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And now, Chinese dramas. Chinese dramas are unique in that they can come from multiple cultures: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China (but mostly Taiwan). They could conceivably be given their own top 10 list, but, unfortunately, the Chinese television industries are not yet as sophisticated as their Korean and Japanese cousins and they don’t have as many truly great television series. So for the purposes of simplification, I’ve grouped them all together.

In Chinese dramas, there’s more focus on the family. Korean and Japanese drama series focus more about the couple or the quest or the whatever, but Chinese dramas takes time out to tell you how the mother and the father and the brother and the sister are doing. Not true in all cases, but a more general trend towards fun for the whole family.

At times, goofy. At times, unpolished. At times, a little too concerned with the pop-star idol/actors. Taiwanese and Chinese dramas do have their saving graces. Popular actor, Jiro Wang, is one of them. An almost unbearable sweetness and cuteness is another. Taiwanese and Chinese dramas are just a lot of silly fun. Don’t expect anything too deep or intellectual and you’ll have a great time. Without further ado, I give you:

The Top Ten Taiwanese, HK and MC Dramas

1) It Started with a Kiss (Taiwanese) – An adaptation from the Japanese Manga, “Itazura na Kiss.” A young girl confesses to a boy who rejects her utterly. Later on, an earthquake destroys her home and she goes to live with an old friend of her father’s—who happens to be the father of her rejected love. Romance ensues. The first Taiwanese drama I ever saw and still one of the best. Look to Jiro Wang to steal every scene he’s in.

2) Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese) - about a girl under a curse. Every relationship she has ends around 3 month mark. After her latest spectacular breakup in an intersection, she meets Taiwan's most famous and handsome male idol and bumps into him in a compromising manner. After his agent, to save face, announces her engagement to him, hijinx ensues. A sweet little drama with some surprisingly good acting.

3) Fated to love you (Taiwanese) – a recent one, came out in 2008 and smashed records. A cinderella story, but is oddly meta about it. Sort of like a cinderella story about a cinderella story. First one I’d seen that’s self-conscious about dramas being full of cinderella stories. Very good. I think it should be higher on the list, but I’m leary of giving new shows top spots. You’ve got to earn your first place with time. 

4) Hana Kimi (Taiwanese) – An adaptation from a Japanese manga. A young girl falls in love with a track and field star from afar so she transfers into his school to be close to him. The catch is that the athlete attends an all-boys school. An almost shakespearan gender-switch show. Very good.

5) Moonlight Resonance (Hong Kong drama) – A tale of affair and divorce. A hong kong baking family is split down the middle, with three children going with the father and three with the mother. It's a drama full of twists and turns, backhand business deals and broken promises. A soap opera harkening to the days of old.

6) Return of the Conder Heroes (Mainland Chinese Drama) – It’s wuxia in its purist form. If you can get past the bad acting, it makes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon look like Beverly Hills ninja. It’s an epic tale full of loss, heroes, love and a whole lot of gravity-defying fighting. If you’re only going to watch one piece of the fledgling Beijing film industry, watch this.

7) Devil Beside You (Taiwanese)– A girl writes a love letter to a boy. The wrong boy (a delinquent) intercepts the letter and blackmails her with it. The wrong boy later turns out to be her future step-brother (and love interest). Conflict ensues. A cute, strange little show. I recommend it.

8) ) Frog prince (Taiwanese) - similar to Korean drama "save the last dance." But has its own charm. One of the most highly rated Taiwanese dramas of all time. It's about a wealthy heir who has an accident, loses his memory, falls in love with a girl, only to have another accident that makes him regain his previous memories and lose his amnesia. The tumultuous consequences of these accidents drives the story to amazing heights.

9) Mars (Taiwanese) – Another Japanese manga adaptation. This is the story of a shy, troubled young arts student and the flashy playboy who falls in love with her. Mars doesn’t have much going for it beyond romance and angst, but what it does have, it does extremely well. If you love angst, romance and tragedy, this is the best.

10) Meteor garden (Taiwanese) – Yet another adaptation of a Japanese manga. Based upon Hana Yori Dango. It’s the story of a poor girl in a rich, private school who falls in with the four richest boys in school. At first they hate her, but her defiance to them, (when no one defies them) eventually wins them over. A popular hit from yesterday, but is overshadowed by other newer, better, shows, I feel.

Do you have a favourite chinese drama?

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kaddu 7 years ago

Why Why Love should be in this list~!

