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Senior Pranks

Senior pranks tend to be an unofficial tradition at most high schools, similar to the unofficial senior skip day. It is crucial to find the perfect prank; one must realized the fine line between mischievous and vandalism or criminal.

No senior prank should cause harm to a living creature and all of the students should be willing to pay for any accidental damages that may result from the prank.

Off the top of my head I can think of a few funny senior pranks:

  • Bubble bath in the school fountain.
  • Let mice run through the halls (but this may fall under that no harm to a living creature rule depending on how the prank's carried out)
  • Let thousands of crickets loose in the halls (crickets are actually rather cheap in bulk)
  • Tuna in the ventilation ducts (best if done before a long break- winter or spring)
  • Fill a tree in the front of the school with bras of jock straps

School desks were placed outside to fill up the courtyard area.
School desks were placed outside to fill up the courtyard area.
After the beach ball was taken away, students began to pass the blow up doll around during the graduation ceremony.
After the beach ball was taken away, students began to pass the blow up doll around during the graduation ceremony.
Fill the hallways with hay.
Fill the hallways with hay.

Best Senior Pranks

Some of the better senior pranks take work, time, and energy. But, if you want to be noticed and remembered as a school legacy, these will definitely be the ones you will want to consider.


Taking something large a part and reassemble it in an impossible location. Usually, cars on roofs are a popular choice. But, remember the larger the object and the smaller the location, the better the prank.


Rewire or reprogram things to behave erratically or unexpectedly. Usually one would consider changing morning announcements, bell schedules, and video broadcasts. But, again, no prank should result in the harm of the school's technology equipment.


Subtle pranks pulled off during the graduation ceremony. These pranks should not disrupt or demean the ceremony, as it may result in the holding of your diploma (yes even after technically graduating, the officials can hold back your diploma). You may consider handing small items, such as pennies with the year, jelly beans, or other small trinkets to the principal or other official as each graduate goes to shake their hand.


Fill a space with an unusual or unexpected object. These pranks can be quite humorous. You may consider placing a ton of "For Sale" signs on the school's lawn; filling your Principal's office with balloons, popcorn, or styrofoam peanuts; write the graduation year on every car in the parking lot with a mild soap or specialized marker.

Spell out your graduating year with plastic forks.
Spell out your graduating year with plastic forks.
Pick popular teachers and fill their room, so when they come in the next day, they'll be in for a surprise. Try filling a room with saran wrap.
Pick popular teachers and fill their room, so when they come in the next day, they'll be in for a surprise. Try filling a room with saran wrap.
Let chickens loose in the hallways.
Let chickens loose in the hallways.


Capture the rival school's mascot. Dress the rival mascot in your school's colors or altering its appearance n any way to pay homage to your school. If you choose a mascot prank, make sure not to do any real harm to the mascot, as it is still a school's property.


Pay homage to your graduation year. Put salt rock on the grass and write out your graduation year. The salt rock will kill the grass with a day or so, and the year will soon appear.


Have a number of smaller pranks coordinated to wreak havoc on your school in a short period of time. By coordinating many small pranks in one day, you will be noted as a prank mastermind. Plus, it allows for different social groups to each play their own prank on a specified day. Everyone is involved in the fun.


Pranks that involve animals make the festivities all the more interesting. A class animal prank would include a cow, pig, or chicken being let loose through the school. You may consider several animals being released throughout the school, or have school teachers and officials looking for a missing animal. Let 9 baby pigs loose in the school, have each number randomly through 10; one number will be left out but that pig doesn't exist. But, remember if you decide to use animals in your senior prank, make sure that no animal is harmed.

More Senior Prank Pictures

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Fill the gym with balloons.Add a funny sign or graphic to the school building by the school's name.Cover the library in tin foil.Cover your principal's car in carboard boxes.Toilet paper the trees out front of the school.Wrap all the books in the library in newspaper.
Fill the gym with balloons.
Fill the gym with balloons.
Add a funny sign or graphic to the school building by the school's name.
Add a funny sign or graphic to the school building by the school's name.
Cover the library in tin foil.
Cover the library in tin foil.
Cover your principal's car in carboard boxes.
Cover your principal's car in carboard boxes.
Toilet paper the trees out front of the school.
Toilet paper the trees out front of the school.
Wrap all the books in the library in newspaper.
Wrap all the books in the library in newspaper.

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HaleyMCruz profile image

HaleyMCruz 4 years ago from California

The picture of the chickens in the hallway...I had to look closely because I could have sworn that it was taken at my school! That was my 2010 senior class prank! But the funniest part was seeing the school security officers chasing the chickens around the quads while we sat inside of the classrooms watching though the windows

c/o 2014 4 years ago

When I was a Freshman, The Seniors(c/o 2011) threw BBQ sauce, ketchup, and eggs everywhere around the school. Now that I am a Sophomore, the Seniors(c/o 2012), they put desks and chairs in the middle of the courtyard. They also threw toilet paper around the school and brung fireworks(the one that pops a lot) to school, and made everyone think they were gun shots. They also put 2012 with some type of liquid in the courtyard, but it won't go away. I was thinking of putting all the golf carts upstairs, have races with them, and leave them up there. The spray paint c/o 2014 in the courtyard(Seniors was an epic fail) then go to the culinary room and cook up all the food...

invisible class 4 years ago

Senior Year is ending and my schools seniors have lost their spirit; so much has happened to my class that its ridiculous. But the effects of this is that most are too scared to pull a senior prank or just don't want to do it. For a moment I would have agreed to not doing a senior prank, but why should I??? This senior year has been horrible i admit, but I feel as if its up to us as seniors to end it off right. We have been talking about how our senior prank was going to be big since freshman year. . . and now that its here, its time to stand up instead of retreating.

