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newface 6 years ago Author

A high school love story, bhalobhasha.kom revolves around love, friendship, commitment and career woes which form an integral part of everybody's growing up years. It traces the journey of teenagers Tora, Om and Tweet and their friends Hamptu, Baptu and Funny and presents various facets of life from the perspective of an 18-year-old. It reflects how definition of values, dynamics of relationships and concept of love has evolved with time.

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cupid51 6 years ago from INDIA

Write good hubs which might have some content or photographs. You can write anything short stories, poem, travelogue, reviews anything which attracts some readers. Looking forward for good staffs.

pampa 6 years ago

I love

Arijit 6 years ago


I miss u because I am in Bangalore.

pooja 6 years ago

hey gals just stay away aayush is only mine and bye the way his real name is Shaan

Seema Chatterjee 6 years ago

Saw the 19th and 20th episode of, evrybdy is so good..spcial credit to the milky white cute ayush..such a dashing actor, he is undoubtedly the best looking and an intense actor..keep up..all the best to entire team, tore's mother is also deserves special mention..

Arpita dutta 6 years ago

Hello everyone, myself Arpita from Midnapore, I like this serial, but the person playing the character of Om is so dull!!He doesn't have a single sense of acting! How can a channel like star jalsa promote him as a lead character? The other person who is would be Tora's husband is acting so good, even Tora acts so well. I myself is a teacher of arts so I feel I should express my feelings. Otherwise it is a good serial to watch.

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newface 6 years ago Author

can we expect a song sequence shortly?

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newface 6 years ago Author

Congratulations to Madhubani(Tora) for being nominated in best actors category(Anandalok Award) in tv.....also the total team of Bhalobasha.kom for being nominated in best tv serial category too.Keep up the good work.

Debasis 6 years ago

I love this serial

natasha 6 years ago

Best wishes for Tora on her nomination for the Anandalok award.... I personally believe she is the most deserving actor in this category. She has excellent acting skill and sense of proportion in expressing various moods and she has got a very fresh look.

animesh 6 years ago

Absolutely ur right. Tora is a natural actor,she doesn't need to exert in crunch situation...every reaction and expression comes up very naturally yet so intense.She had been subjected to very tough situations but she has handled them with equal ease and in a believable way....thts the hallmark of an inborn actor. She looks so young but acts so matured. Indeed a star has arrived. congrats.

sabita 6 years ago

Serial ta besh bhalo lagche ekhon,tan tan uttejona dhore rekheche.Onek nam kora abhineta abhinetri achen ei seril-e....tara to bhalo korchen obossoi individual role-r upor justice kore kintu obak kore diyeche Tora.Ek kothai oshadharon...bhison sabolil and buddhidipto abhinoy aar expression to tulona nei.Onekdin por ekjon bhalo abhinetri pelam amra.

Abani Bhattacharjee 6 years ago

darun...darun hochhe serial ta.Abhinandan janai sabaike.Aar nabagata Tora ke janai ashirbad ar shubechha...khub bhalo kore cholecho,tumi amader pariberer mon joy kore niyecho.May God bless you.

Sonali sarkar 6 years ago

Hi, its a nice serial to watch, refreshing! But please change the lead character om, he acts so bad! But the person who is acting as ayush is really good, he should be the main lead, why you people are putting him in a negative shade? He is such a powerful actor, I like him. Dolon roy is doing a wonderful job! Please take actors who can perform not who behaves like a hero but actually is a zero!

Rimi Mukherjee 6 years ago

Just love this serial...all the characters rock....we hate Rajrekha but tht too her superb acting and role portrayal compels us to hate her...thts a huge credit to the actor concerned.Om and Tora are a loveable couple,Ayush,Funny too are's mom is brilliant....somehow at times i find similarities in expression and intensity between Tora and Sharmila.Both are excellent.Lastly the three member family i.e. Tora, his father and mother is a hit already.

Sangeeta Ghosh 6 years ago

I love watching this serial! Ayush and Tora are my favorite, he has such a intense eyes!Sometimes I feel Tora overacts, but still she is good, Om is also good but boddo stiff! Rajlekha is pure jatra ayush actually from US? His complexion compels me to think so.

