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Road Trip
Road Trip

Road Trip Songs Playlist Inspiration

I will soon be making a trek from the east coast out to the west coast. With the interstate most of the way, this is going to make for lots of boring hours.

So, I decided to compile a list of the best songs for a road trip mixed CD or MP3 playlist. I came up with far more than I thought I would and yet, I feel like I am missing some great ones that are just beyond my memory.

I still haven't decided how to categorize these. Right now, it's a somewhat chaotic, disorganized playlist of great road trip songs. If you have suggestions for grouping them, please let me know in the comments.

See if you agree with these travel road trip songs and if you have any to add, let me know in the comments section. Help a girl out! I would sure appreciate it.

Buy Steppenwolf Hits Including Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild Live by Steppenwolf

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Roger Miller King of the Road Music Video Live

Download King of the Road by Roger Miller

I Can't Drive 55 - Live Van Halen

Download I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Haggar

Runnin' On Empty by Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne Greatest Hits

Highway to Hell Live by AC/DC with Bon Scott

Hit the Road, Jack by Ray Charles

Download Hit the Road, Jack by Percy Mayfield

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Baby, You Can Drive My Car by The Beatles

The Low Rider by War

Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett

Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin

Rolling Stones Start Me Up Video

Classic Road Trip Songs

Born to Be Wild- Steppenwolf

I don't believe any road trip song playlist would be complete without this classic rock song.

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

Lookin' for adventure

And whatever comes our way

King of the Road- Roger Miller

Play this song in the car on a road trip and you can't help but sing along.

I Can't Drive 55- Sammy Haggar

If I don't want my road trip to last a month, I can't drive 55!

Running on Empty- Jackson Browne

Once I hit parts of the southwest, I'll have to make sure I stay filled up or I will be running on empty. This song just seems to go in rhythm with your motor.

Highway to Hell- AC/DC

AC/DC is my favorite band, so how can I not include this song? Great song to play when you start to feel tired and need to get energized and there's no Red Bull around.

Hit the Road, Jack- Percy Mayfield

Great theme song for a road trip and lots of fun to sing along

On the Road Again- Willie Nelson

Simply put, a classic traveling song for the road

DJ Funktual thinks I should change this to the version by Canned Heat. Does anyone agree?

Drive My Car- The Beatles

Classic song, classic band. By the time I get to Louisiana, I'll be wishing someone would drive my car.

Low Rider- War

Another classic song for a road trip that cranks up the energy

Mustang Sally- Wilson Pickett

Play Mustang Sally on a road trip and you just cruise down the road- no worries.

Mercedes Benz- Janis Joplin

Most people either love Janis Joplin songs, or they hate them. Me, I could sing this song all the way to California.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

My friends all drive Porsches

And I must make amends

Worked hard all my lifetime

No help from my friends

So, oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz

Start Me Up- Rolling Stones

What road trip would be complete without the Stones? This is a great tune to start you up and keep you going on that monotonous highway.

I've Been Everywhere- Johnny Cash

I'm starting to feel like I've been everywhere. When I listen to this song, I've been to a lot of the places that Johnny Cash mentions.

Magic Carpet Ride- Steppenwolf

Yeah, I know. I've listed two songs from Steppenwolf. But come on, Magic Carpet Ride would be such a killer road trip song. I love the intro.

Already Gone- The Eagles

Gotta have The Eagles on a road trip!

And I'm already gone

And I'm feelin' strong

I will sing this victory song

Woo hoo hoo

The 'woo hoo hoos' are the best part

Cruisin'- Smokey Robinson

How can you not go on a road trip with Smokey? Smooth as silk Smokey crooning 'Cruise with me, baby' will get you through any traffic jam.

Runnin' With the Devil- Van Halen

First of all, this is probably my favorite Van Halen song, so don't knock it. ;-) And it's a perfect accompaniment to AC/DC's Highway to Hell.

Sister Golden Hair- America

One of my all-time favorite songs ever, and I don't know why I consider it a great road trip song. I just do. So there. My excuse is that it's a great sing along song.

Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd

If I leave here tomorrow

Will you still remember me

For I must be traveling on now

'Cause there's too many places that I've got to see

(If Free Bird is not a road trip song, I don't know what is.)

Back in Black- AC/DC

You can't possibly fall asleep at the wheel with this classic rock song blaring. Another of my favorite all-time songs

Bat Out of Hell- Meatloaf

Like a bat out of hell

I'll be gone when the morning comes

When the night is over

Like a bat out of hell I'll be gone gone gone...


I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram

On a silver black phantom bike

When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry

And we're all about to see the light

Cool song

Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf

Another awesome road trip song by Meatloaf

Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

You got a fast car

But is it fast enough so we can fly away

We gotta make a decision

We leave tonight or live and die this way...

I remember we were driving driving in your car

The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk

City lights lay out before us

And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

And I had a feeling that I belonged

And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

Perfect road trip song

Runnin' Down a Dream- Tom Petty

Actually, this is probably the most perfect road trip song of all time, if the songs were judged by the lyrics.

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down

I had the radio on, i was drivin'

Trees flew by, me and del were singin' little runaway

I was flyin'

Yeah runnin' down a dream

That never would come to me

Workin' on a mystery, goin' wherever it leads

Runnin' down a dream

I felt so good like anything was possible

I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes

The last three days the rain was un-stoppable

It was always cold, no sunshine...

I rolled on as the sky grew dark

I put the pedal down to make some time

There's something good waitin' down this road

I'm pickin' up whatever's mine

Life Is a Highway- Rascal Flatts

Upbeat, fun song for the open road

Life is a highway

I want to ride it all night long

If you're going my way

I want to drive it all night long

DJ Funktual thinks the Tom Cochrane version is better. I can't decide. What do you think?

Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me?- Keith Urban

I don't think that anyone will want to be me when I go on my road trip, but this Keith Urban song will be fun to sing in the car while I'm on the road.

And the sun is shinin'

And this road keeps windin'

Through the prettiest country

From Georgia to Tennessee

And I got the one I love beside me

My troubles behind me

I'm alive and I'm free

Who wouldn't wanna be me?

Sweet Hitchhiker- Creedence Clearwater Revival

One of my least favorite CCR songs, but this one fits the travel theme the best. Any CCR song is great on a road trip.

I Get Around- The Beach Boys

Not that kind- get your mind outta the gutter! Another classic song by a classic band. Fun to sing, goes with the whole road trip mood.

Ramblin' Man- The Allman Brothers

Another classic road trip song that no road trip list would be complete without.

Shakin'- Eddie Money

Probably my favorite Eddie Money and it's a bit naughty. And hey, a car IS involved. Remember this great song?

We started drinkin', wasn't thinkin' too straight

She was doin' 80 then she slammed on the brakes

We got so high we had to pull to the side

We did some shakin' til the middle of the night

More Road Trip Songs That I've Added to My List

Okay, I know that some of you have already mentioned a few of these road trip songs. BUT I had already thought of them and haven't had time to add them yet. I've been so embarrassed by the road trip songs I've missed that I've got to claim credit for these songs, okay? No hard feelings?

Anyway, here are some more road trip songs that I've remembered.

PANAMA by Van Halen Oh my gosh, how did I miss it? Like DJ Funktual said, the lyrics are perfect for a road trip.

California by Phantom Planet

If you don't recognize the song, you know it if you ever watched the television show, The OC. California was the theme song. The song is very repetitive, but I love it. Perfect song for a trip out to the west coast.

Little Red Corvette by Prince

Considering the fact that Corvettes are my favorite car and this is one of my favorite 80s songs, don't ask how I forgot this song for a road trip. I don't have the slightest idea.

Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin

Have I been in a coma or what? Check out these perfect road trip lyrics:

Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained

It rode us all the way to New Orleans....

Windshield wipers slapping time

I was holding Bobby's hand in mine

We sang every song that driver knew

Only one of the best songs ever, road trip or not

Best Road Trip Songs Recommended by You - Thanks!

The Road Goes on Forever - Robert Earl Keen

Fast as You - Dwight Yoakum

Roam - B52s

Bidibodi Bidibu - Bubbles (from Super Troopers movie)

Lake Shore Drive - Alliota, Haynes, and Jeramiah

Holiday Road - Lindsay Buckingham

Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack

Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots

Ramble On - Led Zeppelin (There were quite a few requests for Zep in general)

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen (Gotta have The Boss- What was I thinking?)

Turn the Page - Bob Seger (Also a few suggestions for ultra cool Bob)

November Rain - Guns 'N Roses

Kiss in General - May I suggest I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night?

Here I Go Again - Whitesnake (Of course!)

Slow Ride - Foghat (Another classic road trip song that I can't believe I forgot)

Riding With the King - B.B. King & Eric Clapton

Theme Song from Route 66

Little Deuce Coupe by The Beach Boys

Road Trippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers (At least a couple of suggestions for Red Hot Chili Peppers for road trip songs) Thanks, jsullivan!

I'm not done updating. I'll get them all added soon. Here are more of the best road trips songs contributed by you: Fantastic work, you guys!

Drive Like Lightning by Brian Setzer Orchestra

Under My Wheels by Alice Cooper

Hot Rod Lincoln- Thanks, Dawn, and wajay_47

Little Old Lady From Pasadena- Jan and Dean

Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean

Maybelline by Chuck Berry

No Particular Place to Go by Chuck Berry

Radar Love by Golden Earring (Thanks, wajay_47, for so many great road trip songs.)

Out on the Highway by Judas Priest

Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest (How did I miss Judas Priest?)

Come On and Take a Free Ride by Edgar Winter Group (HOW did I forget about this fantastic classic song? It's a perfect road trip song. Thanks, DJ Funktual- excellent choice.)

Cars by Gary Numan (DJ Funktual changed his mind about this one, but I'm including it anyway. It fits into the whole road trip songs theme, even if not perfectly.

Nationwide by ZZ Top Again, how did I overlook this road song? Thanks, Peter. This song should be somewhere near the top of a list of road songs.

Truckin' by The Grateful Dead Wow, Millertime. You got me. I can't believe I'm missing so many obvious songs for a road trip. I love this song.

If You're Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins (Thanks for the suggestion, About-The-Home. This song is ringing a bell, but I can't place it.)

Deep Purple Highway Star Video

Still Adding Songs!

Oh my gosh. I had no idea that I had gathered so many song ideas for a road trip. I'll keep adding them and feel free to add suggestions for me.

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Best Road Trip Songs Playlist Comments 493 comments

Kevin Mc profile image

Kevin Mc 9 years ago

Great list. If I had to add just one song to the playlist, it would be Rhett Akin's version of "Driving My Life Away". Some other themed songs to consider might be "The Road Goes on Forever" by Robert Earl Keen; "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers; "Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots; "Fast as You" by Dwight Yoakum; and perhaps even "Roam" by the B-52s.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for the suggestions, Kevin

I actually already had Interstate Love Song and One Headlight on the list that I will add. Also 'Driving My Life Away, but the Eddie Rabbit version. Now I'm going to have to listen to the version that you mentioned.

I'm not sure if I've heard 'Fast as You' or 'Roam'. I'll check them out. Again, thanks.

roar 9 years ago

Bidibodi Bidibu by bubbles! Its the song from super troopers thats blasting out of the Porsche as it speed past the popos! You've gotta have it.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Okay, Roar, I think I just have to add this song for the name of both the song and the band. Plus, your enthusiasm. I swear, I can't recall this song from Super Troopers. Gotta go find it now. Thanks for the input!

Matt 9 years ago

Lake Shore Drive - Alliota, Haynes, and Jeramiah

Quite possibly THE BEST driving song ever produced.. and I don't think I could ever be considered wrong... ever.

P.T.Pintipper profile image

P.T.Pintipper 9 years ago from Sunny San Quentin

Great List. I made a similar playlist with a lot of the same songs years ago. You have to add "Holiday Road" by Lindsay Buckingham. Remember the Vacation movie and Christie Brinkley's scene with Chevy Chase? This is not an easy song to find.

