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Beyonce Knowles pic

Beyonce and Etta James

Beyonce plays Etta James in the Hollywood movie "Cadillac Records" which has created a lot of noise recently. Etta James was quoted saying "I can't stand Beyonce" while sexy Beyonce had professed her admiration for Etta James as a great music icon. At the first dance of Barack and Michelle Obama at an inaugural ball, Beyonce preformed the classic song "At Last" originally performed by Etta James. Etta James claims this is her song and Beyonce had no business singing it. Note that Beyonce had sung this song "At Last" many times before. Beyonce Knowles is a sexy talented and beautiful actress who has scored 10 grammy awards while Etta James has only 3 grammy awards. After Beyonce performed this song in this high profile event, a celebrity catfight had ignited grabbing a lot of attention from the press. Etta James is about 71 years old now and is picking up a fight with none other than our favorite Beyonce Knowles. This Beyonce vs Etta James celebrity feud had garnered more headlines than any other like the recent freakout by Christian Bale in the shooting of Terminator Salvation movie. I will write  a separate hub on that topic with more details soon. Most of the pics on this page belong to beautiful Beyonce and if you want to see the bigger version of the pictures click on the small picture. A new window will be opened with the high quality high resolution picture of Beyonce. Perhaps you are thinking of getting a wallpaper to be used on your desktop as a decoration.

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Beyonce Knowles wallpaper

Etta James At Last by Beyonce

 "At Last" is a classic performed by Etta James. Etta James had trouble maintaining stability due to her drug related problems. Etta was so obese she weighed about 400 pounds. She was not able to move easily and needed some assistance like a wheelchair for movement. However, she underwent a surgery and got rid of over 200 lbs.

Beyonce Vs Etta James had undoubtedly gathered unneeded publicity which probably was Etta wanted. Beyonce Knowles is a talented and gorgeous singer actress who has recently played the role of Etta James in the 2008 movie Cadillac Records. More over, Beyonce was one of the executive producers of that movie which did not do well at the box office. Beyonce earned two Golden Globe nominations one for best actress in the movie Cadillac Records and other for the Best Original Score. While Etta James was a well respected figure among all time female singers, even Christina Aguilera has said that Etta James was her idol and that she grew up listening to her songs.

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Etta James pic
Etta James pic

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Beyonce wallpaper

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Beyonce Knowles playing Etta James At Last

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alexis 5 years ago

your article is so biased. why are you comparing the success of the two (and its clear your trying to make beyonce seem far more successful) when etta was an artist in a different time period (the time where racism was overt and okay...even though today some of that still exists. and weight has nothing to do with talent.

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