It is of vital importance that we seniors prove to our underclassmen that we are the BEST CLASS. When a freshman says your class is lame, something isn’t right. The blatant disrespect for my class has gone on far enough. This is the first year that i haven’t witnessed underclassmen being nervous about the upcoming senior prank week. As I talked to some they mentioned the class of 2012 as being lame, basically saying our existence in the school is unknown. Really?? Really now? Come on? 2012 is THE BEST. In realizing what others younger than us say about our class, it has officially ignited the flame within me, and now I’m burning with the desire to prove them all wrong.

Historical Prank underway

Haha 4 years ago

Every senior go to school early and park your car in multiple parking spots.

Dylan 4 years ago

Marching band wents through the halls one period.

MissPriss;) 4 years ago

my school is locked when school lets out and there are cameras everywhere; inside and out.there has to be SOMETHING we can do and pull off someone help!!

angles 4 years ago

so i was thinking of putting a fish or some kind of rotted cheese (preferably blue) in the AC so that when they open the AC's in the morning the whole corridor would stink

Da hacker called IssI 4 years ago

@Spaceah Hack the computer camera system so it shows different images. Imagine the possibilities.... Got a much-hated teacher? make em vandalize the school on camera!(Note: THey wouldn't actually do this, but cameras never lie, do they =?) This would take a lotta work thou... =/

Spaceah 4 years ago

In my school there are cameras everywhere! So I'm gonna have to create a nifty plan, any ideas? Remember cameras everywhere.

Samantha(: 4 years ago

My boyfriend (at the time) graduated last year (2011) and him and his best friend TP'd the whole first floor of the school; and on the 2nd and 3rd floor opened every locker, and taped all the desks together and put them in the middle of every class room. -I will pull off a better one next year though. :D haha

BITCHFACE2114 4 years ago

The seniors at my school(class of 2012) taped a bunch of used pads to one of the willow trees in the front of our school and left a sign on it saying pussy willow. the next day they had to take them down but no one wanted to so the burned them on the tree. the tree is ok but the whole outside are of the school smelled like period times 300. it was horrible and still is. its been 2 weeks since they burned them and it stills smells horrible. not as but but still horrible. Im hoping my senior year us seniors(class of 2015) will do something amazing that everyone in america or at least the state or city will hear about. and we will forever be known as senior prank legends!


Wonderloo2012 4 years ago

My freshman year the seniors spilled hundreds of little call cards with pics of naked women in every hall when the bells rang from our 3rd period it was awesome seeing all the teachers on the ground trying to pick them up! The cards ended up in a bunch of lockers so we would see an occasional card every now and then

Classof2012 4 years ago

A couple of years ago seniors from our school did the pig thing and one of the pigs died great for a lua not for school.

ArchAngel 4 years ago

Ooooh yah i think im going to the bull thing but in this B--- techers room who hates me

a Very Funny girl 4 years ago

Fill the school toilets with red food dye. fill it so that the dye makes the toilet water look like blood. Then add bits of ketchup to look like blood clumps. I believe this will work especially well in the girls' restrooms. And even better if you go to a private Christian school,(Get it? Like Moses' bloody river. Or maybe that's a bit much?)there were no good suggestions for private schools or boarding schools specifically. Shame really. You can do the most (legal) damage in a boarding school.

xoxo 5 years ago

Last year, the seniors in my school took off all the doors from every classroom and flipped over all the desks. A lot of teachers were really pissed because they couldn't find the doors but they only targeted the asshole teachers so it's all good.

Fisher Thane 5 years ago

At my school the seniors took all the desks and chairs and scattered then randomly around the campus. The whole school missed three blocks getting the chairs and tables back

Cuervo 5 years ago

Back in 1994 when I graduated someone had a junked car spray painted with "1994", "Seniors", the name of my HS etc. placed in the courtyard of the high school I went to.

2013333 5 years ago

so one year our rival school planted a dogwood tree in the middle of our football field before homecoming.. well dogwood is our state tree so state troopers had to travel 200 miles that day to dig it up beore the game.. this year we are getting them back! so find your state tree b/c in most states its illegal to dig up the state tree with out permission. hahah

alex 5 years ago

All seniors wear roller skates to school. Or The seniors at my school switched for a day with the seniors at the other school in our district. It was hilarious.

2011 5 years ago

Well, we put instant potatoes on the lawn the night before it rained, dish soap down the halls, put laxatives in the communion, unrolled the toilet paper in the teachers lounge signed it and rolled it back up, put bubble wrap on the floor then packing peanuts and balloons (static attack), sneaky pinned the whole school, replaced all the books in the library with baby books, put baby power in air ducts

chance 5 years ago

i like the idea of doing small pranks throughout of the year. I might do all of them. on of the ideas is to put wet cat food into the heating vents during winter break, and wait til everyone comes back.OMFG!!! this is gonna be awesome. and that thing when they hand out diplomas, give the principal a condom once we go up, and shake his hand. and finally to end the year off, me and my friends leave early, and on the way out, pull the fire alarm. class of 2015 at fhhs, be prepared for one hell of a year.

2-0-1-3 5 years ago

My school is outdoors and doesn't have any hallways, many of these pranks woudnt here at MP. Any good outdoor prank ideas. and we do have three pools and a big forum.