Also, I used some of those car ad songs like "Zoom Zoom", "Move your body" and some of those Hummer ad songs.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author


Lake Shore Drive? I've never heard of this song, although there was a Lake Shore Drive at the lake in my hometown. Now I have to hunt it down. And I believe that I am the one that is never wrong. ;-) Man, it's a good thing we're not in the same room. Imagine the arguments we could have over music! Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author


I've definitely heard of Lindsey Buckingham, but I don't recall "Holiday Road"- sounds like an intriguing road trip song. And I never would have thought of 'Zoom Zoom' or some of the other cool car dittys. Thanks a lot for the information!

Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet 9 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

we use most of those for road trips.... . :) Nothing really to add...

VickeyK profile image

VickeyK 9 years ago

Great list. I would add the soundtrack to Motorcycle Diaries, for those more mellow moments--but it might put some people to sleep.

ger 9 years ago

u gotta get roadhouse blues from the doors n there

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for the suggestions, guys (and gals). Keep 'em coming. By the way, my road trip is over, but I'm still having fun compiling the best road trip songs!

ron 9 years ago

Great list - but it needs a little Zep. How about Ramble On and Going to California? ooh - and Springsteen Born to Run?

Misha profile image

Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

Did you miss Highway star from Deep Purple?

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks, Ron! Those would be great road trip songs! I'm sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed your comment.

Misha- You know, I did forget that one. Who knew there were so many great road trip songs? I sure didn't.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Misha, I added a Highway Star by Deep Purple video in your honor. Enjoy!

Sparky 9 years ago

Most of these are pretty much for when you are starting out or need a good pick me up. But what you are forgetting is when you are 3 hours into the the second tank of gas, middle of the night, caffiene is at the perfect level, no exits or directions, nothing to do but drive. in other words, "in the zone". got to have Segar's Turn the Page, or GnR's November Rain

Misha profile image

Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

Thanks Angela :)

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Sparky, you're absolutely correct. I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to think up some road trip songs for 'the zone'. You picked 2 great ones!

Misha, you're certainly welcome!

ink 9 years ago

Great list, but where's the Zep? And how about a little Kiss? :)

taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 9 years ago from Canada

I love all these songs...especially free bird...

Dana Clare Design 9 years ago

So right about that Tom Petty. Im proud of you.

Mat 9 years ago

I love these songs! Great list - thank you!

I have downloaded it all from the sites listed at my lense on Squidoo: Welcome! :)

maggiemae profile image

maggiemae 9 years ago

Your list is fantasic and I'm an old person. Not old people like elevator music. Love Meatloaf, Tom Petty, CCR and of course the Doors. Got my Son-in-law who is 47, Fogerty's last CD for a road trip in his RV.

Thank You, Maggie (

Johnny 9 years ago

Great List, wouldn't take anything away from it, i may add maybe Whitesnakes' Here I Go Again, or maybe Foghat's Slow Ride but that's just me...great list

Jordanvale profile image

Jordanvale 9 years ago from Lakeland, Fl

Great list, but if your going to the west coast don't you wanna throw some Chili peppers in there as well.

glbenoit profile image

glbenoit 9 years ago from Monticello, MS

Your List is Great! One of my all time favorites on road trips is "Riding with the King" from the album by the same name. Preformed by B.B. King & Eric Clapton.

BULLDOG 9 years ago


BULLDOG 9 years ago


Dawn 8 years ago

Let's see you have to include:

the theme song from Route 66 (available on Ultra Lounge Releases)

Drivin Wild (In My Invader) - By Teenage Head

Get out of Denver (Baby) - Bob Seegar

Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder) - Brian Setzer Orchestra (Vavoom CD)

Under My Wheels - Alice Cooper

Hot Rod Lincoln - Artist?

Little Deuce Coupe - Beach Boys

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

BULLDOG, Oh my gosh! How did I forget Foghat's Slow Ride? I love that song! I had to skim back over my Road Trip Songs List because I thought for sure that I had it already. Thanks so much for showing me the light. Wow, I must be getting old.

wajay_47 8 years ago

Dawn, one group who recorded Hot Rod Lincoln was Captain Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, don't remember the original. How about Little Old Lady from Pasadena and Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean? GREAT Hub, Angela!

wajay_47 8 years ago

Whoa, Angela, I forgot two. How about "No Particuliar Place to Go" by Chuck Berry? And again, Chuck Berry's "Mabeline"?

wajay_47 8 years ago

Anybody remember "Radar Love" by Golden Earring?

jsullivan41 profile image

jsullivan41 8 years ago from Orlando

I don't know if someone recommended this already...don't quite have time to read the whole thread but Im pretty sure I didn't see it in the lists.."Road Trippin'" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

micke calmén 8 years ago

Out on the hiway, freeweel burning both songs by JUDAS priest.

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

Great job ewveryone!  I was gonna get on you about songs you missed but the commenters pretty got them all except for the classic, "On The Road Again" not by Willie but the OTHER one by the amazing CANNED HEAT!  

And nobody mentioned "Come on and take a 'FREE RIDE" by Edgar Winter Group

Panama by Van Halen is a glaring omission.  with Diamond Dave going "I reach between my legs n...ease the seat back"

but I agree the two definitive ones are probably "Born to be Wild' & 'Radar Love"

P.S. unless you like covers, the Tom Cochrane's original is much much better than the Rascal Flatts one that was made for a kid's movie. (Cars)

Oh yeah how about 'Cars'  by Gary Numan. Nah, never mind.  Less open road, more space travel. in case you're interested.

PCaholicDotCom profile image

PCaholicDotCom 8 years ago from USA

LOL Awesome! I have one to suggest to add to your list:

ZZ Top: Nationwide

Well I was rollin' down the road in some cold blue steel,I had a bluesman in the back, and a beautician at the wheel. We're going downtown in the middle of the night, We was laughing and I'm jokin' and we feelin' alright.Oh I'm bad, I'm nationwide.Yes I'm bad, I'm nationwide.

Easin' down the highway in a new cadillac,I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back.They sportin' short dresses, wearin' spike-heeled shoes,They smokin' lucky strikes, wearing nylon too.Welcome back, we're nationwide.Yeah we bad, we're nationwide.

Well I was movin' down the road in my v-8 ford,I had a shine on my boots, I had my sideburns lowered.With my new york brim and my gold tooth displayed,Nobody give me trouble cause they know I got it made.I'm bad, I'm nationwide.Girl I'm bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, I'm nationwide.

Peter :-)


DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

PCaholicDotCom you are an incredible MADMAN pulling that one out and with the lyrics. I'm playin it right now.

Great HUB Angela

Much props & thanks.

PCaholicDotCom profile image

PCaholicDotCom 8 years ago from USA


Thanks :-) Yea it's one of my all time Favs... I used to have a mustang and when I drove, that song was #1 on my playlist... very underated driving song..


Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Wow, sorry everyone for leaving you hanging. I've had to be away from my internet duties because of uncontrollable circumstances.

I was stunned when I got back here and saw the comments. You guys have been on your toes!

I am actually embarrassed at some of the road trip songs I've missed. But you all found them for me! And I have to admit that I haven't heard all of the songs mentioned. But I'm going to look them up for sure. And I still have some cool road trip songs up my sleeve that have also occurred to me.

I'm going to be updating the road trip songs playlist a little at a time and adding some cool videos, too. And responding to all of the great comments as well!

Thanks everyone for contributing and being patient with me. Hopefully I'm back now.

Cheap Music 8 years ago

Really a long lists of Road Trip songs. Thanks for sharing. Some is really my fav.

millertime 8 years ago

I'm surprised that "Truckin" by the Grateful Dead was left off the list....and that nobody else picked up on it!!

erinlis profile image

erinlis 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

Great list! I love Keith Urban's Who Wouldn't Want to be Me. Two of my favorites for road trips are Little Red Corvette - Prince, and Highway to the Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins.

Have fun on your trip!

About-The-Home profile image

About-The-Home 8 years ago

If you're going thru hell - Rodney Atkins

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

"On The Road Again" not by Willie but the OTHER one by the amazing CANNED HEAT! And nobody mentioned "Come on and take a 'FREE RIDE" by Edgar Winter Group Panama by Van Halen is a glaring omission. with Diamond Dave going "I reach between my legs n...ease the seat back"

gerd24 profile image

gerd24 8 years ago from Germany

Hi Angela!

I`m from Germany and I´m in the USA often. I like this art of music!

Nice Hub!

skdfjhbg 8 years ago

Metallica-Wherever I may roam.

YourTouristGuide profile image

YourTouristGuide 8 years ago from Valley of the Heart's Delight, California

What a great list! Mine would include Joni Mitchell's "Refuge in the Roads," and "California Dreamin'" would probably be on there, too. I've included a video of the latter song being covered by the Beach Boys in this hub... well as a link to wikipedia list of songs about California. Safe travels!

jeff Massie 8 years ago

I like the list but i would recommend the weight by the band

Carpy 8 years ago

my and my best friend are going on a 3hour road trip next weekend.

some of the songs we have are the same.

this is our list.

life is a highway-rascal flattsjesus movement-audio adrenalinevacation-the go gosperfect day-hokuin too deep-sum 41how far we've come-matchbox 20more than a feeling-bostonhit the road jack-percy mayfielda whole new world-aladdin soundtrackfast car-tracy chapmani get around-the beach boysfree ride-audio adrenaline versionride wit me-nellyholiday road-national lampoons holiday vacationand then a few songs off the juno sound track.

sburke83 8 years ago

"Open Road Song" by Eve6

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Wow, excellent suggestions, everybody. I will be updating soon.

will00 profile image

will00 8 years ago

ok, i admit it is good. Good music ha ha ha!

RFox profile image

RFox 8 years ago

Excellent choices!!

rich 8 years ago

your missing the best road trip tune of all.....EAGLE ROCK by DADDY COOL GREAT FEEL GOOD SONG.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks, will00 and RFox.

Rich, I'm looking up this song. I haven't heard it.

guitarman51 profile image

guitarman51 8 years ago

Great list! I like Kevin Mc's comment several months ago which suggested Robert Earle Keene's "The Road Goes On Forever" - it's one of my favourites and very appropriate for a long boring road trip.

Also Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool - as an Aussie I know it well, it's one of the classic rock songs over here. Have a listen, you'll love it! Cheers, Jean

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Guitarman51, I've never heard of Eagle Rock, so I'll go find it now.

Thanks, Decrescendo.

2patricias profile image

2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

What a great list! When I started reading, I immediately starting thinking of songs, and as I scrolled down, they were all there. Stick to Willie Nelson for 'On the Road Again'.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for the compliment, 2patricias!

flread45 profile image

flread45 8 years ago from Montana

alot of my favorites here

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Me too, flread45!

lena 8 years ago


i needed one more song for my roadtrip C.D

and thanks to you..

fast car-tracey chapman

was the PERFECT addition!!

thanks man!!

Beryl Markham 8 years ago

Great list Angela! May I also contribute, "Roll Me Away" by Bob Seger and "I Drove All Night" by Roy Orbison?

Coffeemugged profile image

Coffeemugged 8 years ago from Florida

Humerous road trip song - forgive me if you already have it somewhere on here "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic Jesus, sittin' on the dashboard of my car..."

Medical Alert Calling Systems 8 years ago

I choose Born to Be Wild... Great List!

Claire 8 years ago

Wow this is brilliant! Im compiling a Road trip CD and this has been a huge help! thank you!

May I suggest Layla by Eric Clapton? Classic car song!

