Best Zombie Movies

Zombies Will Improve Any Movie

What's not to love about zombies! They are not just mindless, flesh-eating, brain-loving cadavers, they are much more, unlike any other movie monster, Zombies have no agenda, no evil plans -in fact they have no plans at all. You know exactly what they are going to do - walk up to you and eat you. They are fearless, ugly and smelly. They just want some brains.

You can kill them without any guilt - they are already dead. They don't scream out in pain, or beg for you not to shoot them, they really don't care.

I have long believed that there is hardly a movie made that could not have been improved with at least a couple of zombies.

  • Titanic - Trapped on a cruise liner with flesh eating zombies
  • Steel Magnolias - Who wouldn't want to see some zombies in this one
  • Rocky - Forget punching sides of beef, try punching the undead
  • Smoky and The Bandit - Zombie sheriff chasing the Bandit.
  • Shakespeare In Love - If he was such a genius, how come none of his plays have zombies?

Still not convinced, try this. Think of the latest movie you saw that was a complete waste of your time and money. Now imagine this movie with nice horde of flesh eating zombies. Did it put a smile on your face, of course it did.

Until they remake these movies into worthwhile zombie movies, here are my favorite zombie movies of all time.

Night of the Living Dead

Want to watch a truly creepy movie that will get under your skin and keep you up at night. The grandaddy of all zombie movies. Night of the Living Dead, directed by George A. Romero, is a horror masterpiece and the first of five of his "Dead" movies. This low budget horror changed the way movies are made, and still one of the scariest movies I have seen. Black and white, B-movie special effects, yet the constant threat of death and symphony of tension will have you catching your breath. As a matter of fact , the Library of Congress placed it on the National Film Registry as a film deemed "historically, culturally or aesthetically important".

The plot goes something like this, a group of seven unlikely strangers, trapped in a boarded up rural house surrounded by flesh eating zombies, the story and situational horror, not the special effects or gore is what sold this classic horror movie. Still one of the best horror movies of any genre.

Dawn of the Dead

Zombies are now elevated to the level of social satire, and they are still just as creepy. Besides being George Romero's attack on crass commercialism, it's an outright scary sequel to Night of the Living Dead. Many thought the original was just too good for a sequel, but this 1997 zombie movie is a classic in its own right. if the original movie let the Walking Dead out of their tombs, this horror classic gave zombies the keys to the kingdom. Laying down all the rules for a Zombie Apocalypse and how to survive it.


It seems that for some reason Dawn of the Dead kept surpassing expectation with the 2004 remake! Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley star in this updated version of Dawn of the Dead. The movie throws you immediately into the horror/gore, and right from the onset of the opening credits you know that this film is no satirical statement. Sarah Polley plays a nurse who wakes up one morning to find herself in the middle of a nightmare...only, it's not merely a nightmare but a waking reality of living dead cannibilistic zombies. One added ingredient has been added to the zombie genre in this fright-fest - zombies can run! How awesome is that!

The Return of the Living Dead
The Return of the Living Dead

Zombies can be funny too.


Return of the Living Dead

Re-animated corpses, swearing, blood & gore, full-frontal female nudity, hilarious satire on American pop culture, and of course the Tar-man-what more could a horror fan ask for? . This movie is certainly one of the best zombie movies of all times, it is also the only one of the "Living Dead" franchise that is not from George A. Romero. Dan Obannon really did a great job when he wrote this,and something special happened with this film.  It is a different kind of zombie movie, trying to be equal parts horror movie and comedy, it make sense and it works great.

This is really an 80s classic,I don't see this as a B movie, it is an excellent film, better than most blockbusters now. This is also the first movie to educate us that zombies are really after your brains. A mandatory addition to any serious zombie collection.

The Best of Tar Man

Zombies on Amazon


Zombie (Also known as Zombi 2) a straight-out adventure story that ends in a horrific, apocalyptic nightmare. The plot is fairly straightforward, and more or less exists simply as a structure to hang scenes of extreme gore and terror on. Dr. Bowles's boat floats into New York Harbor missing its crew and carrying an undead passenger. Zombie quickly became a worldwide sensation and more than twenty years later is still one of the most graphically depraved shockers in horror history.

Originally considered by critics as simply a cheap Dawn of the Dead rip off, When "Dawn of the Dead" was released in Italy, it was released under the name "Zombi" in Italy. Zombies or "Zombi 2" was written before Dawn of the Dead and was supposed to be Titled Zombi as well. So rather than call it "Zombi" again, they stuck on a "2," making it seem like a sequel, and hoping maybe to cash in on the name recognition. Lucio Fulci's Zombie is actually an over the top gorefest that has become a classic among fans over the years. Featuring some of the most realistic looking zombies ever to be seen on film, they're rotting and decomposing and look brilliantly disgusting.

Shaun of The Dead

 Shaun of the Dead plays perfectly on two levels — it's a clever comedy, but disguised as a fun, dumb horror flick. A movie made to delight, and even accidentally enlighten, both the living and the dead.

