Memorable Saturday Night Live Skits

Saturday Night Live First Aired In 1975
Saturday Night Live First Aired In 1975

Live From New York

 Saturday Night Live first aired on October 11,1975 and for the past thirty five years has produced some of the best comical moments on television.  Saturday Night Live has featured in its cast some of the best comedic talents including Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Michael Myers and Will Ferrell.

However, even the most avid fans of Saturday Night Live will admit that there are some skits that are the most memorable and stand high above the rest.  The following are some of the most memorable skits ever aired on Saturday Night Live. 

Christopher Walken Just Needed More Cowbell
Christopher Walken Just Needed More Cowbell

Gotta Have More Cowbell

On April 8, 2000 Christopher Walken was the guest host of Saturday Night Live.  During this episode a new catchphrase was born.  During a skit mimicing VHI's behind the music of Blue Oyster Cult and the recreation of the song Don't Fear The Reaper, Will Farrell played a fictional band member named Gene Frenkle.  His instrument, the Cowbell.  Walken played music producer Bruce Dickinson.  The rest is history.

The skit was voted 5th most unforgettable moment in the television special: Saturday Night Live: 101 unforgettable moments. 

Eddie Murphy As Jessie Jackson
Eddie Murphy As Jessie Jackson

Don't Let Me Down

Since its start in 1975, Saturday Night Live has produced some of the best political humor.  Famed for its ability to mimic the day's leading politicians, Saturday Night Live has taken a no holds barred approach to political humor.

One of the more edgy examples of this approach is Eddie Murphy's take on Jessie Jackson during the 1984 Presidential Election.  During his campaign for President, Jackson was reported to have referred to New City as "Hymietown" in an off the record remark.  The remark was disparaging of New York's large Jewish Population.  Jackson denied ever saying it.  However, Eddie Murphy produced for Jackson a different type of denial, and he did it song. 

Eddie Murphy In Song

Celebrity Jeapordy
Celebrity Jeapordy

Celebrity Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live also does very funny spoofs of current television and movie stars.  Once place where they are able to showcase many different talents is in the skit "Celebrity Jeopardy."  Here, Will Ferrell impersonates Alex Trabek, the long time host of Jeopardy.  The three contestants are SNL cast members impersonating movie stars including Keanu Reeves, Burt Reynolds and most famously Sean Connery. 

You Just Can't Resist My Schweddy Balls
You Just Can't Resist My Schweddy Balls

Schweddy Balls

Alec Baldwin has hosted Saturday Night Live many times and has been the part of many funny skits. One of the best, however, is innocent at heart and filled with Holiday Cheer. Baldwin plays Pete Schweddy, who makes just the best holiday rum balls ever. He appears on a local radio show with two nice women and describes his Schweddy balls.



 As requested by a comment, the late Chris Farley and the late Patrick Swayze provide one of the most memorable Saturday Night Live Skits in their portrayal of two dancers trying out to be Chippendales' dancers.  How they both did this scene with a straight face is beyond me.

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chicamom85 profile image

chicamom85 7 years ago

Nice hub, you picked some great ones. I have always been a fan of this show and you could write hubs for weeks on the best skits. Nice hub!

lafenty profile image

lafenty 7 years ago from California

I really enjoy the Celebrity Jeopardy skits. I am also partial to the first couple of years the show aired. Maybe because it was so new and different from anything else on television at the time. That first group of comics are the best in my opinion.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Thanks for the comments.

The first years were very good because of how original and flat out funny they were. But there was some good stuff later too.

Your right, this hub could be much longer and I will add as time permits.

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 7 years ago from upstate NY

Great hub! The older skits are definitely the best, I don't even watch the show anymore, it doesn't have any of the same flair it did back in the 70's-90's. Thanks!

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Agreed, the past stuff is much better.

Thanks for reading.

Truth From Truth profile image

Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

Will Ferrell was great.

Good Hub.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Thanks for reading

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Remember when Dan Akroyd played the refrigerator repair man repairing the refrigerator at Todd and Lisa's house and bent down, giving live television a "half-moon"? That one was certainly memorable, also.

Thanks, this was a fun trip back through lots of great skits on SNL.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Very memorable. Thanks for the commnet.

kingis profile image

kingis 7 years ago from Springfield, IL

I am surprised you did not have Chris Farley skit in your favorites. He had many memorable skit while on SNL.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 7 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Ya, the Chippendales one is probably his best. Not sure it measures up with these.

Thanks for the comment.

reagu profile image

reagu 6 years ago from Los Angeles

I love Celebrity Jeopardy. Norm McDonald as Burt Reynolds is hilarious.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 6 years ago from Sacramento, California Author


The Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery are the best.

Thanks for reading

Media Mischief profile image

Media Mischief 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Great list! You include my favorite Schweddy balls. Another great SNL skit is one from the 80s with William Shatner attending a Star Trek convention. If you haven't seen it, try to track it down. It's hysterical.

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 5 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Media, that is one of my favorites too, the Evil Kirk episode.

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 2 years ago from California

I liked all of these sketches too, classics of SNL to be sure. Good job! Later!

bgpappa profile image

bgpappa 2 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Agreed. These are great. And so many more. Thanks for stopping by.

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