MarcNorris profile image

MarcNorris 8 years ago from Canada

What a great list - you reminded me of some songs that I haven't listened to in a long time.How about "Paradise City" by Guns N Roses ?

rubytuesday 8 years ago

Well i'm leaving tomorrow for a nine hour drive to Lubbock to pick up my brother from Texas Tech (ahh my first major road trip by myself!!) Anyway here are some that def. remind me of the road:

Goin' Up the Country- Canned Heat

Young Americans- David Bowie (not really a traveling song but still gets your head bopping)

Midnight Rider or Jessica- Allman Brothers Band (Jessica just *sounds* like your traveling around even if there are no words to it)

Amarillo by Morning and Take me Back to Tulsa- Asleep at the Wheel- to name a few by them!

Have Love, Will Travel- The Black Keys

Pre-Road Downs- CS&N (don't forget to hide the roaches haha)

And I'd have to add Tiny Dancer by Elton John - but maybe thats b/c they sing it on the bus in Almost Famous (aka my fav. movie ever)

ellebreigh profile image

ellebreigh 8 years ago

You've just GOT to add Maggie May by Rod Stewart and Tiny Dancer by Elton John... I can just picture myself driving back to the city from the cottage on a summer Sunday night when the sun is setting. Heaven!

candyjane 8 years ago

How about Let It Roll by Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO). I love to drive with that song blasting!

Sandilyn profile image

Sandilyn 8 years ago from Port Orange, FL

Wow, what a hub! I really enjoyed that. You sat and really thought that out. It was a comprehensive list.I agree with you song list.

I always pick Highway to Hell and who can go without Mustage Sally. How did you miss Slow Ride to begin with?

I would throw in some Jazz there and my favorite for a long tip is Smashimg Pumpkins- "Zeitgeist"

SusanBonfiglio profile image

SusanBonfiglio 8 years ago from Woodmere, NY

What a great list. I just want to add Sister Golden Hair and Horse with No Name from America to the list

This is a great hub!


Dawn Swidorski profile image

Dawn Swidorski 8 years ago from San Francisco California

Hi Angela - I haven't checked in a couple of months but your list is growing and you added most of my suggestions - Thanks! How about Start Me Up - Rolling Stones and "On Interstate 15" by Wall of Voodoo on the Call of the West disk on the same disk is also Mexican Radio which is kind of appropriate. How about Last Days of May by Blue Oyster Cult? Guess you can tell I'm an old rocker...

Mike Geary 8 years ago

What an impressive and complete list! Great hub.

6 pack abs 8 years ago

Nice list! Great hub.

AC Gaughen profile image

AC Gaughen 8 years ago from MA

Awesome hub! I so want to go on road trip right now!!!

As for additions, I drive a lot for my job so when I feel a little saucy I like to listen to "Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna, which moves away from the classic rock feel of the list, but still. And "I Drove All Night" by Celine Dion.

Such a great list!

sumich profile image

sumich 8 years ago

you have done a great job covering all the songs needed maybe act the fool is a good song rap song bout hot cars love it haha good job

sumich profile image

sumich 8 years ago

Tanya 8 years ago

for the younger generation.... GHETTO COWBOY BY BONE THUGS AND HARMONY... LOVE IT!

Shannon 8 years ago

This is a fantastic list, but don't forget 'Life in the Fast' Lane by the Eagles...great song

Tom Koecke profile image

Tom Koecke 8 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

Great list! I would add "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla, "Cherry Bomb" by Mellencamp, "Sweet Little '66," "Someday," and "Hillbilly Highway" by Steve Earle. I would also have "Waiting for Columbus" by Little Feat in its entirety, and a whole bunch of Jimmy Buffett songs!

Tom Koecke profile image

Tom Koecke 8 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

Dang, I would also have "What I Got" by Sublime, "Summertime" by War, and my Johnny Socko CDs. I might have to make the trip both ways twice.

Magiver96 8 years ago

I like the Highway song by BlackFoot

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California


Such a great road trip list... I almost thought you were going to forget Radar Love... but it is there! Magic Carpet ride is another must! Good job, very complete list! lol

Courtney_CollinsD profile image

Courtney_CollinsD 8 years ago from Las Vegas

May I suggest a few?

Another One Rides The Bus - Weird Al

Paradise City by Guns N' Roses

Nothin' But A Good Time by Poison

Southpaw21 8 years ago

Poison is perfect for a long trip. Another one by poison is Fallen Angel. I dont know if anyone mentioned it but the new song from Kid Rock called All Summer Long is great, plus its a good tribute to Sweet Home Alabama.

Jer 8 years ago

Good List. I'm driving from New Hampshire to Montana to do some hiking on the Continental Divide Trail and we'll need some good road tunes. I always start a long road trip with "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker Bandother good ones I didn't see on the list above:

America - Simon and Garfunkel

Allison Road - Gin Blossoms

Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad - Grateful Dead

The Promised Land - Grateful Dead (not sure if the Dead wrote either of these two, but they're the only versions I know)

I'm assuming Truckin' and Casey Jones have both already been mentioned

Travelin' Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Too Many Miles - Nils Lofgren

Southbound 35 - Pat Green

21 Days on the Road - Pat Green and Corry Morrow

Olivia 8 years ago

Send me on my way - Rusted Roots.

An upbeat, optimistic classic :)

Mesmerizer 22 8 years ago

Awesome list - absolutely - yup, throw in abit of Red Hot CHilli Peppers, and U2 (you can't go wrong there).

road tripper 8 years ago

Free and Easy Down the Road I go ...and Long Trip Alone: both by Deirks Bentley

C-Wipp 8 years ago

Great list! But it's missing "Lost Highway" by Bon Jovi. One of my favourite road trip songs!

Erik 8 years ago

yea, Lost highway is really good and should not be "lost" ;-)

Regards, Erik

------------------------------<a href="">la vie est belle :-)</a>

Zankabo 8 years ago

Okay, handful of songs from the list I am doing for a road trip radio show:

Simon and Garfunkel - America

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around The Bend

America - Ventura Highway

Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild

Jim Croce - One Less Set Of Footsteps (though, Rapid Roy is good also)

Kaytabug 8 years ago

You have several of the best of the best for Road Trip songs but there are a few missing that should be on the list, IMHO.

Wherever I may Roam~ Metallica

Rock and Roll~ Led Zeppelin, there are defiantly other Zeppelin songs that have more appropriate travelin' lyrics but this just energizes me.

Highway Child~Jimi Hendrix

Homeward Bound~ Simon and Garfunkel

Thanks for compiling such a great list.

P3 8 years ago

KodaChrome - Paul Simon (no one else has said this?)

Scoobs 8 years ago

OK, I'm really dissapointed in everyone. Right after Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty" should be

"Take the Long Way Home" by Supertramp

02SmithA profile image

02SmithA 8 years ago from Ohio

Little Deuce Coup, is a great one. Life is a Highway is as well! Nice list!

Carole 8 years ago

my favorite is driver's seat by sniff and the tears, i add it to almost every cd i burn.

Jerry G2 profile image

Jerry G2 8 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

Amazing list.  A few years ago when I took a few months off and just road tripped, I had a couple compilation CDs with a lot of the songs on the list.  Running Down a Dream followed by Already Gone followed by Dancing in the Dark followed by Turn the Page and then Truckin'.  That one section I could play over and over again.  Great list!

PS - For a classic folk song I'd also say Arlo Guthrie "City of New Orleans"

learn to guitar 8 years ago

Dono how you find the big lists of best rod trip songs to share, but really good sharing and i will enjoyinh it. thanks

Dan 8 years ago

REO Speedwagon - "Back on the road again" would be a good addition to your list.

Dan 8 years ago

I just wanted to clear up "Hot Rod Lincoln" is by two artists, Asleep at the Wheel" and Commander Cody".

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

Another good road song, if you like filk, is "Fellowship Going South" by Leslie Fish, based on the Tolkien ring trilogy. There's a video ot it on YouTube.

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

Another good road song, if you like filk, is "Fellowship Going South" by Leslie Fish, based on the Tolkien ring trilogy. There's a video ot it on YouTube.

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

Sorry about the duplication. I also wanted to mention that there's an interesting Japanese language filk of John Denver's "Country Roads" in Hayao Miyazaki's WHISPER OF THE HEART. That would make a good road trip song.

Chloe Comfort profile image

Chloe Comfort 8 years ago from Long Island

I don't know about you but anytime I hit the open road, I gotta have Meatloaf playing - the whole "Bat Out Of Hell" album rocks for a road trip. Rock on and drive safely :-)

Kelly 8 years ago

"Open Road Song" - Eve6

rharper profile image

rharper 8 years ago from West Texas

Good list! Here's some more...

Eastbound, Smokey And The Bandit

Highway 40 Blues

I'll Drive All Night

Lost Highway,


Six Days on the Road

I've Been Everywhere, to name a few.

nyssa 8 years ago

The Band – The Weight

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lookin’ Out My Back Door

...and by the way, I agree with "Sister Golden Hair" whole-heartedly!

Jim A 8 years ago

Sausalito Summer Nights - Diesel

Geronimo 8 years ago

What about:ZZ Top - La GrangeGolden Earring - Radar LoveStealers Whees - Stuck In The Middle With YouJ.C. Mellencamp - Authority Song

and the best song ever - I Would Walk 500 Miles - The Proclaimers

tagan 8 years ago

bad to the bone

Travel News 8 years ago

It depends on your taste, but if you are driving with the windows open, I always find surf sound gets me in the mood for having fun. I don't generally listen to it except on the road.

One number to leave out of your playlist: The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. I was once traveling in a bus with a load of others, and while that track was playing we broke down, and had to hire a replacement bus.

Ron2helpu profile image

Ron2helpu 8 years ago

Driving through the cities at night you have to have techno flowing. Separate Ways by Journey, anything from Metallica, Motley Crue's Kickstart my Heart and Red Hot, Kiss Detroit Rock City, Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train, Ratt Round and Round, Runaway Dion and the Belmonts, Crimson and Clover Tommy and the Shondelles, Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla, I Drive All Night by either Lauper or Heart, Rock You by Helix, The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath, Rainbow In the Dark or We Rock by, there are a ton of great songs...ooooh, can't forget La Bamba by Richie Valens. Fun read!

KK 8 years ago

Gotta have a bit of woohoo by blur!!!!!!!!!

Camping Couple profile image

Camping Couple 8 years ago from Australia

Wow what a great list.  We'll be making a mix tape of some of these for our next camping trip for sure!

Nicole Montalto profile image

Nicole Montalto 8 years ago from Colorado

From a fellow fan of great music and a road trip junkie, thanks for the great list! I have a couple of additions for you:

"On The Road Again" by Canned Heat (practically the anthem for Woodstock '69)

"Riders On The Storm" by The Doors (this one would be perfect for a rainy patch on any journey)

"The Changeling" by The Doors (kind of more abstract, but full of energy and movement)

"Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix (play this when you need to venture off of the highway for a pit stop and find yourself suddenly dealing with stoplights)

randomseattle 8 years ago

Love the list , downloading now, have to add Sloop John B. by the Beach Boys, great sing-along, "This is the worst trip...I've ever been on"

Amanda 8 years ago

I believe in a thing called love- The Darkness

great song right there.

nice list!

ravenboyriver 8 years ago

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned these ones...I know you've already got 'Life is a highway' on there but not the version with Tom Cochrane which is really great. Then for some new ones if I may...'Favourite game' by The Cardigans (CARdigans...get it...hahaha...ahem /smiles); 'The Passenger' with Iggy Pop, now that is a must...great post by the way, thanks!

Kisa 8 years ago

Black Sunshine Rob Zombie

Kisa 8 years ago


Gypsy Road - Cinderella...Def Leppard - Let it Go...Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue...Judas Priest - Electric Eye...Nirvana - Son of a Gun...Saigon Kick - Feel the same way... Slade - Run run away...Trace Atkins - Chrome...Jim Carroll Band - People who died AND Thelma Houston - Don't leave me this way


Kisa 8 years ago


If you can drive under 100mph to this, you're a better man than me :)

Metal Church - Highway Star....... a very cool remake, DL it now. 8 years ago

The Who - The Seeker

Megan 8 years ago

You forgot.... JOURNEY! Don't Stop Believin and Faithfully.....