Great story, Great cast (the same as Devil Beside You)~I loved itttt!!! <3

Haha, go Mike He!

sahod 7 years ago

fated to love you is the number one here in the phiippines

syndi 7 years ago

fated to love you rocks!!!! i think i'm in love...

muah_ 7 years ago

i love METEOR GARDEN..!!

i lab f4..

see you soon in the Philippines

elenita padilla 7 years ago

Glad to have found a top ten list of taiwanese drama series. I'll try to watch others I had not seen. "Fated to Love You" is currently being aired in the Philippines. I'm enjoying it a lot. I like Xin Yi's family members very much because they really care for her.

huda 7 years ago

Fated to love you is the best..the actors are so cool.

charlotte 7 years ago

the story of fated to love is cute........... also ethan ruan

justine 7 years ago

I think devil beside you and why why love are both very good...

but i haven't watched fated to love you yet!

i'm looking forward to watching that after reading all the good reviews ^^

eaasi3574 7 years ago

Great post.

hannie 7 years ago

i say mars is the best taiwan movie.i watch it for several times and still love it.

mingen 7 years ago

fated to love you! :)

pero mas gusto ko frog prince.. :))

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

If there Is one thing that I pick up from all the asian dramas It Is the fact at the end of the day even on the other side of the world we are all still the same . Same joys same fears , we are just people trying to do the best we can !

Gian Carlo 7 years ago

yeah... even though the translation of the theme songs and some of lines in the Philippines are kind of lame... I still enjoyed it especially when I observe which lines did they go wrong. watching the original version was very entertaining though... i watched it for 2 days straight! having only breaks for eating and sleeping..Chen Qiao En may not be the hottest idol around according to some critiques, but the way she acts blocked my mind from what others have to say. I AM NOW HER NO. 1 FAN in the Phils.!! She's so cute! ^_^ \/,,

sha 7 years ago

my luky star should be in the of the best taiwanese drama....

Bakanapi 7 years ago

For me it's CORNER WITH LOVE!!!! Perfect couple and perfect story, without dragging or love triangles and stuff like that lol :)

miguel 7 years ago

i love so much started with liss and there they kiss again,, hope theres part 3... i love it so much

asiankid 7 years ago

fated to love you is the second best. the best one is easy fortune happy life

jennilyn 7 years ago

fated is so great taiwanese drama fated to love you is decieveng to have an award

lovemyself profile image

lovemyself 7 years ago

Return of the Condor Heroes is the best my love

sashney 7 years ago

Fated To Love you is really entertaining...and addicting to watch!!!

DarkWhisper 7 years ago

Brown Sugar Macchiato is one nobody seems to mention often.. yet i think its probably my most memorable T drama that ive watched.

conjiro 7 years ago

Jiro Wang is very talented. He is like Johnny Depp, all the characters he played are so unique and only he can do it. You should add KO one and X Family to the list.

Jeff 7 years ago

I Agree with sha, I think my lucky star was pretty good, and I think fated to love you should be at least one higher in rank

chuchu 7 years ago

LOL, I think this is unjustice for all the great Chinese series out there. Like Return of the Pearl Princess, The series of governmental occupancies in HK dramas, and many mainland series not mentioned here. It just seem to me this should be call the taiwanese section of the Chinese area!

Assej 7 years ago

i really love ISWAK and TKA, im there number 1 fan, the story is really great, funny and yet romantic and inspiring. Hope the ARJOE will still be forever in real life. Im waiting for the TKA 3. More power ARJOE!

Wuxia Fan 7 years ago

A lot of great mainland China series not mentioned here, such as Tian Mi Mi, Legend of Xiang Xi, My Brother's Name is Shun Liu , Lotus Latern Prequel, Liang San Bo and Zhu Ing Tai (A.K.A. Butterfly Lovers), Yue Wang Gou Jian, etc., etc. In the 80's and early 90's Hong Kong series were best, afterwards Taiwan series. Nowadays I think mainland China series are the best.

LEXHILTON :D 7 years ago

hey i don't agree in the result. if we're talking about the GREATEST TAIWANESE DRAMA EVER, i think Meteor Garden should get the number one spot. It was really the start of Asian-Drama invasion! it was the first drama that conquered all asia! i mean, who doesn't know F4? daoming-si? san cai? c'mon guys. i know the drama was shown 9 years ago, compared to the dramas one the top 5... but still, it was the phenomenon of the century! [naks!] with the posters and all. if it's the Meteor Garden time which is 5:00 here in my country, Philippines everybody would stop in whatever they're doing. that's how a big hit it was!

PS: i still like Boys Over Flowers more. (: KOREAN F4!

andrea 7 years ago


ISWAK is no. ONE on the list!!! GOOD WORK!!

wu 7 years ago

i think barbie hsu is one of the best drama actress.age is not kind of a big deal for her.i'm 20 years old and i love her so much.cia you yu xin lei (barbie corner with love)

heaven4u777 7 years ago

i love to watch fated to love you most especially the part that they lost their baby, but i wont forget the story in tokyo juliet w/ ariel lin and wu chun. but as far as i remember most of the top rated taiwanese drama that air in phil was all great, from started with the kiss, they kissed again, meteor garden and meteor rain, why why love, devil beside you, hana kimi, romatic princess and lot more. i love jiro wang, mike he, wu chun,

xxxKawaiixxx 7 years ago

My lucky star is also a really good taiwanese drama!! :) and fated to love you is a really good drama.

imelda 7 years ago

nice touching love story .... love it

chriskk 7 years ago

Very flawed and bias review towards chinese dramas. Taiwan, China & Hong Kong dramas should each have their own top 10 list. The reviewer tends to veer towards Taiwan dramas because they're more internationally known (which is only because they keep adapting Japanese manga), but in terms of production and acting, the quality is still below Hong Kong & China drama. I can see that the reviewer has only done his/her research on Taiwan dramas, and not the other 2.

pen 7 years ago

can anyone plz load

linda5484 7 years ago

I love all the movies that has Mike He,Rainie Yang,ZaiZai.. love the korean if has Jihoo or Lee MinHo in it :D.

