Best Acoustic Songs Ever

Simple, Beautiful, Amazing.
Simple, Beautiful, Amazing.

My Generation

I made a you tube video awhile back about The Best Acoustic Songs Ever, unfortunately you tube made me change the audio I had on it due to copyright stuff. So I thought I would cover it more in detail here so I won't have to worry about copyright problems. The first part of the list is mainly songs of recent history in no particular order, you do not have to like the list but comment and let me know what you think including suggestions for any more songs to add to make this the ultimate song list.

Your Call-by Secondhand Serenade

This first song is simple yet beautiful. You have to love those songs when the artist is speaking to the one they love. Plus the vocal harmonies John of SS does are just astounding if you listen closely enough. In my personal opinion I believe Secondhand Serenades first album was his best.

Swing Life Away
Swing Life Away

Swing Life Away-Rise Against

This song has a mesmerizing intro with solid verse, all with just the acoustic guitar. The background vocals in the chorus makes this song all that much better. This song reminds me of fun easy going times that sound really appealing compared to today's times. This song is a lot different than most of Rise Against's other songs because they are a fairly heavy rock band. It is a short song, with cheerful uplifting lyrics.

Dear Diary... album
Dear Diary... album

Emily- From First To Last

This song has an amazing double guitar intro that made me want to learn it on guitar. This is probably the most amazing emo/alternative you will ever hear. I do not like songs that have no feeling but in this song you can feel the singers passion and urgency. It is one of the most played songs in my itunes and I don't get tired of it which is rare for me. So a nice acoustic song by a primarily hardcore rock band, it works great.


I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie

This song has kind of a folk sound to it. It is a song about dying and love talking about "when heaven and hell decides that they both are satisfied." So when you add the vocals of Death Cab singer Benjamin Gibbard, you get a great deep song.

The Bird and the Bee Sides
The Bird and the Bee Sides

Who I am Hates Who I've Been(Acoustic)- Relient K

The piano in this song is what makes it great to me plus it has got a great meaning to it. About the better person you are now hates who you have been and what you were doing. There is a rock version of this song that is also good if you want to check that out.

Punk Goes Acoustic 2
Punk Goes Acoustic 2

Three Cheers For Five Years(Acoustic)- Mayday Parade

Probably one of the better songs on this list. The piano in this one is really dynamic throughout the song. The blending of vocals by the two singers is perfect for this song, you will want to sing along when you are familiar with the song. The non-acoustic version of this song pretty much sucks but that is my opinion. "Miserable At Best" by Mayday Parade is also a good song you should check out.

Easier to Lose
Easier to Lose

Prettiest Paint- Paper Mache

This song is by a relatively unknown band that I love. Their meaningful lyrics are powerful. This song is not complicated but the singer sings with such passion you can't help but feel something. This video is not the best one of this song so just go to their purevolume page to hear it and last time I checked you can even download it. Couldn't find a video for this song, but enjoy the vaccine.


Don't Be So Hard- The Audition

Punk Goes Acoustic 2 is great album with lots of great songs by lots of great artists, isn't that great? Anyway, another song with dual guitars making catchy melody's. The singer has an interesting voice also. Not very familiar with The Audition but I know I love this song.

Southern Weather
Southern Weather

Dirty and Left Out- The Almost

This song is by the Almost, a band formed by UnderØath drummer Aaron Gillespie. Not sure whether UnderØath would play something this calm but Aaron pulls it off gracefully with his band. This is a humbling, honest song saying I have done wrong but it is okay because you have forgiveness with Jesus. This has a lot of different instrumental elements with guitar, piano, and tambourine.

Acoustic EP
Acoustic EP

Ever So Sweet- The Early November

The Early November is not together any more but they did come out with a few great songs such as this one on their Acoustic EP. It has a calm guitar build up then an outburst of a chorus that wakes you up. Simple yet powerful, that seems to be a theme with these songs.

Brand New Eyes
Brand New Eyes

Misguided Ghosts- Paramore

This is a fairly new song by Paramore that is acoustic unlike most of their songs which are great in their own right. There is actually no strumming on the guitars in this song, just beautiful picking patterns. You should check out their song "The Only Exception." It is also acoustic and is on their latest album.

Let My Pride Be What Left Behind
Let My Pride Be What Left Behind

Sleeper 1972(acoustic)- Manchester Orchestra

This is probably one of the most simple songs on this list but the singer Andy Hull is an amazingly talented guy that pulls this song of wonderfully. I don't know how you can listen to this song and not be moved, there is something special about this song I cannot describe.