Roger Miller- You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd

Johnny HOrton- Battle of New Orleans...

annecy 8 years ago my own road trip playlist. but maybe you can check out some of these songs: daytripper (the Beatles), closer to free (bodeans), the hey song, walking on sunshine (which i say will make you feel good in the morning), i can see clearly (johnny nash), i got loaded (los lobos), soak up the sun (sheryl crow), alright (supergrass), kokomo (beach boys),walking in the sun (travis), ventura highway, tainted love (the cure), fly, someday, every morning (sugarray), you get what you give (new radicals), ain't too proud to beg (the temptations and/or the rolling stones) homecoming (kanye west). well, the last song will be quite appropriate when you return home :). you may also want to check out songs of the young rascals: it's a beautiful morning, love is a beautiful thing, groovin'...i have quite a collection of road trip songs coz im also planning on a trip (alone!) :)

but you already have quite a collection of songs and thanks for posting it also.

Dan 8 years ago

Good lord.. this is what you people spend your time doing? 8 years ago

if you don't ride you don't know

Jason 8 years ago

I usually accomidate songs with events by how it sounds and not always the words so I would choose

most songs by Gin Blossoms

"Southern Weather" by The Almost

"Say This Sooner" by The Almost

I have ALOT more songs to add here but I'm waiting for a class to begin right now so I must go =)

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 8 years ago from Hermosa Beach

beautiful list.

KDorfman profile image

KDorfman 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Great list. I would suggest NOT using the Canned Heat song "On the road again" and keeping Willie's, because they are two different songs, but share a title. Or add it in addition. Some other additions:

"Fly By Night" - Rush. Another great road song.

"Foreplay/Long Time" - Boston. If anyone can't quite place why this is a road classic, all I can tell them is that it's more than a feeling.

I would ditch "Start me up" That is the most overrated, overplayed, and ultimately, annoying song the Stones have out there. "Jumping Jack Flash" while you hit the gas, gas, gas, or maybe "Gimme Shelter" are way better. (That is IT! No more cheap lyric jokes.)

"Wherever I May Roam" Metallica. Need it be explained?

"Kickstart my heart" - Motley Crue. Watch it. This one will make you want to speed. Oh well, just a few suggestions. Great list.

eovery profile image

eovery 8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

How about "The Long and Winding Road" and "Califormia Dreaming"

George 8 years ago

I love this list!!! But you forgot the greatest Road Trip Song EVER! I'll Make A Man Out of You from Disney's Mulan. Come on man, get your shit together.

jdh351 profile image

jdh351 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

Elton John

"Rocket Man" or

"Tiny Dancer."

vahid anwari 8 years ago

guns n'roses nighttrain

HURRYUP 8 years ago


HURRYUP 8 years ago

and "Road To Nowhere" by the Talking Heads.

ARJ92 8 years ago

I am the Passenger - Iggy Pop needs to be on that list =P

jenna 8 years ago

blackfoot- train train

John Doe 8 years ago

How could you possibly forget "East Bound & Down" By Jerry Reed??? Must be one of the best road trip songs ever created to this day!

Brenda Berstler 8 years ago

I love to listen to Elvis Presley's "Promised Land" while cruising the highways.

Left my home in Norfolk, Virginia

California on my mind...

This guy travels by bus, car and plane, and the piano pounding arrangement is fantastic.

Hayley Favell 8 years ago

Wow, great list. What about "Drive" by Shannon Noll (Aussie artist)

Very catchy and upbeat.

Hayley Favell 8 years ago

Wow, great list. What about "Drive" by Shannon Noll (Aussie artist)

Very catchy and upbeat.

carlso20 profile image

carlso20 8 years ago from Texas

This is a great list. I think you definitely got the first song right. Born to Be Wild is the ultimate road song.

Amanda 8 years ago

I'm driving to Wisconsin from Philadelphia for the Holidays and I'm so glad I ran into this list...thank you all!!! Especially Angela!

livelovecoffee profile image

livelovecoffee 8 years ago from Georgia

excellent list - if only you had an easy button to download all...only suggestion i could come up with is kickstart my heart - motley crue

Kasey 8 years ago

Im in a HURRY by Alabama

CD 8 years ago

Eastbound and Down (Theme from Smokey & The Bandit) by Jerry Reed!!

aikidk01 profile image

aikidk01 8 years ago

Superb, Angela. My all time favorite on your list is Running on Empty.

tom z profile image

tom z 8 years ago from Danbury, CT USA

hi angela and all of angela's fans. although your list is terrific, the songs don't have to be ABOUT driving or the road or cars to be great road songs, of course.

so, that really got me thinkin'....there are plenty of great songs that are upbeat, motivational, and from a variety of genres that would be great AND keep the driver awake during a road trip. but they don't have to be about the road at all, just great CAR TUNES, know what i mean?

so, me ponder that a little bit, and whip up a quick list of songs that will kick serious ass for anyone on a road trip. i will add it as my own hub pages article, but before i do, i'll come back here and post it as a comment on this article by angela's, so you can all enjoy it. that should be fun. keep readin' angela's hubpages, too, she knows how to write for everyone!

Kieran 8 years ago

Since I'm Irish, firstly Grafton Street by Dido. (For reflection mainly)

;Brown Sugar -The Stones is just an upbeat tune:Pink Floyd: Time, Echoes, Shine on you crazy Diamond; Paul Simon- Graceland; Oasis- Live Forever ; Anyway You want it- Journey, Down the Line; José Gonzales, Are You Gonna be my girl- Jet, Hounds of Love- FutureHeads, The Chain- Fleetwoodmac, Learning to Fly- Foo Fighters.

Someone probably suggested Take it Easy - The Eagles,

livelovecoffee profile image

livelovecoffee 8 years ago from Georgia

Great hub you have here! I will def have to add some of these for my next road trip.

Playinggolf 8 years ago

One of the great road songs is the Canadian David Wilcox, Between the lines.

Its worth tracking down.

Great list

Plyinggolf 8 years ago

I'm back, and would like to give you some more of my songs for the highway.

Hope you like.

Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

Pure Prarie League - Two Lane Highway

Canned Heat - Going to the Country

Zac Brown Band - The Train Song

Hoyt Axton - An Old Geryhound

Barefootz 8 years ago

Thanks for all the road trip songs.

A great song for travel and singing along would be American Pie!

And in response to a previous post, if you add Elton John's Rocket Man, then you must add David Bowie's Space Oddity - Ground Control to Major Tom...

Seth 8 years ago

"Head Carolina, Tails California" - Jo Dee Messina

Good tune there for driving.

How about "Moondance" - Van Morrison for some nighttime driving???

Just a few thoughts...

sara teal 8 years ago

where the streets have no name - u2

baba o'riley - the who

Carl 7 years ago

Rockin down the Highway by the Doobie Bros. Goin' Mobile by the Who.

CJ 7 years ago

Uneasy Rider by Charlie Daniels Bande

THE LIP profile image


How Could you possibly leave out.'Country Roads Take Me Home'?

or The Rivers To Wide Now for Crossing

Don't know if you can understand Indian lyrics but even then the melodious beats ar awsum.

Chalte Chalte Mere yeh Geet from Chalte Chalte film soundtrack

Chala Jata Hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein..from Mere Jeevan Saathi film soundtrack!!!

These tracks will make you change gears and enjoy the music just when you feel ur getting into a groove!!!

The Lip

Steve 7 years ago

Against The Wind- Bob Seger

Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac

Lost Together- Blue Rodeo

Billigflüge 7 years ago

Hello and good day,

i am planning my road trip from the north sea to the atlantic ocean in spain. I will pass many cities in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and I need a very good playlist for that journey! I love "CCR", Rolling Stones, AC/DC and all the other classics...

I found a very good adress "", where you can find thousands of good road trip songs!

I hope that we will have nice weather- there is nothing I hate more than bad weather during my vacation!!!

Have a very nice day and thank you!!!

Andrew Fields 7 years ago

This is an awesome list but I must add one song that I didn't see here and can't believe nobody mentioned.

Ted Nugent - Stranglehold (This song has the GREATEST intro to a rock song ever! It just gets you pumped to drive...)

nelsonali profile image

nelsonali 7 years ago from pakistan


val14 7 years ago

How about OMC-Bizzare

Brother Pele's in the back, sweet Zina's in the front Cruisin' down the freeway in the hot, hot sun Suddenly red-blue lights flash us from behind Loud voice booming, "Please step out onto the line" Pele preaches words of comfort, Zina just hides her eyes Policeman taps his shades, "Is that a Chevy '69?"

Blinded by the light--Manferd Man

It's the End of the World--REM

teleassistência 7 years ago

What an impressive list! Loved it!

Troy 7 years ago

Brad Paisley--Mr. Policeman

Mike 7 years ago

Thanks for the list... it was very helpful. My suggestions are the timeless dylan tune "Like a Rollin' stone and Audioslave's "I am the highway"

iMindMap 7 years ago

Some of my top choice songs.

chris 7 years ago

Metallica-Anywhere I Roam

dystar 7 years ago

Beep Beep / Little Nash Rambler - The Playmates

Riding In My Car / The Car Car Song - Peter Paul & Mary / Woody Guthrie

Camping Dan profile image

Camping Dan 7 years ago

I like driving to ZZ Top, though I tend to speed when I do.

Arabic music 7 years ago

Life Is a Highway- Rascal Flatts is great

Heather 7 years ago

I can't believe no one mintoned Rockin Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers! I'm 25 and I am an old rocknroller at heart! I can't believe I didn't see that song! But GREAT LIST GUYS! I have stolen a lot of great ideas!! Hope this one helps!

Heather 7 years ago

I can't believe no one mintoned Rockin Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers! I'm 25 and I am an old rocknroller at heart! I can't believe I didn't see that song! But GREAT LIST GUYS! I have stolen a lot of great ideas!! Hope this one helps!

Heather 7 years ago

I can't believe no one mintoned Rockin Down the Highway by the Doobie Brothers! I'm 25 and I am an old rocknroller at heart! I can't believe I didn't see that song! But GREAT LIST GUYS! I have stolen a lot of great ideas!! Hope this one helps!

Shravan Sagar 7 years ago

what about LAte goodbye by the poets of the fall

Amy 7 years ago

You gotta have Fortunate Son by CCR but pretty much anything by Credence will do.

Don't forget

Midnight Rider- Allman Brothers

House of the Rising Sun- Animals

Life is a Highway- the original by Tom Cochrane not the douchey version by Rascal Flatts

Cocaine- Eric Clapton

Ghost Riders in the Sky- The Outlaws

anything by ZZ Top, BTO, The Eagles, John Mellencamp, Johnny Cash, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meatloaf, Steve Miller Band and Steve Earle-make sure you get Copper Head Road- is great too and pretty much the entire Lost Highway album by Bon Jovi!

Awesome list- never knew there were so many road trip songs

Brandon 7 years ago

Where the hell is John Denver?!?!?!?!?!

Brandon 7 years ago

Where the hell is John Denver?!?!?!?!?!

JM 7 years ago

Boston - Hitch a Ride

Jena 7 years ago

Awesome east to west coast song: "West Coast" by Coconut Records

Michael 7 years ago

Oh my God, you missed one great song from the 70s , I love this song when driving , it's such a great feeling:

Golden Earring - Radar Love

Great list anyways

Nate 7 years ago

Great List, Downloading Now for my cross country trip next week.

How about:

"Drivin me life away" - Eddie Rabbitt

"East Bound" - Jerry Reed

Sean 7 years ago

You can't have a road trip without "Flirtin' With Disaster" by Molly Hatchet.

