Best Chick Fil A Commercials

Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A Commercials

 Chick Fil A has introduced some of the funniest commercials on television.  There theme of the cows telling you to "eat more chikin" is clever and pretty funny. As I write this hub, there is no Chick Fil A currently in my hometown.  Chick Fil A had a location in Springfield but it has been over twenty years since the store was opened.  Now, it is the most requested restaurant residents of Springfield like to see reopened.  I admit, I miss Chick Fil A too!  So, sit back and enjoy these funny commercials.

Tim Hawkins Ode to Chick Fil A

Office Building

Cow Parachuting

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tectonic profile image

tectonic 6 years ago from Singapore

good the commercials

europewalker profile image

europewalker 6 years ago

Great hub, I actually had a delicious Chick Fil A sandwich today. I hadn't had one in a long time and it was so good!

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