Tamika 7 years ago

I LOVED Devil Beside You. Absolutely beautiful! I have never seen such a film/drama, it was very well made. I sat there cried one minute, lauged the next. Amazing drama. I'm now currently watching why why love on dvd and it's really good too. But I have to say so far I really like Devil Beside You better. Thanks for this list. :)

me 6 years ago

great dramas good post but my favourite taiwanese drama is definitely dou niu, yao bu yao!!!! :)

ming 6 years ago

hana yori dango japanese version is way better than meteor garden 10000000 times u shud watch it . the guy Rui i so dam HOT but the girl chose domyoji

Via 6 years ago

I think the best one is was played by vic zhou and park eun hye..this film showed us how great their love is..

Blehhhh 6 years ago

Smiling Pasta is the best!

arisi 6 years ago

My lucky star, fated to love you and smiling pasta are the best Taiwanese dramas for me...!!!

jerboa83 6 years ago

I love Zhan Shen Mars and I'm in love with Chen Ling/Kashino Rei!

Linda 6 years ago

Mars would be top of my list. Way above all other TV dramas. Vic Zhou is the best actor of his generation and I can't get enough of him, and Barbie proved what a wonderful actress she is.

Hanna 6 years ago

Good list, though I think that Why Why Love deserves a spot on there. Other than that, I agree and I'm planning to watch some of the recommended ones.

Dayne 6 years ago

Fated to love you really the best

Ann 6 years ago

Itstarted with a kiss, Fated to Love you, Meteor Garden, & Hana Kimi are very popular here in the Philippines! i love dramas

Ke Lin 6 years ago

Reaching For The Stars - Taiwanese but in Mandarin with a splatter of Taiwanese here and there. Good subtitles in English. Watching this now I think it should get a mention. Any other fans of RFTS here?

Monz 6 years ago

i loved devil beside u a lot...then again i love mike he!

but i agree with the lucky star should b on the list

regena 6 years ago

i love "my lucky star " its so cute. i love the tandem of jimmy lin and hana yoo. they look like a real couple....

NN 6 years ago

dreams link should in the's the best..

En 6 years ago

Please add Autumn's Concerto (xia yi zhan, xing fu) into the list! Those who have not watched this drama yet, it's a MUST watch. 21 episodes, awesome drama. I teared every single episode. Plus it has a real awesome ending as well, unlike some dramas that have really lousy endings.

ice cream 6 years ago

Fated to love you is the best drama ever!!!!! It's a 'must' watch!!!

Smiling Pasta Lover 6 years ago


meme 6 years ago

top 3 :


Smiling Pasta

corner with love

Chinese Drama freak 6 years ago


Aly 6 years ago

If you want to see a great Chinese spoken drama, you may consider: Autumn's concerto (my nber 1 for the TW drama so far)

Well writen story supporting a tender romance with a nice touch of humor.

Only drama so far I have accepted to follow in real time (waiting for the weekly episode, what I never do as I have it!)

You dont get bored or tired by the characters and follow with pleasure the whole story, jumping from one part to another.

Among all Chinese/TW nice dramas I will reckon the name (Fated to Love you; Condors Heroes; Easy fortune happy life; It started with a kiss one and two), Autumn's converto is definitively my favorite one so far!

Hope you'll enjoy it too!

Carolina 6 years ago

Hana Kimi was absolutely TERRIBLE! The acting was horrible, Ella sucked, the only thing that was good were the male characters, but the most important character was horrible. Read the manga, and you'll understand why that drama sucks so much.

ISWAK is the best drama of all time, though.

Kat 6 years ago

Autumn's concerto is soo cute, but i think they wrecked it with the ending.

stellar 6 years ago

i love devil beside you...da best....mike acts so well with rainie yang....they make great makes the viewers love them.....hahahahahahahaa love you mike,,,,..wish to have a boyfriend as handsome and as hot as you.....

krll 6 years ago

FOr me, they kiss again is the best drama ever!!! We can learn together with Joe and Ariel what is a love... i can not stop watching...again and again...

6 years ago

I really liked My Lucky Star, Smiling Pasta, Corner with love, and Why Why love.

I also thought Hi, my Sweetheart was fun to watch too.

Randomm 6 years ago

Autumn's concerto= no. 1 .

best asian drama ever made.

i've watched devil beside you, corner with love, ISWAK,hi my sweetheart, and why why love.