Lysanne 7 years ago


Maxy67 7 years ago

Alright Now By Free


Hitchin' A ride- Vanity Fair

Those are good songs as-well

And Thanx! these songs are great help! ;)

Alex Mortimer 7 years ago

I'm also planning a road trip and the first 2 songs on my playlist were Steppenwolf and Willie Nelson.

This list exited me so much for my trip, Thank you.

Nick Prater 7 years ago

Molly Hatchet: Flirtin' With Disaster

Casey 7 years ago

im sure this has to be SOMEWHERE on here but...

Fastball - The Way

papparni 7 years ago

what a great list...thanks so much.

my contribution is "be quiet and drive (far away) by the deftones...great driving song. you might not be able to understand most of the lyrics but it just has a really great road feel to it

thanks again everyone!

Kevin 7 years ago

I'm not sure if it was listed yet but Grand Funk Railroad's "I'm your captain(Closer to home) is a great road trip song.

Josh 7 years ago

How about: The Band - The Weight

EnderQON 7 years ago

The Muppets - Movin' Right Along!

EnderQON 7 years ago

Also - anything by the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan

Kevin 7 years ago

Tea Cozies: Boys At The Metro. This one will blow your speakers to hell, and you'll love every minute of it.

TwistedFisher 7 years ago

Thanks for the list. My wife dragged me out to Iowa from Sacramento to see her mom's family and I used some of the songs off this list to keep me going through the Salt Flats and Nebraska (Nebraska DOT REALLY needs to consider a curve or two between Lincoln and Wyoming!)

Dan 7 years ago

I'm gonna be (500 miles)- the proclaimers

Let it ride - Bachman turner overdrive (BTO)

Let it roll down the highway- Bachman turner overdrive

Jordain  7 years ago

Ready to Go - Republica!

The Big Ticket 7 years ago

"Roadrunner" The Modern Lovers. Best driving song EVER !!!!!!

Ekiden-Tops 7 years ago

Modern Lovers- 'Pablo Picasso'

Kure 7 years ago

The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Duke Of Earl 7 years ago

Give me some : Motorhead - 'Iron Horse'. Some of us ride bikes man !

NewMexTodd 7 years ago

How about these gems of the open road:

* Get Your Kicks on Route 66 - Nat King Cole

* No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys

* Misirlou - Dick Dale & DelTones (instrumental...but catches raw feel of open road)

jonty 7 years ago

Thanks for the was very helpful...........

bcooke 7 years ago

Someone already mentioned the truck driver classic "Six Days On The Road", but check out Sawyer Brown's version. The under-three-minute version is best. George Thorogood also does a pretty good version. This song rules.

If you can find it, try the song "Drive all Night" written by Brian Adams and Jim Vallance and performed by Dion DiMucci of Dion and the Belmonts. It's on the Pink Cadillac soundtrack. It's dated, but catchy.

Sheryl Crow's "Real Gone" from the "Cars" soundtrack is pretty good.

Birdlady 7 years ago

Check out David Bromberg's New Lee Highway Blues:

"Quiet in the front seat

trying not to

start a fight

another piece of cardboard pie

and then we ride....."

Birdlady 7 years ago


Sting- Filler Up

Greg Brown- Boom Town

BenClayton 7 years ago

Runaway by love and theft really takes the cake for new country....perfect for 90's country could be heads carolina tails california by jo dee messina. Yeah I'm a country boy

Carrie 7 years ago

Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows (just like their version best, dunno why, though the Lilith Fair version is pretty cool too)

Great Day (To Be Alive) - Travis Tritt (not a country fan, but it's still kinda fitting)

Those are the ones I'm adding to *my* 'Driving a long long LONG way by myself' road trip CD. I guess that they're not typical road-trippy songs, but that's fine. Noone's gonna hear me merrily screeching away to them but me, anyway. :) Good luck.

vanisa 7 years ago

You can't forget The Traveling Song by Will.I.Am

(It's from Madagascar 2)

Katie 7 years ago

"Hit the Road, Jack" by Ray Charles...classic!

Krystal Paige profile image

Krystal Paige 7 years ago from Midwest, America

Nice Hub you got some great songs up there!

Michelle 7 years ago

how about sara evans back seat of a grayhound bus? also for me i love listening to

Alright by darius rucker

lost highway by bon jovi

bluer skies by kellie coffey

keep up the suggestions though!

michiemarieo 7 years ago

another one is "wild at heart" by gloriana. i listen to it when i go on a road trip with my girl friends. its the kind of song that you want to turn it up, roll down the windows and sing at the top of your lungs

Jill 7 years ago

Gasoline by Audioslave

303 by Kula Shaker

Big Daddy 7 years ago

Diesel - Sausalito Summer Nights! A song about the pitfalls of taking a road trip from LA to Frisco in a used rambler.

Mike W. 7 years ago

Did anyone mention Bad Company?

This list could go on forever ....

Spike 7 years ago

How about "RED BARCHETTA" from Rush?

BabyG 7 years ago

Gotta have Have Love, Will Travel by The Sonics

Noah 7 years ago

By way of approaching things just for the sake of the theme of driving or road-trips by lyrics or song-titles, this is a great list, and credit as is due.

That said, I feel like you're ignoring the "feel" of alot of songs which might not happen to be about cars or multiple locations.

By the way Segar's version is easily #1 for road-trips for Turn the Page, again, if you're including the feel of the actual music outside of simply the lyrics.

"In the Air Tonight," for instance, even thought lyrically it's about Phil Collins (apparently) precluding an overdue beatdown on some nemesis of his, is - specifically by feel - a great, great, in fact top-10 roadtrip song.

Try listening to that song on a road trip and not waking right up from your near violation of the zipper and you'll know what I mean.

And if you don't understand zipper, you're likely not best served making this list to begin with.

vwwesty 7 years ago

going up the country - canned heat

no raod trip playlist is complete without it.

highway star by deep purple might also be a gooder

cmogden 7 years ago

vehicle by Ides of March. gotta have this one.

Anon 7 years ago

Cake: The Distance, Satan Is My Motor, and Stickshifts & Safetybelts

Piyush Upmanyu 7 years ago

awsm list...though u missed out on "Returning to the Fold" by the Thermals....a song full of energy and the type you want to listen to when ur cruising on the highway.....

yeahhh 7 years ago


rdsubjec2fluding 7 years ago

Got a few...

Convoy by CW McCall

East Bound and down (me first cover or from smokey and the bandit)

The Passenger by Iggy Pop

Joy 7 years ago

stumbled on this looking for some song ideas & thought i'd add my own suggestion:

Broken Spoke by Nakia Reynoso (

gen 7 years ago

coolas man! :)

REGina 7 years ago

Thanks for all of the awsome songs!! I would also add some Queen (Don't Stope Me Now/ Bohemian Rapsidy), Matt Kearney (Nothing Left To Lose), and some Dave Mathews

Matt 7 years ago

I don't know if anybody has mentioned this, but Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh. It just feels like a road trip song to me

gratefuldead profile image

gratefuldead 7 years ago

I'm happy to see the late addition of Truckin' by the grateful dead. I couldn't imagine going on a trip without having tons of their songs. =)

Also, another favourite of mine is Jack Johnson... anything of his would help you chill in your car and have you bouncing along with his tunes.

Layla 7 years ago

Hello!!!! Sweet Emotion!? Aerosmith!? Come On Now....

Layla 7 years ago

Drivin My Live Away- Eddie Rabbit















Sweet Home Alabama- Lynard


Spirit In The Sky-CCR

Bad Moon Risin-CCR












18 WHEELS AND A DOZEN were all these missed?????

Kristi 7 years ago

This was pretty much copied from someone else's blog. Way to go!

KL 7 years ago

chevette - audio adreneline

tshu44 7 years ago

You have to add Black Sunshine by White Zombie! Come on now!! The best song written about driving!!

Joe Viner 7 years ago

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Teenagers - Arctic Monkeys

Boris 7 years ago

Just because the songs are about driving doesn't make them good road trip songs. It doesn't even make them good songs period. Epic fail.

brad 7 years ago

DUMAS WALKER-- Kentucky Head Hunters!! The best ever, ever!

brad 7 years ago

Oh and speaking of Kentucky Head Hunters... Oh Lonesome Me!!!

chitty 7 years ago

id say ,goin up the country by canned heat is a good one to add. i don't think i saw that one there unless i missed it.

alfred 7 years ago

Radar Love-Golden Earring!! One of my personal FaVs!!

Earl 7 years ago

Convoy by C.W. McCall

Mark 7 years ago

I like a good story song, so i reckon George Thorogood -one bourbon one scotch one beer is a great song to drive along to, cant believe nobody else likes it as one, or if they do they're yet to mention it.

Joe 7 years ago

Titties And Beer-Rodney Carrington

Amanda :) 7 years ago

It wouldn't be a road trip without Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith!

alfred 6 years ago

grace by will young

a perfect song this! it can portray all about cars

staci 6 years ago

i know you've prolly already taken your trip by now and don't need to have anymore songs but i like "shoulder to the wheel" by saves the day.

Geldanlagen 6 years ago

What a Playlist ;)

Alex 6 years ago

Yellow, by coldplay.

kea profile image

kea 6 years ago

Glad you added Highway Star by Deep Purple, but I must say you have to remove Mustang Sally, as that is the worst song ever and would cause me to drive into a tree to end the song!

Ro 6 years ago

How about I can't drive 55 by Hagar!

Casey 6 years ago

You can't go on a road trip and not listen to I Would Walk 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. It's a must have!

alfred 6 years ago

more recommendations for the best driving songs!!

1. Buck Rogers - Feeder

2.The Rocker - Thin Lizzy

3. I Like The Way - Bodyrockers

4. Ride - The Vines

Robert Black 6 years ago

Hey im heading on a USA Road Trip for 3 months Cruising from San Francisco to Boston Via Texas and about 20 states, have set my downloader of some amazing TUNES!!! Thanks for compiling this list! gives newbies like me a good start!

Gotta Say Highway Star (Deep Purple) and Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf) are my favourites so far but there are loads very close!!

Rob Black


tyler durden 6 years ago

i would say you need some eddie vedder like

the ones from Into The Wild soundtrack most amazing would be


Long Nights

Hard Sun


and of course Guaranteed

hope you like :)

don't forget to just put the windows down and listen to the

wind blowing!

Trish 6 years ago

Moab by Conor Oberst

The best lines of the song "washed under the blacktop, gone beneath my wheels, there's nothing that the road cannot heal"

Wilma 6 years ago

Thanks dystar for "Beep Beep" - it was nagging me from the back of my mind. My list includes:

Helen Wheels - The Beatles

The Wanderer - Dion & The Belmonts

I'm In Love With My Car - Queen

Breezing Along with The Breeze - Josephine Baker

Jim 6 years ago

Gotta include

It's a Long Way There - Little River Band

Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger

Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles

Freeborn Man - The Outlaws

The Big Lebowski 6 years ago

Last Chance Texaco - Rickie Lee Jones

Elvis Cadillac - Rickie Lee Jones

Leaving Las Vegas - Sheryl Crow

Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow

Gasoline - Sheryl Crow

All I Want To Do - Sheryl Crow

6 years ago

Fuel by Metallica

Fire It Up by Black Label Society

Lowrider by Cypress Hill (song ends at 4:30 but myspace tacks on another 2 min)

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Awesome Hub & definitely great songs for the road!

Barko 6 years ago

Baker street by Gerry Rafferty. YOU MUST BLAIR IT!!!!!!!! trust me on this, you have to.

cadillacjay 6 years ago

gotta get pink cadillac or youngstown by the boss. and midnight rider by allman bros. love that on roadtrips. also, salisbury hill by peter gabriel is a good one. def midnight rider though.

Summer Leigh 6 years ago

time to pretend - MGMT

bossgroove 6 years ago


Kim 6 years ago

Caravan by Van Morrison!!!

katie 6 years ago







Jacob 6 years ago

Hey that is one great kick trash list of sweetness. You should add all of that to a pandora station and put up the link as the Mega Road Trip link.