Reba 5 years ago

This year we are going to drive lawnmowers and atvs to school. We are bringing grills and having a cookout and bringing kiddie pools. Its like one big pool party with a bunch of little pools.

SeNiOr 5 years ago

Our class was thinking instead of one major prank, why not do a ton of little pranks throughout the year. One of them being our school colors are red and white so on the first day of school all the seniors are going to dress up like wheres waldo? and roam the school pretending to look for the waldo. Also we are talking about not driving on the first day so we all take busses and since busses cant refuse a kid, they may have to take many trips and delay the start of school.

walas 5 years ago

i havn't done anything with it yet, but someone should put frozen shaving cream somewhere. not shaving gel, shaving CREAM. coz when shaving cream has been frozen, when it defrosts, it expands 3x it's volume. :)

nanuperez 5 years ago

well i was talking to my dad and he said to get with the principal,city police and a couple tow truck companys and move all of the teachers cars to a parking lot across the street. this years seniors only stacked all the garbage cans in the whole school and put all the benches in front of the exits so every one trips kinda lame but cool

Thompson 5 years ago

We started with wrapping our headmaster's room in aluminum foil, then planting alarm clocks in all the ceilings, then three computers hidden in different places around the school synchronized to play "What Time Is It" from High School Musical through really loud speakers went off about fifteen minutes before school ended.

Forget me not 5 years ago

One year at my sisters highschool the senoirs got 2 goats and put signs on each one. One said "1" and the other said "3" ALL day the faculty was out looking for goat number2 only to later find out there was none (:

Rosalyn 5 years ago

Reprogram all the school's phones so that they forward to your teacher's phone! epic results.

Ellis 2012 5 years ago

okay, they all sound like great pranks but how about the classic "Three Little Piggies" prank. you get to pigs and write one on one pig then write 3 on the otheer pig and let them loose. when they find the pigs they think that theres 3 and they start thinking that they need to find number 2.

warrior tomboy! 5 years ago

I took mud and covered all the cars with mud. And I spray painted the windows black and blue on the main building.

Ry ry 5 years ago

Haha last year a bunch of seniors put like 4hawks in the bathroom

??? 5 years ago

where can someone get that much hay?

sicp2012 5 years ago

-drop a box of ping-pong balls down a staircase. during a passing period

-expanding foam in all of the stalls...nd urinals

- block the door with expanding foam

-middle of the night brick off the door as in put up a brick wall in front of the door

-run a piece of wire across the the bottom, like a tripwire

-use saran wrap or streatch tight over toilets and doors

sorry for horrible spelling but whatever

b-man 5 years ago

my senior year so far:

- kill grass on football field in shape

of dick during homecoming week

- moon senior photo

- crash homecoming parade with my truck

in the parade (classic)

- streak baseball game

SENIOR 5 years ago

We are getting ready to pull our senior prank and its gonna be awesome! We've got pretty much every senior participating. Were pretty much going to pull an all nighter together then get to school super early, but everyone with trucks are going to come with haybells in the beds of there trucks then all seniors will park in one parking space and then we're going to fill the rest with the hay. Then after everyone starts to arrive we are going to have water ballon fights and a BBQ. This works better if you have a super small school like this with a small parking lot... its gonna be pretty epic

HelenthalArmy27 5 years ago

Thank you for the ideas! My fellow graduates and I plan on doing many of these throughout the year. Many great ideas!

Decent prank 5 years ago

2 years ago our senior class had a pretty good one. They had a ton of people ride scooters, bikes, and skateboards through the halls while yelling and causing chaos. They called it "Tour de Century" (Century is our school's name). But they ended up all getting suspened for the last 10 days of school, which was total bs cause it was awesome and didn't do any damage. Anyway, that's a good prank and it's pretty easy to pull off too.

Sparkman High School 6 years ago

Ok, so ive read all the comments you all have wrote and ive seen a bunch of good ones. Ive also seen a bunch of bad ones too. So check it: Im going to put glitter in the AC units, write 2011 on all the 1st story windows, salt the grass, and roll the trees. Oh and last but not leist baby oil the bathrooms! 2011 Sparkman High Huntsville, Alabama.

2015 6 years ago

at my skool we hve a teacher that we hate dearly. she bangs on her desk 2 shut us up and one day we r gonna loosen da screws on da desk so wen she hits it its gonna fall apart! also, try callin da radio station and tell them ur gonna pay the 50,000 bucks if they say "due to 7 feet of snow, schools are closed for the rest of the year" here's da catch: do it during June! or tell them to say the water pipes r frozen/the heating doesn't work during june or say the AC is broken during winter! LOLZ

Layla  6 years ago

At my school Our grad prank last year was fill a inflateable girl up with helium and send it to the roof of the student centre, and then we had a huge water balloon fight.

steven 6 years ago

i'm going to try to find a way to connect the bathroom vent to the principle's office, so that way every time someone takes a shit he gets to smell it.

Katiee 6 years ago

Dear Mikey, your brilliant. Do you have any idea how long it would take to superglue the 4,500 lockers in my school? Not to mention how much superglue it would take? And your school would probably go bankrupt having to buy new lockers. Have fun with that.

Wolf3 6 years ago

Our class used window glass marker and wrote our year on every single window in the school. We also Tp'd the trees and cautioned taped the the parking lots. SENIOR PRANKS MAKE HIGH SCHOOL FUN!

C/O 2013 6 years ago

I have a few good pranks.

1) Have a bunch of people come to school the night before. Get a bunch of chocolate bars. Smear them everywhere, so they look like poop. Make sure that's what people think it is. Then have someone go up to one of the smearings, wipe it off and lick it.