The Plain White T's
The Plain White T's

Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's

I couldn't go this whole list and not put "Hey There Delilah" on it. Probably the most popular acoustic song in recent history. It is catchy, beautiful, and easy to sing as far as knowing the words. Personally, the Plain White T's do not have a lot of good songs but they hit the jackpot with this one.


Come As You Are- Nirvana

Nirvana had one of the greatest unplugged performance when they played in New York in 1993. "Come As You Are" was just one of the songs they played that night. There were no electric guitars or bass and it was not long before the band ended that they recorded this.



Here we have an acoustic version of the classic, popular and widely covered song Wonderwall. Even though this is a live version, it still sounds really good. It is a pretty simple song to play but sometimes simplicity is the best.


So that is my list, thank you for reading and listening. Once again if you think there is any modern acoustic song you think should be on the list, say so in the comments below. Hope you all liked the list.


My First Cover

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Comments 64 comments

mynameisnotpaul profile image

mynameisnotpaul 6 years ago from Kentuckeh'

We listen to the same sort of music, so I've heard about half of these songs, and I can say they are AWESOME songs.

I especially love Death Cab, I saw them in Nashville, and it was pretty much amazing. Would love to see them again.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

That is awesome. That sounds cool, I would love to see any of these artists in concert.

Rose West profile image

Rose West 6 years ago from Michigan

I really enjoyed this hub! I know a few of the songs, but the other ones sound good too. Sometimes the acoustic versions are so much better than the originals.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Glad to hear it Rose West. I know what you mean, although some songs are worse acoustic, it just depends.

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Awesome Hub! You got a new follower!

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Sweet! I appreciate it Michael Shane.

d luck profile image

d luck 6 years ago

i think the best acoustic was Nirvana unplugged in New York. ^_^

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

I have the album for that, might have to add a song from it. Thanks.

Kozmic profile image

Kozmic 6 years ago

yea I'd have to agree with d luck, that whole album is great too.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Right on Kozmic.

theherbivorehippi profile image

theherbivorehippi 6 years ago from Holly, MI

Hey There Delilah definitely gets my vote. Great music choices here and well written hub!

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Yeah it is a great song, thanks.

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Ya' got some cool picks here...I always liked Nirvana....

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks, I was really young when they were popular but I like them now.

6 years ago

Great songs, Thanks

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

Nirvana never fails to make it on my list. I have added a couple of these songs into my iphone.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Yep, they are pretty much legends. That's good to hear.

profile image

BlindedByFear 6 years ago

i didn't see oasis wonderwall, and this is supposed to be a top10 acoustic? lol.

BennyTheWriter profile image

BennyTheWriter 6 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

Awesome hub. I love acoustic/unplugged music. I'll definitely be checking out these artists more, and I hope you continue to publish music hubs like these :)

profile image

SafeCard 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Excellent selection! While I love most music I do tend to be a sucker for a good acoustic song.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the feedback guys, I will look into the Oasis song. I might do another music hub soon.

rajivnandy profile image

rajivnandy 6 years ago from India !!

wow ...awesome compilation ... i 'll look forward to cover some of these songs ,sooner rather than later

lukeyg83 profile image

lukeyg83 6 years ago from Leicester

Great list, some ive never heard of. If you're looking for a good wonderwall version - noel gallagher copied ryan adams' version when he played an nme awards gig a few years ago - if you can find it it's well worth adding to the list.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

So you cover songs rajivnandy, that is awesome, I think I am going to try soon.

Alright, thanks lukeyg83.

ocoonocoon profile image

ocoonocoon 6 years ago

Hey, nice picks. The la's have some great acoustic tunes!

suckerforacoustic 6 years ago

Great List! A few suggestions:

"On Your Porch"--The format

Anything done by Jay Brannan

A small band called Russenorsk (they have a bunch of fantastic songs, but I'm not sure they're on youtube...)

"A Stone" or "A Girl in Port"--Okkervil River


Colin Hay

"The Blower's Daughter"--Damien Rice

Just a few of my favorites.

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the suggestions guys, love Augustana and Damien Rice.

wilbury4 profile image

wilbury4 6 years ago from England I think?

Crosby, Stills and Nash (and Young) did some great acoustic stuff.....

anonymoose 6 years ago

Great list, and kudos on mentioning Manchester Orchestra, it reminded me of Andy Hull's side-project Right Away, Great Captain. Love Come Save Me from that projects first album The Bitter End is a spectacular song that people should check out if they have any interest

Suzi-Q profile image

Suzi-Q 6 years ago from The Wild West, New Hampshire

I love the Oasis song you posted. Noel has a great voice. I like it better than Liam's.

anonimuzz profile image

anonimuzz 6 years ago from There

Damien Rice, as someone said before, would be a great choice too, although it ultimately depends on each person's taste. I particularly like the BBC concert versions of "I Remember" and "Cold Water", because they start with his typical acoustic, simple sound, but become very cathartic towards the end.

