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Netflix? What's that?

Netflix is the popular company that began a leap to popularity by offering a DVD rental service sent straight to your mailbox. That is still offered but with more and more people getting the so called smart TVs, as I did not too go long ago, the online streaming video service that Netflix offers for a little over 9 dollars a month is a great alternative to regular cable and satellite TV. We decided to try it on a whim one evening at my house and have been loyal subscribers ever since. The Netflix online offering has both movies and quite a view television series to select for your viewing pleasure. The streaming service straight to my TV has been fairly reliable, not 100 per cent but fairly good. I've enjoyed the ability to forgo traditional cable channels and just turn on Netflix and watch an occasional movie or whatever TV series I have discovered on there.

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Breaking Bad TV Show

Okay, so now that you know what Netflix is you need to have an idea of what are some good viewing choices. Now, I'm not going to recommend any movies here, I will stick to television series choices. I had heard from a couple of friends that the show Breaking Bad was a good one and worth watching. I finally got around to watching the first few episodes and was quickly hooked on this show. The basic idea or plot summary on this show is that the lead character is a high school chemistry teacher in Arizona and he finds out that he has cancer lung cancer. Our character named Walter White also finds out that his medical coverage will not be enough to pay for the bills associated with his chemotherapy treatments. Walter is a good guy, He's a family man with a beautiful wife and a teenage son that has cerebral palsy. He also soon finds out that he and is wife are unexpectedly pregnant. Walter White needs a way to secure his family's financial needs after his expected passing because of his cancer. He ends up running into and old student of his named Jessee Pinkman. It turns out that Jessee is a into some shady stuff like doing and selling drugs. Walter realizes there is huge amounts of money to be made selling Crystal Methamphetamine. He realizes this as his brother in law is a DEA agent and Walter sees piles of cash that is seized in a drug bust. Walter has them chemistry knowledge to make a superior form of this product and he also needs someone like Jessee that has the street smarts and connections to be able to help him pull this off. Walter figures what has he got to lose. He's going to die anyway and he does not want to leave his family with a huge financial burden after his death. The idea of the show's title, Breaking Bad is the term that Jesse uses with Walter when he asks him, "Why are you like 50 years old and now you decide you're gonna break bad?" Walter hides is illness from Jessee and his wife at first but they eventually find out.

Obviously, Walter and Jessee find themselves in some very dangerous situations and it seems like they are both either about to get caught or killed quite a few times. It's a very intriguing plot concept and makes from some very entertaining television viewing. I watched all the way through the first four seasons of Breaking Bad that Netflix had to offer. I am anxiously awaiting for them to add more episodes to their offerings, The end of season four was just awesome and had me begging for more. I am certain that you will find this show captivating as I have,

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How I Met Your Mother

My next Netflix show I will recommend here is something completely different than Breaking Bad. How I Met Your Mother is a long running situation comedy that still runs on CBS. I decided to give it a shot one day and was quickly hooked on the characters on the show. They have a great friendship and love for each other. There is also some really funny dialouge between them and especially from Neal Patrick Harris who plays a character that always wears a suit and is constantly scamming on women with every trick he can come up with in order to get them into bed. It's a bit ironic that Harris is in fact gay in real life but he plays this part quite well and really makes this show funny and believable. The writers of the show obviously don't take themselves too seriously and will do some unusual things like crazy flashbacks scenes and all other sorts of shenanigans. If you are wanting to kill some time with some feel good characters as they search for love and the meaning of their lives in New York them I really enjoyed watching all the episodes of this show that Netflix has to offer and I look forward to see eventually how the lead character Ted did indeed actually meet his future kids mother. That's where the name of the show comes from and future Ted is telling his kids all kinds of stories that will eventually bring us to how he met their mother.

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Barney's Top Phrases from How I Met Your Mother

Lead Character Michael Scofield has the blue prints for the prison tattooed on his body.
Lead Character Michael Scofield has the blue prints for the prison tattooed on his body.

Prison Break

The first show that I watched all the way through was Prison Break. This show was really good. I'd have to say that the first few seasons were the best. I was attracted to the show concept of breaking out of the big house. Of course, our lead characters are really not so bad after all. The main guy gets himself arrested on purpose to get himself in jail so he can somehow figure out how to break his brother out of jail for a murder that he was framed for. Our lead character is of course smarter than everyone else and he has the blueprint of the prison elaborately tattooed on his body in order to help him in his escape planning. There are plenty of bad dudes in the prison that don't like our guy and want to do him harm and all that sort of thing. There are the sadistic prison guards and a few good guys too. The planning and nearly getting caught several times are what keeps this show going well early on and there are all sorts of plot twists along the way. If you are looking for some good fun on Netflix then Prison Break is a good one.

Good Netflix Picks

As I update this article at the beginning of the summer for 2013, I know there are several other good shows that I plan on watching this summer. I broke down and finally watched the first episode of the Fox mega-hit show 24 the other day and it was indeed good as I had heard so I look forward to watching it and some other shows this summer. I'll be sure and write about those good picks here on Hubpages.

Update April 2015

I have had Netflix for some time now and have really begun to enjoy it more and more. My entire family each had their own viewing profiles. For example, when my young daughter choose to watch Netflix in her room she chooses that she is the family member that is watching so that Netflix knows that her profile is the one being used. This enables Netflix to send her recommended shows to watch that are age appropriate for her. This is a nice feature because I was getting all kinds of kid shows showing up for me for recommendations for me to watch. Now my daughters shows are for her profile only.

We just completed a spring break holiday from school last week and I watched a lot of Netflix. I had heard about the new Daredevil series that Netflix produced and I was able to watch the first four episodes. I thought it was very good and I am looking forward to watching the remaining shows.

Another really good show was Marco Polo. It is most definitely not a show that kids should watch as it has a lot of strong sexual content and nudity and of course violence. It is a really good show and gives the viewer a good feel for what the difficult life was like at the time of Genghis Kahn.

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MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 3 years ago

Good hub, well written and interesting. Having said that, I must say that your tastes and mine are not the same. Mine tend to run along the lines of sci fi and stuff like NCIS and Bluebloods. I am not a sitcom person, but I do love The Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly. We have Netflix but ironically, we are about to cancel it. We have had to change our TV and Internet provider because our satellite source was dated and we couldn't stream movies without breaking up and our Internet was very slow. Our new provider claims to have as many movies to stream as Netflix, so we will see. Voted you up++.

hoov45 profile image

hoov45 3 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana Author

Thank you Mizbejabbers. This summer my latest Netflix obsession is 24. Yes, I know I'm a little slow in watching it but I have really been enjoying it. I hope you get that Internet connection working better. Have a blessed day.

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 3 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

Another really good one is Burn Notice.

hoov45 profile image

hoov45 3 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana Author

I will have to check that one out too. Thanks for your comment.

MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 3 years ago

Burn Notice, I second that suggestion!

Keeley Shea profile image

Keeley Shea 3 years ago from Norwich, CT

I have the same tastes as you! Love all three listed above. I have been contemplating getting Netflix. This article may influence my decision to get it! Great article!

hoov45 profile image

hoov45 3 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana Author

Thanks Keeley. We have really enjoyed our Netflix subscription at my house. Make sure you have internet TV streaming capabilities. We have a Roku box in order to receive internet to the TV in our bedroom. Our TV in the living room already has built in streaming capabilities.

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