2) If your school has those easy to remove or slide ceilings, put a bunch of alarm clocks in each room in the ceiling and set each one to go off at the same time.

3) Your school should have an additional bell system, in case for days when u have to get out early and such. On a regular scheduled day, find a way to hack into the bell system and change it to the other one. Everyone will be so confused.

4) Usually seniors have jobs in the office, usually the announcements. Make a list of funny names for them to call up like "Mike Hawk" or "Icebank MiceElf".

5) If you're school is major rivals with a different school, do something that has to do with their school. For example: put stickers of your mascot all over their school.

6) Usually schools have letters to give out to students when there are projects. If you have some type of biology teacher that u hate, this prank is perfect. Make a copy an hand them out to every student in your class. This is extremely helpful if you have a class helper. In the letter, state that the project is gonna be about studying roadkill and that the students will have to bring in some. Set up a student-teacher conference and have the kids get their parents to bring in se roadkill.

7) If your school doesn't have a pool, this is perfect. We do thi every year to the incoming Freshman. We tell them how there is a swimming pool that's held under the gym. At one random day, we put out posters of an after-school event of the gym-swim. Its even perfect to set the day of the gym-swim if you have "beach day" during homecoming week.

If I have anymore ideas I'll be happy to share. Peace out xD

jrsmithva 6 years ago

im planning on duck tapeing the whole front way into my school and feeling the inside if it with ballons class of 2011 baby

Bean Delphiki 6 years ago

Class of 2011!!!

One prank i heard about is to cover all the windows in the school with black trash bags or something equally opaque from the outside then get a janitor to cut the lights some time in the middle of the day

THE 6 years ago

Okay, people... read the comments that have already been made. There's like 10 people who already talked about the "1,2,4 pig prank" and the supergluing lock prank.

Mikey  6 years ago

ok im in 8th grade and im new to my school i already made friends but i don't think they will help me out in my prank. is simpel prank. super glue lockers no one can get his stuff out of the lockers= no classes

2011 6 years ago

build a wall out of cindeerblocks blocking the front entrance to your school

N/A 6 years ago

superglue all the locks on everydoor. free day at school for everyone huh

DogHog 6 years ago

To add to the Pig prank where you number three pigs 1,2,4 get a soundtrack or record a pig and then play the record at random places in the school so they will have added proof that there is one there especially when there isn't, also it is really fun to put a recording of some weird sound outside the principals office, or the staff lounge

kyle Oldham 6 years ago

hehe, i am graduating this year class of 2011. and i have already done 2 pranks and its not october 21. The first one we did was fork our field. me and 3 other friends made it say class of 11. took about 2000 forks. then we did a food fight... i wouldn't recremend a food fight. i got arrested because i started it and got suspended for 10 days. i have court the 25 of OCT. now to i regret this HELL NO!! seeing the face of our vice princliple was priceless, and especially when i squirted may o nais all over the sophmore girls. i am a legend at thomaston high school. but i am done with my pranks. ive done enough. lol

indierokker 6 years ago

I like the ideas where you either throw thousands of bouncy balls down stairs, put a slip 'n' slide in the main hallway, or oil EVERYTHING!!!

Lion 6 years ago

We put a range rover in the library last year...It was fantastic.

Alex T. 6 years ago

My prank was the best the school has ever seen. So my principle says. we filled more than 700 plastic cups with water and willed the whole main staircase, Criscoed all the locker knobs and door handles, blocked the bus loading zone with hay bales, scattered copies of CLASS OF 2010, T.P.ed the whole school.... on the inside..., and shoe polished the windows and vending machines. Me and my buddies that thought up this plan where mentioned in every speech during our graduation ceremony for our constant pranks throughout our high school career. I will never forget how awesome high school was. !!!!!GO MYRTLE POINT!!!!! Alex.T

JON12345 6 years ago

okay, so i love the idea of 3 chickens with numbers 1,2, and 4 painted on them

so im going to take this a step further.

a few days after the first chicken prank, im gonna put a chicken with 3 painted on it in the principles office.

2013!!!! And A NEW SCHOOL MVHS!!!!! 6 years ago

Brand new school and 2013 is going to be the 1st graduating class... workin a BIG plan for the first senior year ever!!! need the best one to set a rep. for our new school! everyone will remember it! So pumped!

sawyer highfill  6 years ago

me and three of my friends went to our rial high school the page pirates, and they had a huge satue of a pirate in front of their school. So we took a chain saw and an axe and cut it off. then when we played them in football we hung it on our goal post.

=) 6 years ago

Our school has a rule where you have to turn in your cell phones into the office at the beginning of the day if you bring them. Nobody ever turns there cell phones in! So this year we had the senior class get together and set our phones on the counter in the office and just walk out! Well the office paid us back at the end of the day because everyone had to stand in single file to wait for their phone. As you could imagine, this took quite some time!

rg 6 years ago

ok, for 'Alt358 is gay' and anyone else who suggested it, putting glue in locker or door locks is one of the stupidest pranks you can do and it costs a lot of money just to fix them all. i'm all in for senior pranks, and i'm trying to plan one now, but vandalism and the destruction of school property are HUGE no's. pranks should be in good humor, like most of the other pranks mentioned here, but gluing locks just isn't cool.

just find a different prank people, and thanks for all the suggestions, they're really cool! 2011 forever!!!

2012!!! 6 years ago

Spray paint your class year on an old mattress then put it in the schools pool, mattresses are HEAVY when soaked, like the administration will have to get a crane!!!