6 years ago

Megadeth, KISS Slayer Exodus bands i enjoy driving to

marc 6 years ago

you made my roadtrip, thnx a lot!

jess 6 years ago

grease lightning?

Stephanie 6 years ago

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

Wambis 6 years ago

i think you have a big lack of QUEEN songs, need to add them! "Don't stop me now" its just PERRRFECT for a road trip :) byeee

Cronus 6 years ago

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Warren 6 years ago

Great list.

May I suggest "Ventura Highway" by America and "Scar Tissue" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers? For the latter, I recalled the music video is just what it is, a road trip. Cheers, Warren

Dense profile image

Dense 6 years ago from somewhere in a concrete jungle, hugging a green plastic tree, and wondering what happened

Wow, songs just for the road. Good idea! :D

nancy 6 years ago

You might be to young to know this song

The Beat Goes On

The Whispers

Great oldie:)

Jerry 6 years ago

Thank God and Greyhound she's Roy Clark

Netgk 6 years ago

How can you NOT have "AUTOBAHN" by Kraftwerk??!! The ultimate driving song!!

Jake 6 years ago

"Don't Stop Me Now" by the one and only "QUEEN"!!

countrykid 6 years ago

Diesel Driving Daddy by Aaron Watson.

Brooklyn5250 6 years ago

Cake ~ The Distance (and to whoever said STP ~ Interstate love song, i say to you...just take all ur STP with you on ur trip!!!! There is no better band!!!)

ihearorthewhale 6 years ago

A good road trip song is "Datura" from Or, The Whale

RikkiStandley 6 years ago

Fantastic list I'm not sure if these songs are on the list but -

Stereophonics - Traffic

Oasis - Roll With It

Stereophonics - Just Looking

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

Bruce Springsteen - Working On The Highway

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

She & Him - Ridin' In My Car

Ac/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

these are some of my favorite songs to listen to in the car

Jayson Slade 6 years ago

Meat Puppets - BACKWATER

Rick 6 years ago

The Cardigans - My Favorite Game

Mark 6 years ago

Yikes.. huge play list of classic rock. I'd be asleep after the first hour. You need to mix it up with diferent types of music..

Adam Sandler - Piece of shit car (very funny)

Red Hot Chillie Peppers - Snow /and Zepher song

Fastball - The Way

Audio Slave - I am the highway / and gasoline

Incubus - drive

I saw Cars by Gary Numan up at the top somewhere, another good 80's song would be I Ran, by flock of seagulls

.. just my 2 cents

David 6 years ago

New Order - 60 Miles an Hour

David 6 years ago

Bryan Adams - Run To You

David 6 years ago

Bryan Adams Only the Strong Survive

David 6 years ago

Oasis - round our way

Lee 6 years ago

Put on Led Zep's 'The Rain Song' for only dull moment on a road trip.

Seriously, it's spellbinding on the interstate.

Guaranteed to make everyone in the car shut up if played at the right volume.

gerf1inkle 6 years ago

I'm a sucker for Unwritten Law - Up All Night

Especially when played on open road... at night.

plain_jane 6 years ago

I'd recommend grouping your songs in relation to your next destination. For example, you can create a playlist that would take you from New York to Pennsylvania. Frank Sinatra for New York, New York...Billy Joel's Allentown for Pennsylvania, move onto Sweet home Chicago for another playlist etc...not sure which way you'll be navigating, but it would add some interest instead of just songs about cars and highways. You can also put artists in your playlists according to where they grew up. John Cougar Mellencamp thru western songs thru oklahoma, texas etc...

Clint DeGroin 6 years ago

If I can suggest two songs for the list I´d go with;

La Grange - ZZ Top (make you wanna drive really fast!!)

Driving one of your cars - Lisa Miskovsky


gregory hub profile image

gregory hub 6 years ago

What an epic list. Thanks!

Fury '09 6 years ago

What about Santana-Black Magic Woman or even Hendrix, if you like Metallica they are nice for long road trips.The Mama's and the Papa's California dream'in is a good one as well, The Box Tops-The Letter,Cream-Crossroads- also some Clapton is all ways good!,Grand Funk Were an American Band,Norman Greenbaum- Sprit In The Sky, The Troggs-Wild Thing,Van Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl, Ozzy is good too.....I think you have some idea as to what I would add. Good Luck on your trip hope you have fun

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

The thing to remember about road trip songs is to accompany the driver and not put him/her into a snooze mode so on the beat music would be the best choices.

miguel 6 years ago

please put up Get it on - T-rex

Rachel 6 years ago

I know this post is a little old, but, you can't have a road trip without listening to the B52's I mean c'mon Loveshack? Rock Lobster?!? It just has to happen

6 years ago

No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn by Beastie Boys

Circles by Nonpoint

Jerry Was A Racecar Driver by Primus

Wherever I May Roam by Metallica

We Are The Road Crew by Motorhead

Thunderhorse by Dethklok

Lost Vikings by Dethklok

Bad Habbit by Offspring

Airbag by Radiohead

Car Chase City by Tenacious D

Open Road Song by Eve 6

Fire It Up by Black Label Society

Big Truck by Coal Chamber

Crazy Trucker by Viking Skull

Be Quiet And Drive by Deftones

She's Going The Distance by Cake

Two-Lane Blacktop by Rob Zombie

Need For Speed by Petey Pablo

Hard Driver by Badlands

So many of you seem to think any "good" song should be on here... This is a road trip playlist, pick out those "good" songs that are relative to driving/riding and/or cars!

Thanks to all of you intelligent enough to suggest songs that are fitting to the subject. I'll be driving for 20 straight hours on Tuesday and now I have a badass MP3 CD that's got an AWESOME soundtrack for the drive!

Flea 6 years ago

EXCELLENT list! I just got done from a 4,000 mile roadtrip traveling most of 66 and then all the way up the west coast into Canada... next month I'm going entirely cross country and eastern Canada as well... i downloaded a lot of good songs from this list

but there is one ultimate one that is being forgotten, that you might not think is a roadtrip song at first:


If you are a city person like me and you take roadtrips to get away, then if you start playing this song once you are in the middle of no where, or on a beautiful scenic route somewhere, this song will set your soul on fire!!

Matt 6 years ago

Sister Christian from Night Ranger. One of my all time favorite cruising songs. Trust me on this one.

Oli 6 years ago

Excellent list! A few more suggestions:

Van Morrison: Bright Side Of The Road

Neil Young: Unknown Legend

"Somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a Harley-Davidson ..." - Just take care not to fall asleep!

Kraftwerk: Autobahn

A bit of ancient German highway-techno.

Dire Straits: Southbound Again

Tom Petty: Free Fallin'

If only for the Jerry MacGuire singing-in-the-car scene.

Cat Stevens: Peace Train

Dolly Parton: Travellin' Prayer

Very fast-tempoed bluegrass.

Paul McCartney: The Back Seat Of My Car

Lightning Seeds: Change

"Put your foot down and drive ..." - Upbeat, happy British pop.

Coldplay: Speed Of Sound

Emilíana Torrini: Sunny Road

Icelandic, cute & mellow.

Oli 6 years ago

Oh, and of course ...

Jethro Tull: Locomotive Breath

... "no way to slow down."

BornToRun 6 years ago

Awesome list! You forgot

- Born to run by Bruce Springsteen

- Have love, will travel by the Sonics

jcv 6 years ago

Excellent suggestions, is "Freeway of Love" in there. Incidently, I organized mine as "fast lane", "slow lane" & "country lane". I also put together an "instrumental" set that includes old stuff like Green Onions (Booker T), Miserlou (Dick Dale), Pipeline (Chantays), The Horse (Cliff Noble), etc.

Gabbie 6 years ago

Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin. It doesn't have anything to do with road trips, but it has a definite "get up an go" feeling. Classic rock is good for any road

Ned 6 years ago

This is really a great play list but, i didn't saw this one >> motorhead we are the road crew. One of the best there is..

EM-Mama 6 years ago

I don't know if someone suggested Lost Highway by Bon Jovi

6 years ago

Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life

The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Northern Kings - Wanted (Dead or Alive)

Northern Kings - A View to a Kill

The 69 Eyes - Perfect Skin

Grab a friend.

Learn the lyrics.

Have fun.


cairo  6 years ago



cairo  6 years ago


Hisham 6 years ago

metallica - TURN THE PAGE!!!

Dennis 6 years ago

Mama Knows the Highway by Hal Ketchum.

"widshield full of stars" always stays with me when drinving at night.

Gabby 6 years ago

Old Crow Medicine Show's or Bob Dylan's "Wagon Wheel" always makes me smile :)

the famous nemo 6 years ago

peace and love by fountains of wayne

Nancy 6 years ago

"A Little Gasoline" by Teri Clark rocks!!

Ivan Marrero 6 years ago

"Ventura Highway" BY America.

Shadow 6 years ago

For those who like Gary Numan's Cars, I'd check out the Fear factory's awesome.

Souta 6 years ago

Beer for my horses - Toby Keith

Maybe not necessarily meant for road trips, but it's definitely a fast paced song that will keep the spirits high.

DX 6 years ago

"I'd recommend grouping your songs in relation to your next destination."

Great idea! I'm adding "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John on my coming trip to Phiily.

Martin 6 years ago

Not very well known, but my favorite road song:

Driving away from Home - It´s Immeterial

Put your foot down!

Evan 6 years ago

Metallica - Fuel;

Quiet Riot - Slick Black Cadillac;

Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive (for the hip-hop side);

and the next one is just a little fun song, though it's fitting for certain two-wheeled handlers:

Hot Action Cop - Dirtbike Rider

Jack Lewis 6 years ago

Rock N Roll Band by Boston

I could listen to this song from coast to coast, it always pumps me up when I'm driving

Oli 6 years ago

Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band

Even though he's on an airplane he's "leaving home, out on the road".

(Although "Anything by Steve Miller Band" was already suggested I thought it worth wile to point out this particular song.)

Kaylyn 6 years ago

How about American Pie by Don McLean?

Fonz 6 years ago

Pretty much anything by Bob Seger.

And I'm surprised that you have "Sister Golden Hair", but not "Ventura Highway".

Rockstar Jenn 6 years ago

What about Free Fallin'

Mr Spellcheck 6 years ago

Didn't read the fine print, but I saw someone had suggested American Pie. Another great one that is too long for normal circumstances (and therefore a great driving song) would be Alice's Restaurant.

Turbo Sage 6 years ago

Rev It Up - Jerry Harrison

Norwegian Blue 6 years ago

I don't see Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country".????

Vanessa 6 years ago

One Headlight by the Wallflowers. LOVE IT!!!!

Heather 6 years ago

How about "Ride Like the Wind" by Christopher Cross? I don't think I saw it up there.

jyando 6 years ago

highway star, free ride, slow ride what about some zz top

alfred 6 years ago

my favorite driving tracks of all time enjoy!:

hindu times - oasis

road to rouen - supergrass

little lion man - mumford and sons

hard to beat - hard-fi

never miss a beat - kaiser chiefs

grounds for divorce - elbow

Kingdom of rust - doves

Mr. Blue sky - Electric light orchestra

slave to the wage - placebo

jessica - The allman brothers band

get your rocks off - Primal scream

dakota - stereophonics

CLocks - coldplay

paradise city - guns n roses

the chain - Fleetwood mac

drive my car - the beatles

don't look back in anger - oasis

main ofender - the hives

seven days in the sun - feeder

fascination - alphabeat

ruby - kaiser chiefs

pumping on your stereo - supergrass

bohemian like you - the dandy warhols

buck rogers - feeder

shes electric - oasis

don't stop me now - queen

mama said - metallica

hurricane drunk florence + the machine

L.S.F - kasabian

Where's it at - Beck

Mountains - Biffy Clyro

The cave - Mumford and sons

Who can say - The horrors

The shock of the lightning - oasis

and also the rest from this list! :)

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

Great hub. I couldn't agree more with the songs that you picked. Nothing like having the right music to set the mood for the open road. Good job.

