The Benefits of Virgin Media Broadband

 Virgin Broadband is "The UK's Fastest Broadband" - providing super speed broadband to many customers in the UK and also other countries in the world. This page will take you through the benefits of having Virgin Broadband as your internet provider.

The Benefits of Virgin Broadband

  • Virgin Media offer the fastest broadband in the UK. There have been over 400,00 speed tests that have proved this.
  • Average Download Speed = 8.15mb - The best in the UK.
  • Virgin offer broadband at different speeds based on your needs. This includes 10mb, 20mb and 50mb. Each broadband is priced individually.
  • The closest runner up to Virgin Broadband is 02, who offer up to 8MB and with an average speed of 4.1 to 5.1 mb. This is nearly half the speed of Virgin Broadband.
  • Broadband is Fibre Optic. Made from strands of glass that are super thin.
  • The best for websites, movies, downloads, and photographs.
  • Broadband is available throughout the whole of the UK.
  • There is no restriction to the amount of downloads you can make. Therefore you can browse away and download whatever you want, whenever you want and never have to worry about running of of download space.
  • Virgin Broadband comes with a Free PC Guard to prevent virus's and offer protection on the internet.
  • The wireless router is small, attractive and also totally free.

Apart from all that Virgin Broadband also has a list of awards to its name...

  • Winner of the Broadband Choices Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Mac User Magazine rates Virgin as the Internet Service Provider of the Year
  • also says Virgin are No1.
  • First in the Top10 broadband awards for 2009.

If you're still unsure then you should really try it for yourself!


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