2012 6 years ago

putting cling film on the toilet seat is hilarious

SD WOLFPACK 6 years ago

Just made a huge grad 2011 sign in fertilizer on the field. Hope it works!

Alt358 is gay 6 years ago

Okay alt358 what u said was the stupidist thing I have ever herd. "wait I forgot what I was going to say" u are an idot. But a good prank is to buy some glue from a hardware store and put it in the locks so they can't open the doors and u bassically get to miss school. It's pretty legit

2011grad 6 years ago

me and some friends of mine considered putting duct tape on all the lockers like 5 inches thick so that when all the students tried to get into their lockers they wouldn't be able to with going all the way down the hall to pull the tape off

Nuzzys 6 years ago

I put really weak laxitives in the mashed potatoes during lunch, and locked the doors to every bathroom in the school except one. It was funny seeing the line of people at the one bathroom. 6 years ago

man i love a lot of these but the only thing is its gonna be hard to do some cause my high school is brand new this year so in two more years when we're the first graduating class i wonder if their going to let us do pranks but me and my friends are cool with the principals so i think we can talk to them about it. LETS GO 2013!! ALL DAY BABY ALL DAY

alt358 6 years ago

hey i need some ideas on how to dismantle a car then put it back together. also how did u all get it in the school? pick the locks or help from a cool teacher? also.......i forgot what i was going to say.....oohh now i remember like ill get a friends parents car (with the parents permisson) then when they go to set up the graduation have the parent come in all pissed like hey what the F*** is my car doing here?? the princealbe will be like sir/mam i dont kno we are trying to figure out... well i dont know how it got here or who put it here but i want it out now! and i want the school to do it not the janitors (because they have a hard enough job) but you or (which ever teacher((s)) you dont like) should be funny as hell also im in 8th grade. and i have yet to plan for senoir graduation. 6 years ago

Haha good pranks I enjoyed reading them all. Class of 2012 SHAUUUU!

north canyon pranks  6 years ago

At our school we did the cup and water prank but we put a twist on it in every cuz we put a fish and our pricible is an animal lover so she canceld 5 period so that all of the fish can live aha it was so funny and we bouqht cheep fish so it wasn't expencive think about this one if u have a princible like ours

eb97 6 years ago

if your school has a swimming pool and you have to take aquatics, you should gather a snapping turtle or two along with some frogs and let them go early in the morning before the classes would come into the pool area. the turtles and frogs would be ok for a few hours, just leave some kinda note or something so no one hops into the pool and gets bit by a snapper. that shit hurts

ltdltd 6 years ago

just thought of a good one. hang tons of aluminum cans from the ceiling in every grade designated hallway(fresman, sophmore, juinor)

Hebron hawkkk 6 years ago

These past two years a freshman center was being built in what used to be our student parking lot so we had to move to one on a hill above the teacher's lot. They also built a fence so that we have to walk all the way around it to get to the school. Last year they inserted speed bumps into this new lot as students tend to drive recklessly.. These bumps were cheap mountains anchored down by heavy duty screws and everyone hated them. (there was a Facebook group dedicated to hating them as well lol) The senior prank was to remove these bumps by simply unscrewing them. They got half of them done and intended to do the other half another night before camping out in the parking lot but they were caught and got in some trouble for "trespassing." idk if they got in trouble for removing the first speed bumps but it was an epic prank regardless. Me being a junior appreciated the lack of HUGE speed bumps :]

JJ101news 6 years ago

id luv 2 do one it sounds lk fun but i dont wnt 2 get in trouble and stuff lol plus me and my class aren't tht very close so CLASS of 2011 world wide better rock all pranks this yr lol

steven 6 years ago

southold sr high ny.....dismantled a 73 chevelle and reassembled it in the library......on the 2nd floor in one night

snow 6 years ago

when we get our diplomas, every fifth person is going to hand our principal a pingpong ball.

Boss 6 years ago

tomorrow is our school prank and my idea is to sneak out in the middle of the night masked and all, and put crazy glue in every single lock around the school...the next day when people try and get it they wont be able to hahahahah

j man the cobra 6 years ago

Were gonna shit on the school barbeque grills the night before the school celebration where they cook hot dogs for everyone.

Super Silly 6 years ago

My grad class was this year and we managed to get the key for the auto shop and the gate to the field, we then dug a hole at 2 in the morning and buried the car in it. Tomorrow we are going to capture about 5-10 seagulls and let them loose in the main entrance its going to be amazing

2012gal 6 years ago

The cow thing is great except at my friends school it got to the third floor couldn't come down and they had to shoot it.

li'l cal 6 years ago

i love all of these ideas its so funny to think on what to do.

i was thinking on putting the instant mashed potato powder on the school lawn before the sprinklers go off. :P

Long live Sheridan high school and long live Wyoming

Oakridgekid 6 years ago

Haha damn that's my school and i know the girl and group of friends that did it!

kiera_lynn 6 years ago

last year the seniors tied striong to all the lockers that were across the hall from each it made it hard to find a way through all the strings to get to class =D

2013zbeast 6 years ago

Im writing an article for our school newspaper about school pranks, this year the seniors spray painted 2010 ALLOVER, you can still see it in the courtyard and trashcans and some arches, as well as the elevator and staircases (our overseas school is kinda gehto, but its soooo fun at our school) and its rumer a couple people took apart a car and put it back together in the gym.