Autumn's concerto will not dissappoint you!

dramafan 6 years ago

autumn concerto / summer desire / iswak 1 & 2 / devil beside u / fated to love u / easy fortune happy life

kristina 6 years ago

i really love Hana kimi,wu chun and ella was so cute........ and i love also fated to love you especially the scene they lost their baby.................

Nancy 6 years ago

i so think Autumn concerto should definitely be there i mean like wt a gr8 story everithhing was excellent abt it, and i also think meteor garden should have a way higher rank even though it's 9yr old it was still the best, obviously after such a long time why would people still love and remember all the sweet moment of meteor garden if it wasn't so excellent

Brie 6 years ago

i highly recommend The Rose with Ella Chen and Joe Cheng

song liu 6 years ago

Return of the condor heroes should be the 1st cause it has great,beautiful,inspiring story and XIAO LONG NU there is so beautiful she really looks pure and innocent there . LIU YIFEI IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

roelyn 6 years ago

why lucky star not on the top??????? lucky star is so beautiful!

jenny 6 years ago

u should watch autumns concerto its awesome!!!!!!!1

but skip the first 5 episodes

sierra 6 years ago

Did you actually just compare Jiro Wang to Johnny Depp?? I am sorry, I hope you are joking.

kara 6 years ago

gosh! you forgot...autumn's concertooo!!!

SherWin 6 years ago

I like Hanna Kimi.. C:

AnnaDEE 6 years ago

hey you guys forgot MOMO LOVE!!!!!!!!!

omg it's soooooo damn gud

it's got Jiro wang, N Calvin n many other famous actors

how could you forget that????????????????????????

Aristotle 6 years ago

oh yeah the 5 brother only 1 sister complex?????

yeah it's gud!!!

it's got cyndi wang as the female lead not to mention ken zhu

(meteor garden/Marmalade boy fame)

Hi 6 years ago

I love Hana Kimi, It started with a kiss and They kiss again. Hana Kimi is the first taiwan series I watched and I love it, also male and female leads. Ella played naturally and she's so cute. Then I watched It started with a kiss. This makes me fall for Joe Cheng. He's very charming and portrayed really good. Ariel is very good actress also. The most important, they have chemistry and makes me believe their acting. I'm a huge fan of Joe now, hehe

sera 6 years ago

Why is why why love not in the list when it was so good with everything amazing. It should be listed at any cost.

DEVIL BESIDE YOU IS BESTEST. It must be on the top of the list.Its my all time favorite drama. IT ROCKS

Ya zi :) 6 years ago

Let me tell u people !my lucky star is the besttttttt.I watched all the shows above !autumn concerto is more of a touching story than funny but my lucky star will really make u laugh till u drop and it is also touching and it is filled with surprises it is a musttttttttt watch k?promise me must watch I dun care wateva u have on for schedule but watchhhhhh.last thing to tell u,Jimmy Lin is soooooooooo cute and shuai until like heaven...arrh Shit I think I am in love with him and his cute baby face

shin21 6 years ago

ISWAK is the best:)

Anna 6 years ago

Autumn Concerto!

leslie 6 years ago

'devil beside you' is the best!

che 6 years ago

MARS is the best..

becca 6 years ago

omg, autumn's concerto needs to be on this list too! Fated should be higher, and i feel like u forgot Heart of Greed (HK drama), which was probably on equal, if not better standing than Moonlight Resonnance.

bucketful 6 years ago

I don't think you have any idea of what you are talking about when you say "the Chinese television industries are not yet as sophisticated as their Korean and Japanese cousins and they don’t have as many truly great television series" and further you repeatedly contradict yourself throughout the whole (I wouldn't even call it an article) blog or what not you have here. Firstly, you say Chinese drama is complicated and that is consists of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China drama, but at the same time the only dramas you have listed are all Taiwanese. I don't think you know enough or watched enough of the other two sub-genres of Chinese drama to name your blog Chinese's embarassing for you (showing your ignorance and lack of research in this huge field) and insulting to Chinese drama buffs. I suggest you just name this page Taiwansese Drama without outrightly insulting the numerious masterpieces of Hong Kong drama and some Chinese drama that has been in creation. Note, if you don't know, don't include, don't pretend you know.

ToBtrue 6 years ago

I think that taiwanese drama 'the rose' should be no.1 comparing to other dramas, this is an original drama. Be it the emotions or structure , this drama has it. But that's just my opinion though. But I do recommend it to everyone who is bored during their time :) i'm sure it will be a tear-jerking , heart-wrenching and SWEET drama :D it had me hooked and I've watch it 5 times!! But in the end , remember that everyone have a different taste.

shinta 6 years ago

fated to love u, prince of frog, my lucky star, and autumn's concerto are all the best. but there's still another one that u all can't missed. it's my queen. oh i love it. it tell us some reality, that love and believed are very important for couple, especially in case of woman is older than her couple, which in my country and my family too, that kind of romance is not commonly allowed yet. there are many problems that must be solved to hang in ur couple's hand and both of u have to change ur attitude then sacrify for another. what a very nice drama story. make sure do not missed it and u all will know what sacrify that i mean.

