Best Movie Kisses

We think nothing about it when we see two people kissing in the movies or on television. However, it has not always been that way. There were rules for kissing scenes that might surprise you.

  1. No kiss could last over 3 seconds.
  2. The couple could not be lying down.
  3. If one was reclining the other had to keep one foot on the floor.

Before seeing the videos of the top five movies with kissing scenes see if you can rank them in the order of their popularity. Keep in mind that theirs are not the most popular movies. Instead, they are the most popular kissing  scenes.

See if you can correctly rank the movies with the kissing scenes



In the final moments of the film, Zack Mayo played by Richard Gere walks through the paper factory where Paula Pokrifki, played by Debra Winger worked. He kisses her over and over and picks her up and carriers her out of the factory.

It was said that the co-stars did not get along off the set. In fact, it was said that Richard Gere did the movie just for the money. However, when you see the two of them kissing, you never would have suspected this.



This is the only animation in the group, but has been rated the most cherished in pop culture. This kiss is known as the shared spaghetti kiss because cocker spaniel Lady and mongrel Tramp go on a date to an outdoor Italian restaurant. While they are being serenaded by a waiter, they begin chewing on opposite ends of a strand of spaghetti and were startled to meet in the middle where they do the obvious thing. They kiss. (They got away with it, but don't you and your date try it in a restaurant).



This movie was at first considered unfilmable because the beach scene was considered too racy, The kiss is known as the illicit beach kiss. It was a forbidden one between Army Sergeant Milton Warden played by Burt Lancaster and the adulterous Army Captain's wife Karen Holmes played by Deborah Kerr.

The Hawaiian waves cover them on a summer night on a deserted sandy beach. Karen breathlessly speaks saying, "I never knew it could be like this. Nobody ever kissed me the way you do."

That beach in Hawaii is now named Eternity Beach after that kissing scene.



Clark Gable who played Rogue Rhett Butler and Vivien Leight who played Scarlett O'Hara embraced and kissed a number of times in this film, but it was what is known as the "conjugal rape" scene that is remembered mostly. Rhett Butler tells Scarlet, "Kiss me, Scarlett, this is what you were meant for."

It is reported that Vivien Leigh said Clark Gable had lousy breath. However, we wouldn't have suspected it because it was a steamy kiss with sexual tension and passion at a time when that was unheard of in films back in 1939.

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WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Cool Hub revmjm!

Of course the best kiss ever was in my 1956 Ford with...but that wasn't a movie was it?

Never mind.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

WillStarr, I just finished watching the special "Best Movies" on tv, and I took notes so I could write this hub. Fortunately, every one of the best 5 picks had a video available.

You told on yourself about 1956 in your Ford. Send me a video or picture and I will add it. I'm sure my ratings will go up then. (ha ha)

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

revmjm: I Thank God for these regulations regarding kissing on screen. I further thank God that these regulations do not apply to real couples, husbands and wives in the real world who are in private and not before any camera. Amen!

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Dave, thanks for reading amd responding.

Marcella Glenn 5 years ago from PA

Very interesting hub. Now, many movies display acts that belong in real-life bedrooms.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Marcella, you are absolutely right! The movies today would have no way existed a long time ago when there were strict rules about kissing on the screen. Unfortunately today anything goes!

Miss Capri 5 years ago

Exactly. The odd kiss is one thing, but now they just don't leave anything to the imagination. Yuck. Very interesting hub, though.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Miss Capri, thanks for reading and responding to my article.

Miss Capri 5 years ago

You're welcome, Revmjm.

Betty Johansen profile image

Betty Johansen 5 years ago

Lady and the Tramp are the BEST. Their scene had romance. The others were just lust.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Betty, since you mentioned it, I agree with you that "Lady and the Tramp" was the best. I could feel the emotion between the two dogs as they slowly ate the strand of spaghetti from opposite ends and their mouths met in the middle of the strand to that magical kiss.

Miss Capri 5 years ago

Oh, I think there was lust in Lady and the Tramp too, thought not necessarily in the silly spaghetti scene. When Peggy and the other girl dogs were swooning over the Tramp, that could be taken for lust.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Oh yes, Miss Capri, you are right. That scene could be viewed as lust. Thanks for your comment about this.

Miss Capri 5 years ago

:) You're welcome.

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

Kissing some one for the camera must be a very annoying task for many actors. It isn't something I would want to do.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

ruffridyer, you are absolutely right. Thanks for your comment.

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