Kramer: Best Comic TV Character Ever

It is my opinion that Cosmo Kramer is the best Comic TV character, ever. Why? Because the writers could do almost anything with the character, and it worked. Every time!

There are only two character aspects that Kramer couldn't accomplish: a female part (obviously), and the stressed-out, overweight, balding, living-in-fear-of-my-parents type (i.e. George). Kramer is too laid back for that.

From his crazy business ideas, including the fleet of rickshaws and the beach-smelling cologne, to his incomprehensible noises in response to other people's conversation, Kramer's personality accepts any and all craziness, silliness, or outright slapstick. In fact, he was the major source of physical humor on the show. His abrupt entrances to Jerry's apartment are a unique part of his character and certainly help to make the character a highlight.

Even if you're not a Seinfeld enthusiast, the Kramer character has a way of making himself likable. He has the kind of laid-back, no-responsibility, carefree lifestyle that is deeply appealing to many of us. If only life could always be about the little things, the 'nothing' of everyday existence, we would all be less stressed; except, of course, for George.

When you get the chance, take a moment and watch some Kramer. You'll be laughing in spite of yourself, and the world will look a bit different the next time you check. Remember: laughter is healing.

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