Nilesh 6 years ago

Tora simply rocks,she's got an attitude with brain. It seems the story here is heading for an interesting turn. Happy Diwali to all

Pritha Sengupta 6 years ago

hi is simply wonderful and one of the most famous serials in star jalsa now.

The best I like are June malia,Churni and Dolon roy,They are all acting wonderfully.Superb !! Keep it up!

Abhishek 6 years ago

Guys rocks..saw today's episde, nic one...the lady interacting with ayush acts well, man ayush is damn good..he should try in hindi serials, of course if the guy knows in tollywood the actors are so bad in hindi..tora should gain some weight, tweet is hot man..and where is that srk copycat full of potholes on his face funny, he's really funny looking...lot of offense meant...

Nibedita Chatterjee 6 years ago

undoubtedly the best serial is now being aired and best wishes and compliments to all actors and associated creative personnel.Congrats to Tora, as a newcomer, for superbly portraying a difficult role.Om is improving and looking good with Tora.Ayush is doing justice to the role the way he's been cast Dolon,Shankar Chakraborty also pretty good.However another good song is overdue.

Sanghamitra ghosh 6 years ago

good serial, but i fail to understand why should a 18-yr girl be compelled for marriage? overall i feel ayush is an excellent actor, special mention for tora, she is doing a wonderful job, brinda is also good, but ayush steals the show, whenever he is on tv eyes just gets fixed on him, he should be seen in a song sequence

Ardhendu Roy 6 years ago

Today's episode, i.e 5th nov,is nice.Tora in her new look is so pretty and cute.Looking forward to see tomorrow.

Sanghamitra ghosh 6 years ago

Tweet always draws attention! She is not seen these days, is ayush going to marry tora? I also suggested earlier that ayush should be seen in a song sequence, please do so..we all want to see if he has the capability to do a romantic song!

AVIJIT 6 years ago

Uffffffffff..!!!!!! just fatafati jug jug jio "" & it's team.

Titli 6 years ago

Hi i'm from this serial.Tora is soooooooooo good....we all are fans of her.Best wishes to Tora.God bless.

Dona sinha 6 years ago


shinjini 6 years ago

Just loving the serial.Tora and Om will rock together. Tora is looking so good day by day. We all want Tora and Om to unite.......nooooooooooo way ayush.

Aparajita 6 years ago

Today saw Tora in ETV's telecast of Anandalok award prog. and given a short interview....she looked stunning and very beautiful. I just love Tora.

Brishti 6 years ago

Wow Madhubani's pic has come up in the recent issue of Anandalok magazine.She looks so nice.

Sabarna 6 years ago

ya seen Tora in TV on Anandalok award nite.Simply looked superb,best wishes to her for years to come

Subhra Ghosh 6 years ago

I like Tora, she is a good actress, frankly she looks more expressive when she is acting with ayush than with om, this serial should have received the best serial award, wish the team good luck for next year

Tapati 6 years ago

anandalok patrikai Torar chobi dekhla....darun darun darun.

Tora ke bhison bhalo lage.

Rikta 6 years ago

Tora looked so gorgeous in Anandalok.Surely a future star has arrived.

Rihana 6 years ago

Today's episode ta besh bhalo hoyeche and besh natokiyota ache.Tora di u look so real and so good. lots of love to u.

Preetam 6 years ago

Tora ke janai obhinandan,khub bhalo lage tomar obhinoy aar tomar attitude....always be honest to ur work.

sudeshna 6 years ago

undoubtedly the best serial now.I'm from Durgapur studying English(Hons), me and all friends of mine are die hard fans of TORA.She just rocks.

manasi 6 years ago

Lovely serial this is. Like tora too much, shes cool headed, firm, intelligent.

sudipta ganguly 6 years ago

ayush and tora looks so sweet together, he should marry tora, om doesn't match with tora, the aunt of ayush is so bad, ayush has changed a lot, he looks so good now, he was always good in acting but lookwise he is dashing now

Dhrubajit Banik 6 years ago

Tweet apnek kub kub ............... sundar lagchalo . Tweet "I LOVE YOU " .

Dhrubajit 6 years ago

Tweet HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.Ei natun bachar tumar balo jak.

Many many happy new year.

bhalobasa.Kom 6 years ago

good .