Flower123 6 years ago

Why don't mention the Autumn's Concerto?I think Autumn's Concerto is the best taiwanese drama i had ever watched.

Krishayola06 6 years ago

Return of the Condor Heroes is the best...........I have never watched any Asian or American drama as good as this,.Not only that they made a great casting,they also had a superb fight scenes!!! I can say that this is the best bec. I have watched some of the above selections though they are great but still I can say that R.O.C.H is still the best.........

Guys you better watch it,and I can assure you would soon agree with me!! Liu yifei you are the best!

1. R.O.C.H

2. Endless Love; Autumn in my heart

3. Full House

xXArron 6 years ago

Ehh!! You guys should watch the new drama Love Buffet . It only has two episodes because it is currently airing. It airs on every Sunday at 22:00. The actors are also VERY cute because its Calvin and Arron from Fahrenheit !!!

Its about this girl name Xiao Feng whose life is turned upside down because of two guys who move into her house, on the second floor. There names are Da Ye (Calvin) and Ah Ye (I think.. but its Arron

syahliza 6 years ago

where can i find storm riders drama series

payangxiong 6 years ago

I really love your list! These are some really wonderful Chinese/Taiwanese dramas that are top on my list!

HELEN 5 years ago


PETER 5 years ago

yo Hi My SweetHeart should be in here the best 1 here

josephine 5 years ago

mars is the best. you can feel true love when you watch it.

hannah 5 years ago

I really liked devil beside you and why why love. Also bull fighting and mvp valentine are taiwanese series i can suggest that are really addicting.. I haven't watched fated to love you but because of the good reviews about it I guess I'll watch it as soon as I can.. I have only watched Mishievous Kiss which is the Korean version of It started with a kiss and I find it addicting, i think I have to watch it started t with a kiss also hehe... thanks for the suggestions

ANGEL 5 years ago

I have seen all these Drama's and I have to say Mars was absolutely the best out of this list. I mean it won awards because it was soo good!! There was no stupid love triangle, which I find happens a lot in Asian Dramas. The Female character was excellent, and she wasn't potrayed as some silly girl like i see in a lot of Asian dramas. Her character was so realistic that i actually could relate to her character even though I live on another continent! That's what i call good acting. It Started With a Kiss was a really good series, but as a woman, it was really hard for me to watch it. It was really well acted and i will recommend it, but as a woman you might fast forward very embarassing scenes! LOL

Emily  5 years ago

Fated to love you!!! I am deeply in love with that movie! its so cute!

L. Spikes profile image

L. Spikes 5 years ago from Florida

Just found English dubs online for first 28 episodes of the 2010 "Three Kingdoms." I'm excited. Been waiting for this.

gheghe 5 years ago

i love autumn concerto....d'best so far!!!!!!

Moonlight_aura 5 years ago

Fated to love you is awesome!! So is: It started with a kiss, romantic princess, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (Hana-Kimi), Fated to love you, Mars, Meteor Garden, Tokyo Juliet, Devil Beside You and Why why love!!! I love Mike He and Wu Chun!

mallow_21 5 years ago

devil beside you should be the first!!!

hope devil beside you has a part 2!!!

love devil beside you!!

21 5 years ago

devil beside you must have their part 2...miss you mike he and rainie yang!!! let's vote for devil beside you and hope for devil beside you part 2!!


Jaem 5 years ago

you forgot to include autumn's concerto dude. before iswak is my no. 1. but after watching AC, i think AC's the best. i can say that the story is unique and vanness, ady and xiao bin did a great job. two thumbs up for AC!

trixie 5 years ago

FATED TO LOVE YOU must be the #1 in the list :)) but no doubt with "it started with a kiss" .Ü that show was really great ,same with "they kiss again" .IHeartTaiwaneseShows :D

marj 5 years ago

AUTUMN'S CONCERTO is the best!!!

it is simply great......

Jaem 5 years ago

No offense, i just watched the fated to love you last week and sad to say that they disappoint me. i've read a lot of good comments regarding that series but i guess i expected too much. i hate it when they lost the baby. it's entertaining though. many funny moments. Autumn's Concerto is still in my no. 1 spot followed by ISWAK and TKA.

jacella 5 years ago

DOWN WITH LOVE would be the best for me!!!

Dashing Girl 5 years ago

I think Devil Beside You should be in the top of this list

kchan 5 years ago

autumn's concerto should be on the list!!!! but i also like fated to love you... kyaaaahhh!!!

blacklatina 5 years ago

THE BEST IS "MARS"...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT,!!!!!

adiel 5 years ago

I love you so, also called autumn concerto by vaness wu and andy an is one of the best telenovela I've seen so far besides It started with a kiss. I keep repeating some scenes over and over again.

floren 5 years ago

FATED TO LOVE YOU is the best for me until is still the highest rated taiwanese drama of all time..i love joe chen and her team up with ethan ruan is so amazing..they are so comfortable with each other and very convincing as a couple..i wish that they will collaborate again..