Banjammer 6 years ago

From "folk" era are good 'uns... a sampling of Kingston Trio offerings... HARD TRAVELING, GREENBACK DOLLAR, THE WANDERER, ONE MORE TOWN. Johnny Cash - ONE MORE RIDE. Limeliters - FAR SIDE OF THE HILL, GOTTA TRAVEL ON. Judy Collins - FAREWELL.

Or how about Led Zeppelin - GOING TO CALIFORNIA.

TheFox 6 years ago

Perhaps the Youtube link here would have made more sense.....

Drivers Seat - Sniff 'n' the Tears

king 6 years ago

so no one mentioned baba o'riley ?

Hyderabad 6 years ago

Give this a try: "The Road" by Frank Turner.

venturaprice 6 years ago

If no one has added it, "Christabel" is another good Robert Earl Keene road song.

Hyderabad 6 years ago

For the dark hours: Springsteen's "Stolen Car"

Hyderabad 6 years ago

If you're headed down south: "Honeysuckle Blue" by Drivin N Cryin

D Miles 6 years ago

I was goin from LV to LA in a 67 rambler 100+ degrees, no AC, AM radio and this song came on for the first time that I knew of- China Grove by the Doobs.

I still keep that one on the top of my list

Saqndra 6 years ago

my personal favorites are Drift Away by Uncle Kracker, and little Red Corvette, by Prince, when I'm feeling saucy, lol.

River 6 years ago

Highway Song...Blackfoot

bluefrog 6 years ago

Great list ! How about adding "Seven Turns" by The Allman Brothers and "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. Because "there's a song that they sing when they take to the highway, a song that they sing when they take to the sea. A song that they sing of their home in the sky...." And then before you are "seven turns on the highway, and seven bridges to cross". And when you have the sun, the wind and the open road, and these songs blasting !! Total Bliss !!

Big B 6 years ago

On the Road by Big B

Air 6 years ago

Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers Band.

Air 6 years ago

The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix

Jeffrey Tymczak profile image

Jeffrey Tymczak 6 years ago from Amelia Island

That was a great read! Thank you for sharing that. I rated it up and started to follow you, hope to see you in my list of friends too!


Adam 6 years ago

"Going up the Country" by Canned Heat has got to be in the top 5 of greatest road trip songs ever, the name does not sound familiar to many but I bet you've heard the song!

Wanda 6 years ago

These songs are the best.

Does anyone know of a commercial album of road trip music?

tylercoop profile image

tylercoop 6 years ago

Great playlist and great hub!

Rhonda 6 years ago

great list... only one suggestion... Mama I'm Comin' Home ~ Ozzy!

Mike's Road Trip 6 years ago

Here is my list of favorite "Road Trip" songs?

David 6 years ago

Viaje a 800 - Cardiolimite

Booboo 6 years ago

have you ever heard of the Aussie band 'The Triffids'?

Their song 'Wide Open Road' makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Eyce 6 years ago

Dunno if u already added "Going up the country", by Canned Heat, but it really is a damn good song for driving =)

Best Country Songs 6 years ago

Angela, you are the Queen of the road trip!! I love this list, thanks so much. For those of us that are music-playlist-challenged, we salute you! I'll definitely try this out the next 4+ hour drive I take. :)

Arun 6 years ago

I was searching for some songs to listen to in my car when I stumbled upon this link. Awesome collection of songs! Kudos to you for the compilation.

Maddsmcb 6 years ago

You definitly need "I would walk 500 miles" - the proclaimers

Anon 6 years ago

East bound and down by jerry reed from smokey and the bandit.

Justin 6 years ago

One of the best road trip songs is "Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye" from HWY-99 ... now available on iTunes and YouTube ~ amazing new single !!!

m tariqveerfda 6 years ago

Have cold or would have finished up the video so you guys could hear it. I got antsy and had to publish anyway. Will have it up by next weekend, so come back for a listen. Glad you liked SweetiePie. By the way, this is my favorite avatar of yours I've seen yet.

sempok 6 years ago

I agree that a good "road song" does not actually have to be about driving or the road,but I'm still surprised no one brought up "Let It Roll" or "Willin'" by Little Feat!

STEVEN M 6 years ago


Tunca Tutkun 6 years ago

BOB DYLAN - ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE FOR THE ROAD... that's the song to start with...

Mike 6 years ago

Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan maybe?

Anonymouse 6 years ago

For a newer addition, I really like "Tripping Down the Freeway" by Weezer.

Jonnalee 6 years ago

Awesome list. Just bought a harley with a CD Player. Cant wait to get riding. Absolutely love it. Add "Shes a beauty" by the tubes.

amberzoe 6 years ago

I didn't see:






Katie 6 years ago

Where is My Mind- the Pixies

America- Simon and Garfunkel

Sparks- the Who

Tiny Dancer- Elton John

I've Seen all Good People- Yes

tina 6 years ago

another travelin' song - bright eyes

big city - antsy pants

penny lane - beatles (i just love almost famous)

mitnehm - clueso (smt like "Taking u along", no idea how to translate it properly)

def some Elvis Costello and weezer

in the summertime - mungo jerry

love ur list...

davidbmc 6 years ago

traveling man by ricky nelson

Heavencanwait 6 years ago

Here is my additions: ENJOY

The Road by The Alarm

Hot Rod Heart by John Fogarty

Gypsey Road by Cinderella

Driving My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt

Open Road by Bryan Adams

Sausalito Summer Nights by Diesel

Roll On Down The Highway by Bachman Turner Overdrive

We Like to Party by Vengaboys

"This last song does not have the driving beat of the above songs but it is my favorite"


Heavencanwait 6 years ago

oops I forgot one

Wild and Free by Rednex

Wicked1 5 years ago

Best song for putting a smile on your face as the road opens up... Long Road to Ruin - Foo Fighters

Alexis 5 years ago

500 miles by the proclaimers! Amazing roadtrip song!

asleemdssdfre4dff 5 years ago

THANK YOU - for publishing the correct pronounciation of the letters. I learned the G alphabet from a Greek-born scholar; so, I knew that the letters are not being pronounced correctly most of the time. I am sharing your website with my grandkids for their edification.

sw 5 years ago

you guys are stuck in the 60s. How about some new music?

KD33 5 years ago

The Honeymoon is Over - The Cruel Sea (Aussie band):

Kaleb 5 years ago

Nashville Bound - The Road Hammers! Fun song!

Clay 5 years ago

Rockin' Down The Highway by The Doobie Brothers

Winston 5 years ago

For gosh sakes, how could everyone miss the ULTIMATE driving song:

Derek And The Dominos - Key To The Highway

james 5 years ago

really great list, thanks! i'm planning to make a usa trip soon and most of the list will definitely make my playlist!

Jason 5 years ago

I know im really late on this buuuut you should add Where Ever I May Roam

Omar Akmad 5 years ago

Wow its nice to see many video on your home page.

Ned 5 years ago

Check out Frank Turner's "The Road" if you haven't already.

OhioToCali 5 years ago

Did no one mention Molly Hatchet's "Flirtin' With Disaster"? I might be 25 but that one's just classic. Listened to it when I moved out west this January.

leeroper profile image

leeroper 5 years ago from UK

Some good tracks, we all enjoy a road trip! It would be good to have a link to each track to purchase or listen to, the ones that I couldn’t remember or haven’t heard I played, but not all.

randomcreative profile image

randomcreative 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

So so many great songs here! I'm a sucker for a good music mix. I have to include The Distance by Cake as an all-time favorite to include on road mixes for friends.

kenbo 5 years ago

Ted Nugent = Hammer Down & Home Bound

The Cars = Double Life, & Drive, & Candyo

eracerx 5 years ago

Must add

Open Road Song by Eve 6 and

Danger Zone song for the movie Top Gun

eracerx 5 years ago

BTW my girlfriend and I are taking a trip from Saint Louis Mo to Clearwater Fl. in July and this list is great!

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions.

some more suggestions

Eels - Mr. E's beautiful blues(from the movie Road Trip)

Butthole surfers - Pepper

The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking(gota crank this one up)

Mike 5 years ago

No Sleep Til Brooklyn . .

mtsi1098 5 years ago

Great list and hours of entertainment...thanks

Wedding Bands Melbourne 5 years ago

Definitely!!! It is very useful for the music lovers like me. I appreciate the information that this article provided. This is a great tool & a lot of people will find it very useful! This blog have its own great idea.

ectrucker 5 years ago

all of the farther down the road series from shell rotella and 500 miles away from home, detroit city, king of the road, take home country road

Sith Lord 5 years ago

BTO-Rolling Down the Highway.

Sith Lord 5 years ago

Midnight Ride -Styx.

Mike 5 years ago

This list isn't complete without Bob Seger's "Roll me Away."

Dobber684 5 years ago

Fantastic List...though I can't believe in all this time noone has added "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynrd or even the Metallica version with all the guest stars which is also fantastic!

ctiby 5 years ago

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be :))))

Piano Tuners Pittsburgh 5 years ago

Wow great selection. Being a music person I will have to try that out in the car

Louisa Stieda-Sanne 5 years ago


Red Rover, Nicotina


Money for Nothing-Dire Straits

Rex 5 years ago

This is my own list of road trip songs

You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi

Any Way you want it - journey

Band on the run - Paul Mcartney and the Wings

Don't Stop Believing - Journey

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

More than a feeling - Boston

Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

One Vision - Queen

Sweet Child of mine - Guns and Roses

Separate Ways - Journey

Gemini - Brian Kahanek

Money For Nothing - Dire Straits

Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard

Carry on Wayward son - Kansas

Boys of Summer - Don Henley

The Heat is on - Glen Frey

Some like it hot - Powerstation

Faithfully - Journey

Heartache tonight - Eagles

Private Eyes - Hall and Oates

Africa - Toto

Elevation - U2

Bring Me to Life - Evanescense

Rosanna - Toto

Are you gonna be my girl - Jet

Rock and Roll All night - Kiss

Black Betty - Ram Jam

Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

Shout it out loud - Kiss

Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz

Smooth - Santana

Rex 5 years ago

I Must add this two as well

Sister Christian by Motorhead

Oh, Sherrie by Journey

Rex 5 years ago

Sister Christian is by Night Ranger not Motorhead my bad

Rich 5 years ago

I second the Sister Christian by Night Ranger. The song starts off a little lame, BUT the chorus is AWESOME!!!

Devilosophy 5 years ago

The best instrumental hit for a road trip is "Race with the devil on the spanish highway" by Al Dimeola... guitaring that actually flows with ur drive..

Jennie Demario profile image

Jennie Demario 5 years ago from Floating in the clouds

Wicked list! How many gigs is your ipod?!?! hehe

Zero 5 years ago

uhm...i think a great on the road song is Ain't no rest for the wicked- Cage the Elephant

Enjoy it!

serge 5 years ago

I just have to say

Jessica-allman brothers,

it was in field of dreams!

Veronique 5 years ago

One of my favorites

Drive - REM

misterX 5 years ago

Steve wynn and the miracle three - amphetamine

PERFECT for driving!

Michel 5 years ago

Highway Star by Deep Purple.

Simon 5 years ago

Black Betty - SPiderbait version

RV 5 years ago

Chris Rea - Road to Hell

will 5 years ago

don't know if it was mentioned

it is a dutch band called diesel really worth listening to sausalito summernights

Maggie 5 years ago

LA Woman by The Doors

Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger

Gurkan (From Turkey) 5 years ago

I am a driver for 12 years. Turkey is bigger than some of the Europan countries. I recommend for the list;

Queen- Show Must Go on

Runnin' Wild - Too Much, Too Young Too Fast - Airbourne

Bon Jovi - Wanted Death

Hell is living without you - Spark in the Dark - Alice Cooper

Road To Hell - Chris Rea

Rainbow in the Dark - Dio

Some of Dire Straits available for Road

Some of Joe Satriani (will be great)

Also unforgotten; "Shoud I Stay Or Should I Go"(I cant remember the singer)

Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row

Some Song of Z.Z.Top(impossible to add.)