for our senior prank we r planning on having a pool party, people show up in bathing suits to school, theres mini kidi pools and slip n slides all over the hallways, we all wear sunglasses and pretend to be tanning on the staircases. IDk these sound pretty good though!!!We also might use the teachers parking lot as a " Used cars for sale" and tie ballons to the cars and put posters all over them. A couple of my friends already prank some of the cool teachers. We gummie beared a teachers car and put cold water on it in the winter, so the gummmies froze! LOL we also shaving creamed the desks in another teachers room. You can also team up with a friend and during a class where the teacher wont let u leave, tell them u have to pee really bad, make a big deal of it,if they dont let u go, wiat about 5 min, then under the desk pour water on you croch/leg, and have ur friend scream or laugh... Funniest thing of my life! lol

Harrison 6 years ago

The seniors this year had a master key to all the lockers and since we have to have a lock on our locker they switched all the locks around and we couldn't get into our lockers.

classof2013 6 years ago

hellz yeah every1sfavrebel, go class of 2013!!! Me & my friends were planning on buying like hundreds & hundreds of little bouncy balls, then lining up on the hallway that's above our school's commons area and just whipping all of them down onto the people in the commons lol :) plus we're all gonna come to school with our swimsuits on under our clothes & start running through the halls and stripping down to our swim suits & then run & jump into the pool!!! Only 3 more years...can't wait!!! :) It's gonna be way better than this year...all they did was put babyoil in one hallway, 2 people dressed up as a banana & gorilla & ran through the school (that was pretty funny lol), & they put post-it-notes all over the commons....but the class of 2013 is gonna make history!!

every1sfavrebel 6 years ago

my senior prank is gonna be huge! we r gonna get the choir kids to all break out into song and dance during lunch or during class while that's happening we r gonna have other distractions going on so all the teachers get detracted. while that's happening all the rest of the seniors r gonna do something big but we r still deciding on what the will be. 3 yrs to figure it out GO CLASS OF 2013!!

mabeba 6 years ago

at our school the got three chickens and painted numbers 1 2 &4 so all day they were trying to look for pig number 3 but it was never there

Interested Party 6 years ago

My favorite from my high school was when a class literally built a 10' high wall across the access road to the school. They built the cinder block wall overnight, so the next day people couldn't drive up to the main doors of the school.

Stuff 6 years ago

Qwerty, how about unroll all the toilet paper, and leave the empty roll there, then write, ha ur screwed, on them. xD

ACE 6 years ago

play hockey through the halls

ozzman is a douche

qwerty 6 years ago

take all the toilet paper outve the bathrooms its hilarious!!!!

Sum1 6 years ago

Jello in toilets... gota be a lot and gota do it like the night before... so then when everyone goes in the next day its all jello, do like brown or deep red. People will be grossed out.

2012 6 years ago

canola oil, all over the halls and classrooms.

Fishing line, at the student entrances so they all trip

Ask a freshman or two to help you with senior prank, than duct tape them to the pillars outside your school.

Used tires in all the parking lots

desks in the hallways

sticky notes ALL OVER

3/4 pigs


Doing something to the principle, something he/she hates very much (mine hates whistles)


Saran wrap the lunch room


That's all I got. Peace =)

leroy2010 6 years ago

im an australian ond one year the leavers 'borrowed' a cow and walked it up to the top of the bell tower. now apparently cows cant walk down stairs for some reason and ittook them 2 weeks to get a mini crane in to get it down :p

hilarious 6 years ago

I saw a video like this, but get a couple of people to dress up as bananas and a couple of people to dress up as gorillas and gave the gorrilas chase the bananas around the school screaming

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

That's probably not a good idea, as it can be quite pricey to correct broken pipes, and depending on the school, if the pipes are old, they'll break easily. You don't want to get in trouble for vandalizing.

kenny c 6 years ago

i love these ideas, we were thinkin of clogging all the drains in the sinks and water fountains and turning them onn to flood the schoooool

Smitty 6 years ago

Ozzman? though these pranks are quite funny...well class of 2019? isn't this a wee bit early to be plannig?

Mike Hock 6 years ago

i think it would be fun to take all of the exterior doors off of the school and stash them in the woods

411skittles 6 years ago

A few people in my class (including me) are going to make a penis cake from spencers and put suck it from 2010 and UPS it to our principal. We already did the chicken thing. I like4 a lot of these ideas though !

Brandy 6 years ago

one of my schools senior classes went and camped out in the front of the school and the next morning when everyone arrived there where tents and grills and a fire pit they all where making breakfast and had about 3 or 4 parents come in and cook since if your parents are there the staff wont yell at you like they would with out them there ... they have to keep it professional LMFAO.... and another year all the students parked in the teacher parking since the student parking is a good long walk actually in to the school it ws funny all that happened was the teachers where pissed off and the kids just had to move their cars HHAHAAHHA nothing major and no one got into trouble :p

Ozzman 6 years ago

ya we could totally paint it green and say it looked like a plant...ya class of 2019 rewlz!

dEVIL IN ME 6 years ago

Every year the seniors in my high school drive aroung the school honking their horns as a final farewell. I was thinking about drivinga riding lawn mower around the school while my best friend sat on the front with a bike horn honking it.

Tricksta 6 years ago

My friends and i have decided that 2 pranks will be pulled our senior year. First we have motion sensored hand sanitizor dispencers so we plan to fill those with model glue or krazy glue. Also, we plan to fill the halls with packing peanuts considering that they are cheep and you can buy them in barrels.