Emmalee 5 years ago

... why isn't momo love on the list? and autumn concerto.. but the rest of those dramas are pretty good.. especially the ones with farenheit in them.. everyone should watch the KO one series.. you will be SO addicted.. like i was! GO JIRO AND AARON! oh yea and for any dong chen wei fans, they're in it too!

eigram28 5 years ago

i love AUTUMN'S CONCERTO, a very inspiring story... love vanness wu and ady... a must see drama...

summer 5 years ago

SMILING PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so cute and sweet! :D

Shell 5 years ago

Hi my Sweetheart should up there! everyone should watch it. Its so cute and sad.

noname 5 years ago

lover of the condor hero is the best boring in the beggining but it is true worth to watch. love lui yi fie in this series

kip 5 years ago

love buffet is amazing!!

and my lucky star!!!

smiling pasta, momo love, autums concerto, fall in love,

Ge-Ann Canabal 5 years ago

WHoooH! I so love everyone who commented here! Im a certified asianovela addict... but nothing else can be compared to IT STARTED WITH A KISS part 1 and 2, BROWN SUGAR MACCHIATO, METEOR GARDEN and HANA KIMI, but still im looking forward to the best ever.. :-)

jaen p. 5 years ago


..............SO MUCH.............

LOVE U ALL,..........,.........,,,,,,,,,,,,,...........

YRETW-AN 5 years ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE.........HA........DEVIL BESIDE U!!!!!!!!!!THE COLOR OF HIS T-SHIRT IS BLACK....

YRETW-AN 5 years ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE.........HA........DEVIL BESIDE U!!!!!!!!!!THE COLOR OF HIS T-SHIRT IS BLACK....

junaihdah 5 years ago

........... HANA KIMI, THE BEST...................................

.............WU CHUN IS SO CUTE...............

junaihdah 5 years ago

........... HANA KIMI, THE BEST...................................

.............WU CHUN IS SO CUTE...............

Edna 5 years ago

Let's not 4get meteor garden, its phenomenal" i just like very few taiwanese drama and the best was still meteor garden.. Marmalade boy is good and Mars. Obviously im a fan of f4..

macie 5 years ago

The best dramas i have ever seen are I do, Fall in love, My lucky star, My bratty princess, brown sugar macchiato, fated to love you, love queen, corner with love, endless love, hi my sweetheart, miss no good, silence, romantic princess, priness pearl season 1 + 2, Single Princesses and Blind Dates, hui jia de you huo, and so on

babylove 5 years ago

my best drammas: like almost evryone here, autumn's concerto should definitely be on the liisst. its simplly the besst. YOU WILL LOOOVVVVEEEE XIAO XIAO BIN IN THIS DRAMA. itss soooooo cuuttee, sadd, fuunny annd adorable. it has a mixture of everythinngs. it maddeee me cryyy soooo badddllllyy. no drama nor manga nor movie has made me cry this muchh.i also think that fated to love deserved a much higher rank than what's given here. its deffinattely one of th bst and my second favorite.froog priince is also rlly good. and also thx for your suggestions. im planning to watch lucky star soon.

bels 5 years ago lucky star is the best

shane 5 years ago

fated to love u and it started with a kiss...LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!tg

Connie 5 years ago

It freaking pisses me off whenever people group Taiwan with China or Hong Kong with China. They each have their own cultures and so you can't say that they're the same. Also, there are enough dramas in Taiwan to make a list of the top ten, as proven here. China also has tons of dramas that are good and so does Hong Kong. It's misleading, inaccurate and lazy when people group Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China into one.

All women here 5 years ago

?The Outsiders?

kris she 5 years ago

hana kimi cute....




love it....


charex 5 years ago

i love you jiro wang 5 years ago

ISWAK AND HANA KIMI is the best~!!!!!


jammy 5 years ago

Ahh...I think Fated to Love You should be higher up the list! It is funny, full of drama and has a proper twist in the middle of the story.

Also, Hi My Sweetheart should be on the list! This drama is full of both heartwarming and heartbreaking feels as if you're on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Plus great acting from both Rainie Yang and Show Luo. Highly recommend get watching!

Sue,USA 5 years ago

Autumn's Concerto--Two Thumbs up, better than Fated to Love You or ISWAK

Jingle 5 years ago

Hey if you're bored, I would recommend these drama! They are so sweet and awesome dramas. Just simply love it! You will love it too if you like to see true love story that has sadness in it too~

- My Lucky Star (Sweet love)

- Autumn Concerto (Touching love)

- Material Queen (Nice storyline. Just finished uploading this week)

- Lavender (Touching love too)

- Boys over flower ( Korean version of meteor garden)

- ??????????????? ( China version of meteor garden. But it is somehow modified and it is really sweet and nice love story)

- Return of the Condor Heroes

- ????

- Devil beside you

- Summer desire

Ok, I shall watch Mars since there are so many good comments about it.