Shaun of the Dead manages to be both the best comedy and the best horror that I´ve seen in ages. This is action-packed zombie movie gore-fest. It is rare that I get this excited about a film and go to see it to find that it is even better than I had hoped.

The film stars and was co-written by Simon Pegg and he does a fantastic job. Edgar Wright is the co-writer and director. Together they have created a hiliarious send up of the zombie genre.  What I loved best is that they were able to create a  absolutely hysterical zombie movie while maintaining a loving respect for zombies and zombie movies.  At times scary and mostly side-splitting, this is instant classic zombie movie and a must have film for your zombie collection.

Resident Evil Trilogy

As if zombies aren't cool enough, let's add some science-fiction and hot looking girls with guns. Loosely based on a series of video games, the Resident Evil trilogy is truly some mindless, flesheating fun. Starring several action Heroines, Milla Jovovich(5th element) in the lead role as Alice, the gun toting, genetically enhance killing machine. Resident Evil movies also star Michelle Rodriguez(Lost), Ali Carter(Heroes), Sienna Guillory(Love Actually).  All these women tough as nails, and they look great with strapped with a machinegun.

It all begins with the deadly T-virus which has escaped the Umbrella Corporation's underground controlled environment and infected the outside world. There are few who can remain alive in such a hostile atmosphere where nature has reclaimed her own and flesh hungry zombies seek the warm lifeblood of the living. Earth is desolate. The entire planet shown is now a barren Necropolis and our existence is over. . . or is it?

Zombie Strippers

 Hey! how'd this get in here?

Emergency Backpacks for the Pending Zombie Apocalypse

If you are not prepared for a zombie apocalypse, then shame on you.  You should buy and emergency backpack and keep it next to your shotgun and wooden stakes (just in case).  You will definitely need a zombie survival backpack while you are holed up waiting for national guard to come rescue you.

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Adam B 7 years ago

Hey, I actually did a review of zombie strippers, I thought it was a fun movie. Here are some other great zombie movies:

Undead, Planet Terror & how could you forget 28 Days Later?

Also that new movie Zombieland looks freeking awsome!

Adam B 7 years ago

Oh also, there is a movie coming out which does exactly what you had suggested which is put a zombie in an existing movie. The movie is called "Pride & Prejuduce & a Zomie.'s happening.

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago Author

Zombie Strippers, you're right I hear it actually better than it deserves to be. Planet terror - it was ok, I guess I'd give in an honorable mention. 28 days, I thought is was a great, fantastic movie - but since they were not technically "zombies" I left it out. But if it looks like a zombie, acts like a zombie and bites like a zombie....

Yeah I heard of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I have not read it but the idea is great (even though I thought of it first). I did not know they are making a movies out of it too. The book has become a runaway bestseller, which just goes to prove, adding zombies makes books better too.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

Great hubpage and all of them zombie films deserve a mention, zombie strippers is one of them classics that was just great, although I really liked Shaun Of The Dead the best!

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

I love zombie movies. But, I must admit, I HATE fast zombies! I had a lot of fun reading this. :D

imadork profile image

imadork 7 years ago from St. Peters, MO

Dead Alive (aka Braindead) is a must-see zombie movie too. Also, it is possibly THE goriest movie of all time!

Forest_Parks profile image

Forest_Parks 7 years ago from Cairo, Egypt

Ha ha ha, This comment made my week

"If he was such a genius, how come none of his plays have zombies?".

Great list. Personally I think the original b&w Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days & Weeks Later and Shaun of the Dead top the best movie list.

cynical1 profile image

cynical1 7 years ago from phoenix arizona

love the zombie movies, great hub!! night of the living dead scared the hell out of me when i saw it years ago. couldn't sleep...ive seen all of the ones you mention and they are indeed classics. how about adding chopper chicks in zombie town heheheheh.

super... 7 years ago

i didn't rly like the movie " braindead" but the rest of ur list was pretty good ...and i am also looking forward to the new zombie movie "zombie land" and 28 days and 28 weeks l8r rnt rly zombie movies because it is a virus called rage..not actuall zombies?? am i right ?

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago Author

28 days creatures were not "zombies" according according to the story line, but they are so similar - They may as well be.

I did not add the 28 days/weeks to the list because they were not technically zombies, otherwise they'd definitely be on the list. I have not seen braindead (I plan to), I was re-watching the Dawn of the Dead remake yesterday - it is still a great zombie movie!

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago Author

28 days creatures were not "zombies" according according to the story line, but they are so similar - They may as well be.

I did not add the 28 days/weeks to the list because they were not technically zombies, otherwise they'd definitely be on the list. I have not seen braindead (I plan to), I was re-watching the Dawn of the Dead remake yesterday - it is still a great zombie movie!

Hoop-A-Joo profile image

Hoop-A-Joo 7 years ago from Los Angeles

Nice hub and you mentioned about Resident Evil Trilogy. I loved that movie with various reasons, awesome action and adventure movie. Cool soundtracks too.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

I'm more into vampires but I did like Legend it was o.k but mostly vampires does it for me.