Abir 6 years ago

I love this serial very much... If tora does not wed om i will never enjoy bhalobasha.kom

Smita payne 6 years ago

Aayush is so misti chele! damn good looking with attitude, tora is lucky to have him, wish i could have ayush,,,too cute!

semanti 6 years ago

aajker one-hour episode darun hoyeche....aaj Tora just chokh diye acting korlo...bhaba jai na durdanto expressive look Torar. On the other hand, OM ke aaj bhison vilainish lagchilo. Tora ar or Babar sathe scene ta bhison touching.

Rupsa 6 years ago

Tora is too good. Superb acting and full of expressions. Eagerly waiting for turn of events.

Tannistha 6 years ago

Today's episode is nice. Om looked good in showing heroics to save Tora from the hands of goons. Tora, as usual, is brilliant in looks and acting as well.

ANINDITA 6 years ago


Romit 6 years ago

OMG todays's episode is just mindblowing....a great twist in eloping of Tora with Om.Feeling pity for hapless Ayush. But nuthin doing...thts the power of love.

Zinia 6 years ago

I've missed some episode.plz tell me the time of this serial.eta ki end hoye geche

Subha  6 years ago

The scene in which Ayush speaks with his mother is awesome! What a performance by Ayush! His real name is Shaan as I heard, but he is doing a wonderful job, tollywood must promote actors like him. He looks good, a powerful actor with amazing screen presence!

rajashree ghosh 5 years ago

I hate ayush. My favourite characters are om ,tora,tweet and tora;s pishi sashuri mother and father

Priyanka mukherjee 5 years ago

I see everyday since it started, I must say one character in your serial is too good, ayyush, I didn't like him initially but the way he has projected himself is really something to be acknowledged, I like him very much as an actor, recently saw him in tapur tupur serial, he has it man! What a performance! Long way to go ayyush or should I call Sreejath?..all the best

semanti 5 years ago

ayush ke amar khub bhalo lage o kothay thake or phone number ta ki pawa jabe

Dayal sen 5 years ago

Its no more rocking serial now, get some girl opposite ayush, he should leave Tora and get a new girl, and that girl must be better than Tora, look wise, frustrating to see that idiot ayush shouting over tora, get him a beautiful girl, but admit he is the the usp of, good acting

Rima 5 years ago

Hi,ami Rima. Durgapur e thaki. College student.Ami r ma ei serial er jonno puro pagol. Khub khub khub valo lage. Om r torar ei kosto r sojho hochena. Ayush r brindar upor khub rag hoi. Keno j ora eder valobasa k bujhchena? Om r tora khub valo couple. Ayush r brinda k ekdom valo lagena. Sangitar ma,baba,hamptu, funny,baptu,tweet,ekta eder role ki ses hoegelo? Om,tora,tweet,funny tomader sathe friendship korte khub icha ache. Plz jogajoger rasta bolbe?

Manasi 5 years ago

Ekhon serial ta darun jome utheche.Tora as usual just awesome.Khub bhalo obhinoy kore choleche Tora ar amar mone hoye bhison difficult aar complex role khub bhalobhabe portray korche Tora.Darun ekta photogenic beauty ache Torar modheye.Amader sob bondhura Torar bhison fan.Khub enjoy kori serialta.

Tirtha 5 years ago

Tora di serial ta tumi eka tene cholecho. Rocking performance tomar.Onek shuvechha janai and May God Bless u.

Ritabrata 5 years ago

Enjoying this serial very much.Tora is simply fantastic and doing a fine job in depicting her character here.Ayush,Om are also putting up nice performances.

anisha chatterjee 5 years ago

tora is the best.ayush should leave tora alone.anyway i think it is the best serial.

Rupsa Debnath 5 years ago

Ami ebong amar familyr sobar ei serial ta khub favourite.Om r Tora ke eksathe khub valo lage.....kintu Om ke ekhon khub rukhyo dekheche....but I just like Om very much!!!!!!!!!He is soooooo handsome.....& Tora is soooo smart....but Ayush ke khub baje lege...ekdom manay na oder majhe.

Ritika Saha 5 years ago

Kichudin age 1jon likheche j Om naki khub dul!! But se ki jane j Om er sobai pagol. Amder barir sobai om er boro fan. And Om khub valo acting kore. Borong ayush kei keu pochondo korena.

