, but left a lasting impression on TV viewers with her performance.
Galilea starred in the Mexican telenovela La Verdad Oculta in 2006, with Gabriel Soto and Claudia Troyo. In that same year, Galilea was on the Latin Grammy Awards as a presenter.
Galilea Montijo will be in the upcoming movie "Dogs" based on the play by Guillermo Rios.
Galilea had surgery just before Christmas (2008) to remove a tumor on her right foot. The Doctors said her health was not at risk.

In 2009, Galilea appeared on Hoy, Mujeres asesinas (as Lorena Garrido) and Los simuladores.

In 2010, she did some voice work in Héroes verdaderos, an animated retelling of Mexico's Independence war

In the US, Galilea is one of the Mexican stars that appeared on the telenovela "show in a show" Vidas de Fuego ("Lives of Fire") on Ugly Betty.
She appeared uncredited as Selena.

In 2011, it was announced that Galilea and plastic surgeon Jorge Krasovsky ended their relationship.
Also in 2011, she hosted the TV show "El Gran Show de los Peques" and "Pequeños gigantes" along with Gloria Trevi.
She also appeared in "Perras" as Frida Adulta.

Galilea Montijo
Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo Updates 5-31-2012

Univision has announced that Galilea will be hosting "Pequeños Gigantes 2" (Little Giants 2) in the 2012-2013 TV season.
Singers, actors, dancers and comedians (that are kids ages 4 to 12) compete in a talent search.
Unlike last year, this year auditions where held here in four U.S. markets for contestants.

Galilea Montijo Updates 10-31-2012

News anchor Jorge Ramos, singer Lucero and television personality Galilea Montijo will join Mario “Don Francisco” Kreutzberger in the first edition of Teleton USA, set to air Dec. 14-15 to collect funds for children with disabilities, cancer and autism.

Full Story Here

Galilea Montijo Updates 2-13-2013

Galilea Montijo has done what very few stars have done and came out admitting that she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, and had a hard time losing it.
She even admitted to the press that she has cellulite!
Galilea said she lost her baby weight through exercise, diet and massage.
And she also said that she read what the press said about her and it hurt, but that just looking at her son took all the pain away.
Good for her.

Galilea Montijo Updates 8-27-2014

In 2014 Galilee released her very own perfume called appropriately enough, "Galilee".
She also held what is becoming an almost annual sale where she sold off costumes from her TV appearances, with the proceeds going to help charities for the elderly in Mexico.

Galilea Montijo Coming to America?
Galilea Montijo Coming to America?

Galilea Montijo Coming to America?

It is rumored that Galilea Montijo is thinking about quiting the daytime show "Hoy." and going to the US to become, "the next Sofia Vergara".
Maybe she has been inspired by Alicia Machado who has moved to Hollywood, has been attached to several unspecified film projects and has become a US citizen.

Galilea Montijo Filmography

Hasta que el dinero nos separe (2010)
La verdad oculta (2006) as Gabriela Guillén de Genovés / Martha Saldívar de Guzmán
El precio de tu amor (2000) as Valeria Ríos
Tres mujeres (1999) as Maricruz Ruiz
Tú y yo (1996) as Resignación
Azul (1996) as Mara
El premio mayor (1995) as Lilí

Television programs
Fantástico Amor (1999)
Vida TV (2001-2006) Host
Big Brother VIP (2002) Contestant, winner.
Hospital el paisa (2004)
Bailando por un sueño (2005) Contestant
La Hora de la Papa (2007) Host
Hazme reír y serás millonario (2009) Contestant
Hoy (1999-2000, 2008 - present) Host
Pequeños Gigantes (Mexican TV series) (2011) Host
El Gran Show de los Peques (2011) Host

Mujeres asesinas (2009) as Lorena Garrido (Episode: "Las Garrido, codiciosas")
Los simuladores (2009) as herself
Los simuladores (2008) Host
Cásate conmigo, mi amor (2011)

Perras (2011) as adult Frida

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Galilea Montijo

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estupenda mujer maravillosa

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