Josie 6 years ago

Put glitter in the vent system so that when they turn on the A/C glitter will go everywhere.

guitar slayer 6 years ago

glitter and glue. everywhere. i like the crittet idea, i wanna do that.

mike 2 7 years ago

Me and my friends are thinking bout going buy 20 wood rats and some baby oil, so when people run they would fall.we going put all the baby oil on the floor. i mean who want run from a wood rat

HAHAHA 2011 7 years ago

I have thought a lot about my senior year and i got some great ideas im going to get a bull from my friends day and put it in the middle of our school yard and feed it so it will crap every where then get 50 chickens and put them in each building we got an a,b,c,d,g,h,i builing so that is 7 chicken per building then outside get chiken crap and write 2011 in crap then in the air vents put stink bait in them it is going to be great we got about 1200 students in our school and last year they put bird seed every where and it was lame but me and about 20 others are going to pull this off. good luck to you other senior dont get in to any trouble.

mvsoccermidd 7 years ago

I think imma call everyone to an assembly, then lock the doors and pull the fire alarm

partyboypro 7 years ago

one of my mates had the best prank ever

what he did was got three sheep and let them lose during asembaly

they numberd the sheep 1,2,4 ...and all the teachers spent the rest of the day looking for the none existing number 3 haha

was good as!

straightpimpin'10 7 years ago

hah yea we did the root beer kegger a few weeks ago and it was legit and funny as hell. very solid prank:)

HAHAHA 7 years ago

Alright i was thinking about getting like 20 kegs filled with rootbeer, and just having everyone that will join in to do keg stands and have tons of people funneling rootbeer!!! what do yall think?

leaver 2009 7 years ago

i have graduation muck up day this week and we have some NASTY stuff planned out :) creamed corn, off milk, beetroot, BULK toilet paper, off yoghurt, chalk markers, spray paint... and a dead animal carcass! mmm gonna be a lovely day

Nani_1991 7 years ago

i love these ideas... i go to a small & i mean really small school there are about 30 students total in the whole school & 20 staff so getting away with pranks is going to be a challenge but im willing to take the risk no previous graduates put the effort in trying... this year is going to be one they will all remember

hahaha lol

any other ideas?

marine's girl 2010 7 years ago

we are gonna dig a hole in the school yard that says "2010" or "seniors '10" and fill it full of cement. we are gonna fill all the hallways with hay. also we are buildin a farm between our high school building and the high school gym. by the way if you cant tell we are pretty much a lil country school. we think are pranks really fit us since everyone in the school calls us the redneck class or the yee-haws. our senior class is full of rednecks so we thought our pranks would be awesome. we are gonna park our tractors in front of the school's entrance so nobody can drive their cars into the parking lot. we are doin a bunch of pranks so that nobody will forget Okay's seniors 2010

Zach 7 years ago

I'm thinking I'm gonna put all the teachers cars on blocks so they can't move and then the animal thing

maxamo 7 years ago

those are alright but wat about getin those thousand pound hay bales and bloking off all the school exits with them and then put a bull in the up stairs of ure school with the alarm clocks to piss it off

bob 7 years ago

my class let loose 3 pigs and numbered them 1 2 4 so that everyone looked for the nonexistent 3.

Freezypop987 7 years ago

Let three pigs loose in the hallway, and label them

1, 2, and 4....They will be looking for pig number three all day!

Samm 7 years ago

I agree; go go girl these are FUN. we are simply trying to go out with a bang before having to get serious. It's no fun to finish high school without a) the traditions and b) motivation. Pranks are a part of high school senior tradition so leave it alone and let us have our last bit of fun. god i hate pretentious people.

? THESE PRANKS ARE AWESOME! ? definitely using some of them next year:) GRADS '10.

I was thinking about grabbing a goat because its our rival school's mascot and painting it our school color and letting it loose in their halls. What do you guys think?

GreenGardenGuy profile image

GreenGardenGuy 7 years ago from Fort Myers, FL

Our principal had a really small car. Six football players could pick it up. They would normally turn it sideways in the parking lot so he couldn't get out of his parking space until one of the two cars left.

We would usually find the owners of the two cars and talk them into leaving later than normal.

silver 7 years ago

I think also a good prank is put super glue in teachers bathrooms. or chain them. it will be halarious seeing a teacher go to a students bathroom.

anyone else got any cool funny pranks email me at:

sdg 7 years ago

haha a blow up doll. seniors at my school took every desk in the school and put it in one teacher's class room. it filled it up to the top and they got out from a window in the back.

rachel 7 years ago

okay so this year our seniors filled up the entire main hallway with balloons! A LOT of balloons. it was so hard for the kids to walk through the main hall. haha and they were also jerks and soaked everyone that walked in the doors first thing in the morning, they stood at every door and would not let anyone in without getting a bucket dumped on them. it was a whole lot of bull.

MOMMYHAM 7 years ago



OCS55 7 years ago

we just did one of our senior pranks at Onteora high school and it was zip tieing all of the lockers so everyone was late going to the bus, we are also gettin into the school early and changing the women and men signs for the bathrooms so the guys will be goin into the ladies and the ladies goin into the guys bathroom. We are also filling up one of our buddies bed of the truck with water so we have a pool and a grill set to the side to make food.

biologyman103 7 years ago

so im me and my friends are thinking about relesing three chickens in school, we will do it at the same time on different locations. if we get caught, how much trouble will we get into?