Dr.Arnab Mishra 5 years ago

Tora ur looking just fantastic in tomar preme pore gechi.WILL U MARRY ME?

Debasish 5 years ago


Indranil Mitra 5 years ago

I Love Bhalobasa. Com

RAJA GOSWAMI 5 years ago

hi everyone.this is om my real name is raja...thanx for watching

Ishita Ghosh 5 years ago

I love this serial...& also likeeee "OM"...& hate "Ayush"...

Ishita Ghosh 5 years ago

& TORA is sooooo cute...."OM & TORA"--made for each other....:)

Abdur 5 years ago

I like my favorite character om & tora.

dola nag 5 years ago dekhte boshle amar heart bit bere love sin gulo asadharon...tora k bow ar saje darun manai..sada sare lal par..darun...hi sweet om i m dola from bangladesh...vhalo theko..

ananya 5 years ago

ooof!I LUV U OOOOOM(raja)

srimata das 5 years ago

om & tora so so sweet.i like this serial.

Amrit 5 years ago

I Love Star Jalsha & Your Song

sohana chowdhury 5 years ago

I am also fan of balobasa .com andIlike tora and om

shakib 5 years ago

me & my family love this serial sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh?

aswini 5 years ago aami roj dekhar chesta kori. karon aamar khub valo laage.mis korle khub aapsos hoy."tora"ke aamar khub valo laage.aamar bou tora er sange dekha korte khub chai.kintu ki kore sambhab jaani na! Tora jodi ai msg ta poro to 1bar 1ta fone koro.kotha boleo aamar bou khub aananda paabe. 9831819606

Oindrila roy 5 years ago

Ami rog dakhi exam thakle o.i like is very smart.i just luv him.i also like tora.i am biggest fan of them.i think they are made for each other.& ayus is very dul i donot like him i just heat him.

Shaoni Banerjee 5 years ago

Tora is just amazing. She is looking good, smart and intelligent as well.I just love her sense of proportion in her acting in every aspect of it comical or in immense emotional turmoil state of mind.May be there are many flaws or illogical incidents in the serial but Tora is carrying herself so well...really like to see her growth in years to come.

Raktim 5 years ago

Indeed Tora is really doing a fine job. I like her personality and she is instrumental for the serial's success.

Pinky ghosh 5 years ago

I am a die hard fan of Shaan da, but cant see him enough in, wish to see him more, he is sooooo...good actor and also so good looking! Love him to much

Megha 5 years ago

Ekhon serial ta khub bhalo lagche...golpo ta khub tan tan hoyeche...aar Tora ke joto dekchi obak hoye jachhi...oshadharon acting korche, pathos ta eto sundor bhabe phutiye tulche.9th jan -er episode tai tora aar tar babar sathe telephonic scene ta durdanto...dujone just khub bhalo bhabe tader moner katha boleche.



TINA 5 years ago

I Love You Om (Raja).tomar bari kothay?tumi porashona korcho? ki porcho?tomar barite ke ke ache?please answer dio.

satyaki and mohona 5 years ago

bhison ajgubi jinish dekhano hochhe bishesh kore omer barite sree'r bou hoye thakar hassokar prayas.....omer baba kothai...takeo khuje paoa jachhena othoba taar kono boktobbo bogus script ei jaigatai. Ekmatro Tora'r jonno serialta dariye ache, torar moddhe ekta darun pleasing as well as strict personality ache,khub bhalo acting kore choleche, kokhhono onnyar sathe apos korena.Shudhu torar jonno 7-30 tai tv'r samne bose thaki.