MovieGuruOnline profile image

MovieGuruOnline 7 years ago from Ohio

Nice Hub, i too am a Zombie Nut! Any George A Romero Movie is the best. 28 Days Later is good too but i dont consider those zombies.

Closer Darkness 7 years ago

i think the word 'zombie' have come to cover all 'zombie'

types. infected, dead brought back to life or whatever.

they are all the same masses in 1000's kill all livings to feed, for fun, to make more zombies or just becuse they got nothing better to do! but so far my favorite (zombie) movie is i am legend. i just think its (kind of) more serious.

still i like most zombie movies- some are just funny, stupid and too un serious.. and then theres movies like Resident Evil Trilogy they are good but so are most zombie movies..

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 7 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

i just can't get pass the whole cannibal thing to get into zombies,but zombie strippers what next zombie chiefs.....good hub none the less

cynical1 profile image

cynical1 7 years ago from phoenix arizona

what about the new zombieland film, looks pretty goood, has some good actors in it-cant compete with woody harrelson lol. i think though they eventually will have to make the zombies scary again and not the jokes or comedy movies. while they are still terrifying in comedys, someone needs to write a horror movie where the zombies become semi intelligent but still have their need for flesh- id like to see that fight with the humans. not like the ones in the land of the dead, but zombies who can at least think and plan. that would be an interesting movie.

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago Author

It definitely looks like a great zombie movie. I glad for Woody, he hasn't had much luck in films lately, but this one seems really funny. I hope it's as good as the trailers make it seem.

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

I am a fan of the Resident Evil films. Zombie Strippers? it is the first time I see that one, it looks like a fun film LOL

gamerjon profile image

gamerjon 7 years ago

Zombie stripper seems to be very interesting, there are so many female zombies in this movie. Gonna watch it.

jellydonut25 profile image

jellydonut25 7 years ago from Buffalo, NY

What about Braindead (aka Dead Alive?) GREAT zombie film, especially if you're into splatter-fests.

tranndee profile image

tranndee 7 years ago

I just watched Return of the Living Dead the other night and that movie holds up! It was great--no B movie. Great zombie movie list you have.

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago Author

ROTLD - Still my favorite as well..but I haven't seen zombieland yet

Sequoia 6 years ago

I love a good zombie list, but I think you've forgotten some of the best flicks out there:

The Evil Dead series (2 is my favorite)--teens turned flesh eating zombies while secluded in the woods... classic

sibajar profile image

sibajar 6 years ago Author

I got zombieland on blu-ray, I have my review shortly

2besure profile image

2besure 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

I like the old zombie movies, where they could not get you, unless you were stupid enough to fall down. Now they run as fast as you do. Scary!

sibajar profile image

sibajar 6 years ago Author

Zombieland was a great zombie movie. Bill Murray was great. It's more in the zombie/comedy category like "Shaun of the Dead" It has the more modern "running zombies" The rules for surviving a zombie apocalypse were very funny, and useful, y'know just in case...

hopie 6 years ago

i know some some zombie movies:

dusk to dawn

night of the living dead

return of the living dead

dawn of the dead

residential evil

zombie land

dead and breakfast

JayEmmAre 6 years ago

You said that you did not consider "28" to be zombies because it is a virus. Yet you included Resident Evil. T Virus anyone?

sibajar profile image

sibajar 6 years ago Author

JayEmmAre: You are right "T-Virus", not technically zombies, but Resident evil has the whole - hot girls with guns, factor going for it, so it's included.

massacre 6 years ago

the best zombie movie for me is resident evil 1,2 & 3!! am i right???

sibajar profile image

sibajar 6 years ago Author

Action packed, hot girls with guns and flesh eating zombies. Resident evil is truly a great zombie movie series!

Betty 6 years ago

Yea, the Resident Evil quadrology (1, 2, 3, 4) is sooo awesome! I'm not really a fan of horror movies, but these ones were incredible. Great storyline, cool characters (and actors, of course) and nice effects & zombies!

seedyuk 5 years ago from UK

Later Resident Evil Films are getting a bit lame IMO! Dawn of the dead original is definitely the best of all time it's number 1 in my top 10 list;

Jennifer 5 years ago

I am a big zombie movie fan i like most of them but by favorate two has to be the dawn of the dead remake and zombieland

pls4sc7 5 years ago

everyone r u insane?planet terror, braindead - must see?!?!?! wtf?!?!? worst movies ever!!!!!

what about 28 weeks later, Quarantine, Resident Evil ( only the first movie ), Dawn of the Dead ( not the original ), The walking Dead ( the series 1 season so far but the second is coming up ) and so on.

The worst movies evrer: Braindead, Planet terror, Land of the Dead, Dead Snow,... well actually there are not so many good films about zombies :(

ZacAttack 9 months ago

Dawn of the Dead (original and definitely remake) are tops in my mind. I agree resident evil started out great and fading FAST in last couple. For those starved for a solid zombie movie u can check out "the horde". I believe It's in French (haven't seen it in years). Also of note, world war z was a MAJOR letdown. Oh well

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