Jingle 5 years ago

Hey if you're bored, I would recommend these drama! They are so sweet and awesome dramas. Just simply love it! You will love it too if you like to see true love story that has sadness in it too~

- My Lucky Star (Sweet love)

- Autumn Concerto (Touching love)

- Material Queen (Nice storyline. Just finished uploading this week)

- Lavender (Touching love too)

- Boys over flower ( Korean version of meteor garden)

- ??????????????? ( China version of meteor garden. But it is somehow modified and it is really sweet and nice love story)

- Return of the Condor Heroes

- ????

- Devil beside you

- Summer desire

Ok, I shall watch Mars since there are so many good comments about it.

tweety 5 years ago

1. autumn concerto

2. fated to love you

Rohini 5 years ago

M an indian nd i rly rly luv korean nd taiwanese dramas.... For me da best unforgetable dramas are





Nd i must say kim hyun joong, vaness wu,mike he, jiro wang,lee min ho are da most charming nd handsumn actors...

Smiling pasta ws ok kind of..nd i hate hana kimi...frankly speakin t'ws boring...

lisa 5 years ago

hi my sweetheart should be hea..NO.ONE!!!

AND toGETher..

AND boys over girls..

And momo love..

AND Proposal daisakusen!

icicle 5 years ago

Yeah mars is a very good show..


In time with you!!! Newest show by ariel lin ;)

Frog prince(pure cuteness!)

My lucky star

Autumns concerto

Devil beside you

Silence(made me cry like shit)

hi my sweetheart

And moreeeee....

Sunset 5 years ago

ISWAK and TKA is the best :):)

Shara 5 years ago

DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU! is the best taiwanese drama i really fell in love with for the first tym in mah entire life. JOSEPH CHANG is soooo fvckin hot with rainie yang.

nana unay 5 years ago

it started with a kiss kahit paulit ulit mong panoorin hindi nkakasawa!!

Jenny 5 years ago

What a strange list! It's hardly representative of the drama genres to be a best of Chinese drama list. With the exception of Return of the Condor Heros, the list is entirely idol drama, which seems to occupy a large portion of Taiwanese dramas so it's no surprise the list is almost entirely Taiwanese. The major dramas from mainland China (I'm not too familiar with Hong Kong) are typically not idol dramas. It seems like the two non-Taiwanese dramas were included purely to fulfill the Chinese-drama-including-mainland-Taiwan-and-Hong-Kong requirement. Why not just make the list about Taiwanese drama instead? Also, listing Return of the Condor Heros as a drama title is hardly sufficient. There have been many productions of this story, based off Jin Yong's novel. In fact, Jin Yong's stories are so popular that they are remade basically every 5-10 years. To which version are you referring?

This list basically draws only from the romance/comedy genre, which would be okay as long as it is presented as such. As it is, however, the list is extremely biased and misleading. If you are interested in romance/comedy, why is Princess Returning Pearl not listed? It was so popular that it catapulted its

tricia 5 years ago

go go go it started im your no.1 fu her i the phil.

_crazy_apples_ 4 years ago

Devil Beside You is one of the most amazing Taiwanese dramas EVER MADE!!!!! I also really loved "Mischievous Kiss" and… I cant remember the name of it but it was the live-action vertion of " The Wallflower..." I think it was called Yamato …something... cant remember…anyhow I over these and think if you have not seen them yet you HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys over Flowers is also very good!!!

Mooseyfate 4 years ago

Sweet Relationship should have been included.

yessica 4 years ago

it started with a kiss and they kiss again were super! I look forward to a 3rd part!

Jadie 4 years ago

waaahhhhh!! i was not actually fanatic of dramass until i happened to watch ISWAK 1 & 2 and there it started my insanity of asianovelas particularly taiwanese dramas!! for me its ISWAK sequel the best among all of them ive watched.. and im, we here in the PHIL are patiently waiting for the part 3 of ISWAK!!!

fluoroscopic 4 years ago



to the moderator, please delete comments with such big spoilers! And to people who comment, please don't spoil us the joy of watching this shows by telling us what happens!

Vez 4 years ago

Currently watching In Time With You, with Ariel Lin and some other guy. It's very clever. boring, interesting and sweet at the same time.

HuiMing 4 years ago

HI MY SWEETHEART should be in the list too. its wont dissappointed you.

CdnChic 4 years ago

I have been watching Korean dramas for about 2 years now. I am now venturing into Japanese and Taiwanese. I found Love Keeps Going and Autumns Concerto bearable to watch. Hot male leads really did help alot! I agree that ISWAK should be first. Another thing I noticed about Taiwanese drama was that female leads are somewhat dumb and plays victim all the time. But has good heart and willing to take on the world for people she loves for whatever price she has to pay for it.

marjorie 4 years ago

para sa akin ang pinakamagandang taiwanese drama ay: shot lucky star

3.autumn concerto

4.rolling love started with a kiss

6.fated to love you

7.frog prince

8.devil beside you

9.corner with love

10.they kiss again

lilee125 4 years ago

in my opinion the best taiwanese drama is DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU! awesome story!

maili 4 years ago

whywhy love is the best taiwanese drama.But Drunken to love is funny too

silvia 4 years ago

want my comment, i love all Rainie Yang's drama. soooo awesome. hi my sweetheart, drunken to love you, why why love, sunshine angel, together, ohhh.... melting to see her act

miriam 4 years ago

1) recommended… i watched these…..meteor garden, it started with a kiss, devil beside you, my lucky star(quite very good), fated to love you, my queen(story of older women who have not gotten married yet), it started with a kiss 2(ariel lin wonas best actress in drama), down with love(ella and jerry yan), the fierce wife(unexpected dark horse but i enjoyed this), in time with you(for me, this is the best last year) for 2012…fondant garden and absolute boyfriend.