Anyway... Did you start covering songs already, as you said 5 weeks ago? I like listening to the same songs performed by different persons; it brings them a different feel.

profile image

Xx~Skittles~xX 6 years ago

Awesome list! i know pretty much all the songs and love em!

buuuuut >.>

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas Author


I did cover Swing Life Away, it was my first one so I will put a link above the comments. Tell me what you think.

Thanks Skittles.

Sal Bonavita 6 years ago

"Because" By the Beatles

Sal Bonavita 6 years ago

Anything by Jose Feliciano

fayehelen profile image

fayehelen 6 years ago

Your call is probably one of my favourite songs ever Good choice!

ToOB 6 years ago

Anouk - Nobody's Wife

cookie8888 profile image

cookie8888 6 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

Nice selections...I love the songs you chose for Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra, and Nirvana.

Annaaaa 6 years ago

this is great, thank you :)

Sierra 6 years ago

Dusk and Summer by Dashboard Confessional is, in my opinion, the best acoustic Alternative song you can possibly happen upon.

Viktor Kovács 6 years ago

Thanks from Hungary! :) nice songs...!

Joseph D.C. 5 years ago

Another awesome one is "The Kill Acoustic" by "30 Seconds To Mars". I did a cover of it with a friend of mine and it's purely epic.

daniel 5 years ago

most all secondhand serenade songs are all acoustic :). and there really good.

cameron 5 years ago

yeah man im lovin these bands but you should probably add the tide by the spill canvas

kokoy 5 years ago

Well, how 'bout Gotten by Slash?

That's also emotional, thamks to Adam's magnificent voice.

RAWR 5 years ago

where is the guardian angel by red jump apparatus?

jesea 5 years ago

Gotta have Good Riddance by Green Day on this list.

kiwikaika1121 profile image

kiwikaika1121 5 years ago

lovin it! up and awesome!!

sammyabate profile image

sammyabate 5 years ago

thank you thank you thank you for posting this. your list is on point :)

profile image

James E. 5 years ago

Honestly, acoustically, there is so much more. Your title of your hub should have been simply the "Best Acoustic Songs Ever". You should have included the genre because besides very few of have an ear for obviously just this type of music.

AutumnForrest 5 years ago

love all of these songs, great list!

MickeySr profile image

MickeySr 5 years ago from Hershey, Pa.

When I saw your first heading was "My Generation" I thought I would find Pete Townsend's acoustic version of "We Won't Get Fooled Again" on your list - it's phenomenal.

. . . and what's better than this ~

. . . well, maybe this ~

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 5 years ago from Texas Author

I appreciate all the comments. Yes, I could have added a ton more good songs and maybe you don't think the title is accurate, but this is what I loved when I made the list and still do.

Alternarock Lover 5 years ago

Hey! I could never really find a solid list of acoustic songs, especially ones that are meaningful and not just remakes. Your list is really great and was really helpful, please keep adding songs or make another list or two! thanks!

iLaughAtGrass 4 years ago

One of the best acoustic songwriters today is Dallas Green who goes by the alias City and Colour. You should definitely include one of his songs-he's impressive at the least!

isaac 4 years ago

i like all of them

teenmusicscene profile image

teenmusicscene 4 years ago from Texas Author

I hope to make another list soon, but City and Colour has become my favorite acoustic artist since making this. Beautiful music!

CJHazel 4 years ago

Wow, I listened to every songs on this list, and every song is really beautiful, and so great! Thanks for all the lists and videos, I'm going to put them in my mp3 to listen.. You really have a great taste in music!!

The All Time Top Ten Podcast 4 years ago

Matt 3 years ago

Swing life away is probably my all time favorite song. Great List.. finally found someone who listens to similar music as me. I know they're a bit mainstream but John Mayer and Jack Johnson are also both really great

Notandor 3 years ago

Notandor 3 years ago

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down.

Eleanor Sewell-Smith 3 years ago

Your cover of Swing Life Away was amazing, you're such a talented musician ! And most of the songs on your list are favourites of mine. I appreciate people who love similar music to me. Thankyou !

Nicholas Colitses 5 months ago

Ashton Lane's song Primrose Hill has the vibe of the best cinematic love songs for outdoor weddings.

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