Mahabub 5 years ago

I hate om

Arpita Roy(Bangladesh) 5 years ago

I like serial . And I also like Raja . I love uuuuuuu

Apurbo Roy 4 years ago

amar kebol torar chochh take ar kebol torake khub khub khub valo lage....

noyon 4 years ago

I want to natok download


nikita 4 years ago

in this serial i only like ayush

moumitamaitra 4 years ago

I LOVE YOU VALOBASA.KOM because I am in love, I just love OM.Come back to OM tora.

liya 4 years ago

amar om k visooooooon valo lage. i love this serial and i also love omkar chowdhury.

jannat 4 years ago

Hi,Raja hope u r fine. etv te prothom tomak dekhecelam.odvut 1 sotto ghotona amar pio manustar jano protissobi tume.ok ami haria felece.khub valobasto ami.2 bosor age o mara gese.or kono chobe amar kase nai.thakle tumeo dekhe obak hote.ami pray kore jano serialta ses na hoi.ami tomak tahole dekhbo ke kore..valo thako.take care.

shreyosi chakraborty 4 years ago

im really sorry for those people who says raja cnt act...thn i thmk one does not wat acting is...raja neeeds to put up om's character..and not be someone bold..its not that i personally like him that is why im commenting...but atleast i have felt this ...i thnk star hs done a great job in choosing the specified characters...hats off to the whole team...and madhuboni is a great doubt!!!and om tora couple is the best...othr wse they woudnt hv bagged the prize in jalsa awards...n if om is changed...tora will fall...the serial itself will...

RAJA GOSWAMI 4 years ago

Thanxxx to everyone....

Farhana 4 years ago

Om I love u love u love u so much. Plz accept my love.

ATUL KHAN 4 years ago


Farhana akter Siddeshewari girls' college Bangladesh 4 years ago

Om tume ato sundor kano? Tume jano tomak ami koto valobasi? Plz amak akbar I Love You bolo.

Rajdeep Das 4 years ago

I love to see i lyk tora nd om in d serial.the most specially i love shree who is om's fake wife now.can i plz know what's her actual name?shree if ur reading my comment plz call me i wanna tok widh u its my humbeled request..

my number-8013261075/9038789815 :)

md asif 4 years ago

i like very much this serial and my family is also interested.congratulations to madhubani ghosh and raja from my heart.

Toyona~ 4 years ago

i dont have any interest in these serials but the actress tora lives in my country (bangladesh) and currently her previous maid works in my house lol she talks alot about her

saima 4 years ago

i like this serial too much

puja kundu 4 years ago

i like tora.she is soooooooooo sweet. 4 years ago


Milon 4 years ago

I hate u tora

Milon 4 years ago

Sale tora

oni 3 years ago

om ata ki korlo...???? mithir kache gelo... tora k chere...!!!!! eirokom ajgobi love story na dekhay a aktu valo romantic story & tora k akshathe dekhte chay......obastob choritro na dekhanoy valo.....

oni 3 years ago

om ata ki korlo...???? mithir kache gelo... tora k chere...!!!!! eirokom ajgobi love story na dekhay a aktu valo romantic story & tora k akshathe dekhte chay......obastob choritro na dekhanoy valo..... 3 years ago

I love you om & tora. amar khub bhalo lage om & tora ke. om bhia tumi tora didi ke grohon koro

Sushanta acharjee 3 years ago

Om tomar aasol nam ki? Tobe jaye hok Om jara tomake marte cheye chilo tader proti tumi protisodh now. Tader kayoke charbe na......Good luck.

To your big fan... sushanta

Sakib & Papia (Vimgonj,Sherpur,Dhaka,Bangladesh) 3 years ago

JooooooooS Lagse Prottek Serial. So Nice...

Purusottam Kr Singh (Mr.Pintu) 3 years ago

I Love (C-DEAR) Comedy, Dangerous, Emotional, Action & Romentic

I hope so the like full C-Dear

satyabrata manna 3 years ago

I Miss My Sweet T.V Serial

I Miss You Om Daa.........!!!!!!!

susmita haque 3 years ago

age dekhtam ai serial ta but om tora jaowar por ar dekhi na.valo o lage na

paro13 3 years ago

I was never addicted to any soap-operas tntill lately and wnen I started to watch them I found this serial god but more than over a month it has become very boring with same things happening over & over again.& I'm afraid to say that the woman playing the role of funny's mom needs to do more homeworks..her expressions are funny and doesn't go with her character ..she's a wrong choice for the role..others are ok. Aritri, again she is really pretty but when she speaks it seems she's reading a part of some prose without any expressions..but if the serial goes on and on (like maa) I'm sure everyone would be performing better

sm hridoy khan 2 years ago

nice story

Naina 2 years ago

I love

pooja 14 months ago

Nice tora n om

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