I thought I helped.

I wanted to add something that I love the most;

Fool for your Loving - Whitsnake

Now You're Gone - Whitesnake

Cryin' in The Rain - Also whitesnake..

Thank you for the title..

pete 5 years ago

hey has anyone gathered these fab suggestions and lists and put them somewhere?

mat's(three years ago) squido site that compiled some seems to be no more?

Danny 5 years ago


Mr. Cabdriver - Lenny Kravitz

2-4-6-8 Motorway - Tom Robinson

andrei 5 years ago

Hello. I recommend 2 tracks for your roadtrip:

Chris Rea - Looking for the summer

The Coasters - Down in Mexico.

Look them up on youtube, you will like them most certainly.


icountthetimes 5 years ago

Some great listening recommendations for me here. Thanks :).

cheese 5 years ago

Highway star by deep purple...amazing

China grove by the doobie brothers

A Nonny Mouse 5 years ago

What about

Texas Bound and Flying - Jerry Reid

Foggy Mountain Breakdown (from Bonnie and Clyde) - Flatt and Sruggs

bugs bunny 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone who posted! My playlist is huge!

Here are one's that I didn't see which I would like to contribute:

Trucker's Atlas by Modest Mouse

Run Around and Hook by Blues Travelers

We Are Not Home Yet by Steven Curtis Chapman

Drive by the Cars

Buggin' by the Flaming Lips

Ride Captain Ride by the Blues Image

Funkytown by Lipps, Inc

One More Cup of Coffee by the White Stripes

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon

Madison by Jude Cole

All I Need is a Miracle by Mike + the Mechanics

Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows

I Got My Mind Set on You by George Harrison

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

Spill the Wine by War

Take the Money and Run by the Steve Miller Band

I've Been Thinking About You by London Beat

Take On Me by a-ha

Of course, not all of these contain themes of travel but are great beats for the road.


bugs bunny 5 years ago

Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp

Around the World by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

EJ 5 years ago

Some of my favorites on a road trip! In no particular order. Some were mentioned already, some make reference to the open road and others are just great for driving!

Choctaw Bingo-James McMurtry

Eric Clapton -The Core

-Mainline Florida

-The Shape Your In

-Lay Down Sally

Drive Somewhere - Vulgar Boatman

The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary

If Your Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins

Drive South - John Hiatt

Fighting My Way Back - Thin Lizzy

Rebael Rouser - Duane Eddy

In God's Country - U2

Everyday is a Winding Road - Cheryl Crow

Tulsa Time - Don Williams

Catch the Sun - The Doves

Roam - B-52's

Holiday Road - Lindsey Buckingham

Afterglow 61 - Son Volt

Windfall - Son Volt

Copperhead Road - Steve Earle

Where I Come From - Alan Jackson (Can't believe no one mention it!)

Jessica-Allman Brothers Band

Listen to the Music - Doobie Brothers

You ain't seen nothing yet - B.T.O.

Open Road Song - Eve 6

Music for driving at night and relaxing. Someone mentioned aboveabout being in the zone!

Dreams - The Allman Brothers (Great Song!!!)

Disintegration - The Cure

I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen

Big Neon Glitter - The Cult

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

Light My Fire - The Doors

Us and Them - Pink Floyd

Flesh and Blood - Roxy Music

Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

The West Country - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

And these when heading back home...

Take Me Home - Phil Collins

Sweet Home Chicago - Blues Brothers (Because that's where home is!)

All the Way Home - Bruce Springsteen

Just to name a few!

Mizu 5 years ago

For a fast trip, don't forget these :

QOTSA - You think I ain't worth a dollar but I feel like millionaire

The Stooges - TV Eye

Dr Feelgood - She does it right

Pearl Jam - Do the evolution

The Datsuns - MF from Hell

Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket

mikey 5 years ago

my most favourite travel song is PASSENGER from IGGY POP !!!!!!

while listening this you feel like drivin in a car or train and leave all things behind you...

Johnny Rocket 4 years ago


John 4 years ago

Must of Got Lost - J Geils Band

Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen

Valentine's Day - Bruce Springsteem

Long May You Run - Neil Young

Carry On - Pat Green

Cherie Fuchs 4 years ago

Pacific Coast Highway

One more 4 years ago

Waned dead or alive

Wooper 4 years ago

Such a great list! I love it.

Rachael 4 years ago

Great post, check mine out! :-)

Rachael 4 years ago

Great post, check mine out! My latest blog entry is all about travel music! :-)

Queen 4 years ago

another great song "I'm in love with my car" (Queen)

pinguin 4 years ago

Oh great! I've been all over trying to find songs to fit our travel plans for the summer, now it's time for the music. If you don't mind, I'd suggest a finnish song as I am a finn myself: Popeda - Pitkä Kuuma Kesä so the band is popeda and the song translates into long hot summer. It's great as is this webpage! Thanks!! :)

Norb Frydrych 4 years ago

Lowrider by Carlos Santanna is a great Roadtrip song

JM 4 years ago

American Pie? Leroy Brown?

Francesco 4 years ago

Can I suggest Spread your wings by Queen???

Matz 4 years ago

I am the highway - Audioslave

Russ 4 years ago

The following will keep you gassed up and running...

"Keep The Car Running" by Arcade Fire

"Fader" by Temper Trap

chthon 4 years ago

its oxymoronic takin music on travels, though acadaca is already there, coz they rock~!

Cj in CT 4 years ago

How about Going Mobile by the Who?

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Freeway of Love Aretha Franklin?

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Have to add Riding in My Car by NRBQ...a killer road song!

CJ iN CT 4 years ago

Love Shack by the B52's...I got a car as big as a whale...its a Chrysler and it seats about 20...

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Don Henley...Boys of Summer... out on the road today I saw a Dead Head Sticker on a Cadilac

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Ol' 55 by the Eagles

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Traffic Jam by James Taylor

CJ in CT 4 years ago

In My Car...Joe Walsh...Got Any Gum CD

CJ in CT 4 years ago


Brillantina 4 years ago

Mercury Blues is the best Steve Miller road song

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Little Feat - Let it Roll

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Lyle Lovett - The Truck Song from My Baby Don't Tolerate

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Stephen Stills from his Manassas alblum...the song is MOVE AROUND

Boyvat 4 years ago

How come all you could forget two songs :"late goodbye-poets of the fall" and "berlin-take my breath away"

chwwalker profile image

chwwalker 4 years ago from Utah

Awesome list of music for long road trips. Voted up, useful, and awesome because I will definitely come back to this resource the next time I plan a long drive.

Alice 4 years ago

At the top of my road trip playlist is "Fader" by The Temper Trap.

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Under The Hood by Al Anderson from the Pay Before You Pump CD

CJ in CT 4 years ago

Under The Hood by Al Anderson from the Pay Before You Pump CD

Stacy 4 years ago

Country Roads - John Denver... Where the Streets Have No Name - U2...Take the Back Road - Rodney Atkins - the BEST I've heard in a long time for road trips :-)

Stacy 4 years ago

Ok, I didn't see Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel...

But the best traveling song I've heard - besides Take the Back Road, by Rodney Atkins - which I actually JUST heard for the first time today - on a 3000 mile road trip!... is one I think very few people would recognize, but youtube it or something...


Nitzer Ebb is technically a techno genre artist (hahaha - technically a techno artist?) - but he's so versitile (sp) - so easy to listen to - and you can't help but dance in your seat to it...

"The night is calling me - it know me, it calls me

tomorrow's beckoning, it's waiving it's greeting

MMMM, light comes to me... mmmmm, comes right through me...

mmmm, light comsumes me... mmmm shining into me...

I've been traveling, been far away, been traveling...

I've been traveling, I travel inside myself...

I've been traveling, been far away, been traveling...

I've been traveling, I travel to find myself..."

Stacy 4 years ago

And just to entice you to look up "Take a Back Road" - Rodney Atkins

"Sittin in six lane backed up traffic

Horns a honkin, I've about had it

I'm lookin for an exit sign

Gotta get outta here, get it all off my mind...

And it makes me wanna take a back road

Makes me wanna take the long way home

Put a little gravel in my travel

Unwind, unravel all night long

Makes me wanna grab my honey

Tear down some two lane country

Who knows

Get lost and get right with my soul

Makes me wanna take, makes me wanna take a back road"

It doesn't get much better :-)

Ryan Rush profile image

Ryan Rush 4 years ago from Tacoma WA

some more to add, mostly country songs but prefer to listen to a variety of music

Dirt Road Anthem-Jason Aldean

How Bad do you want it- Tim McGraw (Theme song from CMT's Trick My Truck)

Ryan Rush profile image

Ryan Rush 4 years ago from Tacoma WA

didn't know if this one was in there but

California Dreamin- The mamas & The Papas

KK 4 years ago

I don't want this night to end- Luke Bryan

Train in Vain- Clash

Ryan Rush profile image

Ryan Rush 4 years ago from Tacoma WA

here's another one

Fastlane-Bad Meets Evil

Eric 4 years ago

Here are some more

NRBQ - Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-Jo Workin'

Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland, Johnny 99 & Racing in the Streets

The Hooters - Great Big American Car

Raspberries - Tonight

Wendy Waldman - Long Hot Summer Nights

Nanci Griffith - Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights

Beat Farmers - Big Ugly Wheels

Lucinda Williams - Side of the Road

marin 4 years ago

Wheel in the sky - Journey

marin 4 years ago

don't fear the reaper - blue oyster cult

barracuda - heart

road to hell - chris rea

highway song - blackfoot

bad company - bad company

don't look back - boston

some are related to driving, some are not... but to me they all got 'the sound' and are on my driving compilation


Bodhi 4 years ago

John Denver's Sweet Surrender!

Krusty65 profile image

Krusty65 4 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

Hi here is a few..

Take The Highway - Marshall Tucker Band

Take me to the High Way - The Doobie Brothers

Four Wheel Drive - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Rush - Red Barchetta

Little Feat - (live) Dixie Chicken/Tripe Face Boogie

Allman Brothers - Southbound

Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider

Charlie Ryan - Hot Rod Lincoln

Foghat - Road Fever

The Outlaws - Green Grass and Hightides (Forever!)


Carlos Teja 4 years ago

Ride Like The Wind, Christopher Cross

Djobi, Djoba, Gipsy Kings

danielrmccomb 4 years ago

passenger- iggy pop

driving along- nilsson

call me the breeze- jj cale

i feel free- cream

take it easy- jackson browne

wasn't born to follow- byrds

ballad of easy rider- byrds

country roads- john denver

i'm on my way-proclaimers

king of the road- roger miller

this land is your land- woody guthrie

freeborn man- junior brown

anything by woody guthrie

MikeJ. 4 years ago

'Woodstock', especially the version by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Gotta include that one.

"Motorcycle Song" by Arlo Guthrie, long and short version.

Darren J. 4 years ago

Great list! I would have to include Rush's "Red Barchetta" from the Moving Pictures album. Designed to incure traffic violations...

Jady 3 years ago

Great list! But the Tom Cochrane version of "Life is a "Highway" should replace the Rascal Flatts version, imho.

Mike 3 years ago

I would add "Gran Torino" by Jamie Cullum

Doug 3 years ago

Bottomless Lake by John Prine

AZTimL 3 years ago

Aldo Nova - Fantasy

laurie 3 years ago

sleep while i drive melissa ethridge

miriam 2 years ago

Marshall Tucker Bank "can't you see" and "heard it in a love song".

Hey Soul Sister

Anything by the Allman Brothers

and, quite frankly, any opera arias, especially Mozart and Verdi

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