Chow fun 7 years ago

put food coloring in the school pool or even buy a lot of fishes.

they threw marshmellows all over the school but that was lame

one time they put vasalene on every single locker. that was grosss

mememememe 7 years ago

Last year, our seniors went and printed out the guy in the pink shirt, and put them everywhere. It was fun to find them all.

really guys? 7 years ago

We did this last year, everyone in the senior class (cept teachers pets) were involved. we all pitched in 50 bucks and went and bought about 50 of the inflatable bouncy gyms. We plugged them in the bathrooms and ran out. the gyms inflated causing the bathrooms to be inaccessable, we repeated this for all our fav teachers rooms and some of the entrances. our last one was in front of the circuit breakers. they had to cut through it with a knife to throw the breakers. it was pretty halerious all in all

joe 7 years ago

ok first round up some pigletts and write 1,2,3,5 on each of them and let them go

none 7 years ago

okay listen to this mii senior class wants to make a name that will stick... ((name not yet found)).

but we have our prank.!

we are gonna make a game out if it.we are gonna take and hide one of the most imporant things in our school.( it is gonna stay in the school just not able to be found.)

and we are gonna make the teachers play our senior class in finding it. of our best goliesand forwards are gonna have to have a shoot out against whomever. for the clue to where our "thing" is.

it will go on till they find it... or till graduation

Snr smdy 7 years ago

one class planted alarm clocks to all go off at the same time. they couldn't find all of them. XD

the year after that, the seniors just painted around the school. boring.

after that, seniors had waterguns and sprayed people as they went into the school. it was all fun and awesome until a girl, who was being chased by a senior with a water gun, tripped and passed out or something.

then the next year, seniors put a moon bounce inside the entrance of the school and let loose a bunch of bouncy balls. it was great.

next year, I think they're going to do something lame. i'm not sure.

joe 7 years ago

what you have to do is superglue a bunch of change to the floor... yeah try ant get a superglued penny off the floor..nothning works lol

or when your walking across to get your diploma hand your princable a penny.. if every one in your class dose that that is a shit load of pennys and he wont know what to do with them all it makes more sense to use pennys of your year tho

Elly 7 years ago

okay go go girl, if you are going to be one of those boring "mothers" that never have fun for anything, than why are you even on this website? just leave us fun people alone and go sulk in a corner!!

me 7 years ago

anyone think this is a good idea?

Im goin to lock up every entrance with chains and padlocks the night before

weak security and lots of fun

jake says 7 years ago

well im a freshman but me and my friends are going to order 150 pizzas to our school the school is so big that the pizza place wouldn't think it was a joke haha

hehe middle school... 7 years ago

okay so im only in middle school but on april 1st we take window chalk and write on teachers cars...they laugh so hard. on of them said we owed her $10 jokingly of course but my little mind saw another joke. i went and got $10 in pennies! we gave it to her the next day and i thought the rest of them were gonna die laughin! they got us back tho. they called us all to the office and said the window chalk scratched the tinting. they even had a cop and everything. (i was like no cuz tint is the inside, to myself) one of my friends started to cry cuz she thought we were in trouble. then they all yelled APRIL FOOLS!!! then she started to cry from releif. i was just laughin my butt off the whole time...this is one April fools day that wont be soon forgotten!

virginia  7 years ago

rubber ducks filled the hall............

spiffy 7 years ago

for our prank (im a junior but i stilled pulled a prank) we put baby lotion soap and buckets of water in the hallway and made a longg slip n slide. nobody got hurt and almost everybody joined in and even some teachers

nickw 7 years ago

im goin to do the cricket one!

gators 8 years ago

pulling some of theese off in two years

CERTIFIED 8 years ago

I can not wait until May to pull one (if not all) of these stunts!!! Class of 09 will be remembered!

THE KING 8 years ago

I put big boy on the top of the roof. I went to the restaurant and stole the big boy then put it on the roof. It was freaking awesome.

Big s 8 years ago

Lol We have a put thousands of tires all ocer the parking lot lol and it took each person like an hour to get to class plus they couldn't park the cars

cb 8 years ago

at my school, there's only 1000 kids, and it's a one-story, open outside school, so a lot of these wouldn't work, but there's a giant CB painted in the courtyard, and the senior class last year painted over it with a gian 08. our school was voted most scandelous in the county that year!

flopage 8 years ago

our prank last year was letting the hire hose go off in the library, along with smashing all the firealarms, and after school was out we blocked off the intersection of a major road and my mate did some burnouts and doughies and shit

austr 8 years ago

a few years ago someone led a cow upstairs in our school, it was wandering around the balcony and they had to hire a big crane-type machine to get it down.

also once some guys dismantled a teacher's little vw and reassembled in inside the library

camryn66 8 years ago

dude senoir pranks are awesome i plan on doing one next year and a really good one at that school is boring and this would be the highlight of my last year of school

sabs  8 years ago

lol i'm dressing as pac man and running through the buildings XD got a few friends doing the same thing too

Giggle 8 years ago

the best prank is either slide used tires on the flagpole or have a cow of the 2nd level, cows can walk up stairs, but not down.

asdf 8 years ago

pshpsh, that's a good way to get your car towed at my school

pshpsh 8 years ago

Psh they should totally be aloud duh! i luved these. another one is all the seniors arrive early and park in 2 parking spaces... you know like across two of them... so when that happens the juniors come and are like "what the h***?!" hahaha its funny!

go go girl 8 years ago

the pranks should not be allowed, school is for learning only

tee-sure 8 years ago

these r gr8 ideas... my students will enjoy pulling off some of these pranks

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia Author

Oops. I'll go make it a little more clear. Thanks for the heads up.

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

These are fun to read, but I have to be honest with you: when I first read the title, I interpreted seniors as senior citizens, not high school seniors. So when I started reading the hub, I was like...what?

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