Best Deals on Guitar - Review of Best Selling Guitars

Guitar Models for Beginners!

When you determined to learn how to play a Guitar, the foremost thing you need to do is to buy a Guitar. Once you buy a Guitar, it will be easy to get familiar with the different parts. Guitars can be divided into following categories,

  1. Acoustic Guitars
  2. Electric Guitars
  3. Classical & Nylon-String Guitars
  4. Acoustic-Electric Guitars

There is a wide variety of guitars available in different size and colors.

Famous Guitar Models are

  • Jasmine by Takamine
  • Guitar For Dummies
  • Crescent Yamaha
  • Jasmine
  • Lauren
  • Austin Bazaar

Here are some deals that you might be interested in purchasing:

Tune Your Life This Season With a New Guitar  !!!
Tune Your Life This Season With a New Guitar !!!

Guitar for Beginners

  • Jasmine Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural: This is a beginner's guitar capable enough to deliver a strong low end with plenty of high volume. This guitar is suitable for the novice as it has low action and warm sound, available in market at $80 {approx.}
  • Rogue RA-100D Dreadnought Guitar, Black: You can purchase this Guitar worth $80. It is very simple to tune, looks good and ideal for finger picking any style of music. The treble side of this guitar is bright and unambiguous, bass side is a little thin. Rouge features a Nato neck with 25-1/2" scale length and genuine spruce top.
  • Austin Bazaar Sunburst Electric Guitar Package: Austin has solid body construction with a traditional double cutaway. The package include Gig Bag, guitar strap, extra set of strings, an amp cord, 3 single coil pick ups, one volume knob and 2 tone knobs. This basswood body guitar is available for $110.
  • Full size acoustic guitar: This is a 41" full sized guitar with good sound for the price, and came with free nylon Gig Bag and free strap. This stylish and natural guitar key features solid spruce top, mahogany colored back and sides with white trim, rosewood fret board and bridge, dot inlay on fret board, stainless die cast tuning pegs.
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar, Worn Cherry Satin: Available in market at $800, this Guitar was introduced 25 years back for the studio musicians. This electric Guitar would arrive in hard shell case packed in original Gibson cardboard box. It has a traditional Rounded Neck Profile with chambered body for ideal tone balance.
  • Epiphone LP special II les Paul collection electric guitar, Ebony: You can get this Guitar in just $169. This electric Guitar features basswood body and rosewood fretboard. This is an economical package for great classic sound.
  • Lauren 1/2 Size Nylon String Acoustic Guitar: This is a Nylon string Student Guitar worth $39. Children would love it as size of the guitar is good for little hands. It is cheap, sounds pretty awesome, needs frequently tuning, so, good for beginners.

Steinberger Guitar Models

Tune your life this season with a new Guitar

Before you make a final decision, you must focus your choice on the quality, sound, reputation of the brand. One should also pay attention to the customer service and warranty that the company of the guitar offers

Guitar Models - Guitar Lesson/ Beginners!

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