2) they said it is good….i haven’t watched these….. prince turned into a frog, hi,my sweetheart(rainie and show luo), black and white(vic zhou or zaizai starred in), my splendid life(jerry yan’s), autumn concerto (vanness), love you (rainie and joseph chang)

diana 4 years ago

The best chinese dramas I like that I have seen Is Butterfly lovers and Bu Bu Xing Jin :D

They are both ancient chinese dramas! and butterfly lovers is about a rich girl who dresses as a man to study being a scholar so she can get away from her mother who wants to maarry her with someone :) It is really intrestiing and is kind of similar to the korean drama called Sungkyunkuwan Scandal!

And bu bu xing jin is a bout a present day woman who gets hit by a car and her soul travels to the body of an ancient chinese girl who lived with her sister that was married with the 8th prince :D it is one of the best chinese dramas I have ever seen!

Joan 4 years ago

Autumn's concerto!!

jazmin 4 years ago

I really loved 100 days with Mr.Arrogant (:

It was the first drama i ever watched && i loved it!

Cerena 4 years ago

Omg!! I'm a Jiro fan too!! :)

Kerry 4 years ago

lol.. The Devil Beside Me was too over the top for me.. Mike He or whatever his name is creeps the fuck out of me when he does that grin.. And Rainie has too much of an overthetop act going.. It's just not.. realistic.

I prefer mainland china dramas like tian-mi-mi.

hello kitty 4 years ago

Brown Sugar Macciato should be on here

boo 4 years ago

Hi my sweetheart!

boo 4 years ago

and Extravagant Challenge!!!

Jen 4 years ago

Brown Sugar Macchiato is great for a feel-good story about youth and lots of humour and eye candies. Not serious at all and pretty funny. But my all-time top Taiwanese drama is Fated to Love You and Autumn's Concerto. :D BEST! Don't really like Meteor Gardens because I watched the first episode recently and the fashion during that era made me cringe and the acting wasn't as stellar as its' Korean counterpart. Down With Love is great too, with plenty of cute storylines. Romantic Princess is very classy and beautifully done, very cute! But I especially enjoy the K.O series (K.O One, X-Family, K.O.3anguo). It was funny and stress free and lame and filled with lots of bromance and romance and jokes and cool powers and weapons and hotness and high cool factor. Cool universe-travelling storyline, too! Black and White is intense and filmed like a movie. Detective-thriller drama, with lots of side stories and a huge controversy. Love the bromance especially.

Chinese drama: BU BU JING XIN

I am not a fan of historical drama and palace intrigue, but this one caught and reeled me in. It was THAT great. Beautiful acting, great cast and great storyline. Not to mention the amount of eye candies it has. Love it!

dagr 3 years ago

Black & White or bust!

Delilah 3 years ago

If you are looking for a silly drama, then the dramas listed are for you. If you want to look for a less empty drama, I high recommend Autumn Concerto.

zhuang 3 years ago

try "wo ai wo fu wo ai zi" 2006 taiwan drama, it have many very touching scenes. the most touching drama i ever saw. recommended for drying your tears. plis bring a lot of tissue if you plan to watching. lol

... 3 years ago

most of the drama on this list are taiwanese dramas, there actually actually alot of good mainland chinese dramas too you know

Ysa 3 years ago


K.O. Fan 3 years ago

KO series! I have watched them so many times! happy to have the third part :)

K.O. Fan 3 years ago

The third part of KO One, I meant.. had to correct :)

Mad 2 years ago

WHERE THE HELL IS HUAN ZHU GE GE. WHERE THE HELL IS ROMANCE IN THE RAIN. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE NON-IDOL DRAMAS. This list is so biased toward Taiwanese dramas that it makes me laugh. Talk about not knowing anything about what you're talking about.

laura 2 years ago

I think the best Taiwanese shows are devil beside you, meteor garden, hi my sweetheart.

From Korean dramas I love boys over flowers, princess hours, coffee prince, the heirs, heartstrings ,My gentleman's dignity, playful kiss and much more.

I think RAINIE YANG and MIKE HE are adorable .Hope to see them together again.

Love to see LEE MIN HO and PARK SHIN HYE again after the show

heirs they look cute together

China Abarquez 21 months ago

I've had watched 8 Out of 10 on the list. If talking about the best, then I choose It Started With A Kiss. Though I also like Meteor Garden but I love ISWAK until now. The story, the cast, the kilig "sweet" moments and everything about ISWAK.

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