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The gorgeous Makosi

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Hello Boys  Makosi MusambasiI Want an award!!!!  Makosi MusambasiMakosi on the red carpetBusty MakosiMakosi looking swell
Hello Boys  Makosi Musambasi
Hello Boys Makosi Musambasi
I Want an award!!!!  Makosi Musambasi
I Want an award!!!! Makosi Musambasi
Makosi on the red carpet
Makosi on the red carpet
Busty Makosi
Busty Makosi
Makosi looking swell
Makosi looking swell

The Gorgeous Makosi is Back

Makosi Musambasi is back on our tv screens in the last remaining days of Big Brother on british TV.Makosi is amongst other previous Big Brother house contestants that have comeback for one last time to grace the Big brother house.

Makosi was in the sixth series of Big Brother and came 3rd and was pipped to the post by eventual winner Anthony.

Makosi will always be remembered for the ( did she, didn't she romp ) with Anthony in the pool. Since the show Makosi Musambasi has insisted that they did have sex whereas Anthony has always denied this.

Makosi the Zimbabwean born beauty is 29 and now lives in Aylesbury in England.The name Makosi means "Princess".

Undoubtedly though Makosi is a very attractive lady and in my opinion the most gorgeous of all the Ladies too of entered the Big Brother house although many may disagree.

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Big Brother welcomes back Makosi
Big Brother welcomes back Makosi
Looking great in uk Dress Makosi
Looking great in uk Dress Makosi
Makosi with Davina the Big Brother House
Makosi with Davina the Big Brother House

Makosi was made to be very unpopular when leaving the Big Brother house and left too a very bad reception and was verbally bullied when interviewed by show host Davina.You could argue Makosi was (Playing the Game) because don't forget there is big money at stake for the winner of the show.Although Makosi didn't win the show she raised her profile and is now famous (Not necessarily for the reasons she would like) but nevertheless she is recognised wherever she goes but as to date has not realised her potential and made a successful career as other Big Brother contestants before and after have done.

Maybe Makosi returning to the house can raise her popularity and bring success to her in the future because as we all know BB has a habit of making or breaking people.

Makosi Evicted

Since writing this Blog unfortunately Makosi has been evicted from the Big Brother house in the Big Brother Ultimate competition.Makosi was 2nd to be evicted this time round. Maybe a great Body and good looks is not enough alone to keep a contestant in the the BB House.

So what next for Makosi?

Well im sure there will soon be some more raunchy Makosi pictures on the way for the Fans. Or maybe Makosi will capitalise on her latest exposure on our TV screens to go on to better things.Well lets hope we see more of Makosi soon and if we do then im sure her pictures will be on this Blog!!!

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ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

You most definitely are a fan! And yes... she's Hot!

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment.She is a hottie alright!!

geleya 6 years ago

she is very atracting body longuage. And smiling. Fashionating overall better...

dinkan53 profile image

dinkan53 6 years ago from India

yea, she is a cool stuff!!! @Be careful of some photos down there!!! got a chance to get flagged and better you edit it.

SIJO1 profile image

SIJO1 6 years ago Author

Thanks for coming by dinkan53 and thanks for the advice maybe this is why my ads have disabled!!

Insured Insurances 5 years ago

great hub..just like her!!!



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    More Mokosi Pics: Keep coming back as i will keep updating more makosi pictures as i get them

    makosi hot pic
    makosi hot pic
    Makosi evicted again from BB house 2010
    Makosi evicted again from BB house 2010

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