Big Time Rush


Kendall Schmidt - Kendall Knight
Logan Henderson - Logan Mitchell
James Maslow - James Diamond
Carlos Garcia - Carlos Garcia
Steven Glickman - Gustavo Rocque
Ciara Bravo - Katie Knight
Tanya Chisholm - Kelly Wainwright
Erin Sanders - Camille Romano
Katelyn Tarver - Jo Taylor
Challen Cates - Ms Knight
David Anthony Higgins - Mr Bitters
Matt Riedy - Arthur Griffin
Barnett O'Harra - Guitar Dude
Steven Keys - Freight Train
Tucker Albrizi - Tyler Duncan
Daran Norris - Buddha Bob
Tara Strong - Ms Collins
Denyse Tontz, Spencer Locke/Kelli Goss, Savannah Jade - The Jennifers
Tristan Mays - Stephanie King
Phil LaMarr - Hawk


Episodes so far

  1. Big time audition - Gustavo ends up taking four hockey playing friends with him to LA to make them a boy band.
  2. Big time school of rocque - the boys are forced to attend Gustavo's school, but try to get themselves into the Palm Woods school.
  3. Big time crib - the boys try to improve their apartment while Gustavo plans to put them in a video.
  4. Big time bad boy - Griffin wants to add a bad boy to the group, but no one likes him.
  5. Big time love song - a new girl comes to Palm Woods and all the boys fight over her, apart from James who has an allergic reaction.
  6. Big time mansion - Gustavo leaves the boys to mansion sit while looking for a new boy band, who actually behaves.
  7. Big time photo shoot - Griffin comes up with horrible ideas for the boys picture while Katie wants to meet Dak Zevon.
  8. Big time break - Kendall hangs out with Jo, Logan sneaks into a math lecture, Carlos and his dad look for the helmet while Camille helps James with his acting.
  9. Big time demos - 3 months and the demons are ready to be picked, so the boys try to charm Griffins daughter.
  10. Big time party - Gustavo wont let the boys to his party, so they throw one of their own.
  11. Big time jobs - the boys must get jobs so they can pay back Gustavo for everything they break.
  12. Big time blogger - Katie starts her own blog while the boys have trouble pleasing a well known blogger.
  13. Big time terror - Logan and Carlos hunt a ghost while James and Kendall try to get Gustavo out of their crib.
  14. Big time dance - James helps Logan ask out Camille, Carlos dates all the Jennifers and Kendall and Katie help their mum find a date.
  15. Big time Sparks - Jordan Sparks is recording with Gustavo, who tells the boys to stay away since they're bad luck.
  16. Big time fever - Carlos becomes a Jennifer, James keeps spray tanning himself and Logan looses his edge.
  17. Big time video - the boys overpromises roles for their music video (The city is ours).
  18. Big time concert - the boys prepar for their first concert, which soon gets cancelled, so James turns to Hawk.
  1. Welcome back big time - James and Carlos try to get their rep back, Kendall believes Jo is dating her co star and Logan tries to get all the homework done.
  2. Big time fans - Carlos promises to help his friend follow her dream, while James comes across a crazy fan of his own.
  3. Big time girlfriends - Kendall has trouble seeing Jo, Gustavo hires a fake girlfriend to break up with Carlos while James kisses Camille after she finally gets together with Logan.
  4. Big time live - BTR is dumped on a TV show when they were surposed to make their first guest appearance.
  5. Big time halloween - Kendall hides his werewolf secret from Jo, Lightning takes Logan the zombie's foot, James is chased by a vampire slayer and Frankin-Carlos tests Gustavo's machine.
  6. Big time sneakers - Jo's publicist makes Jo and Jett and couple and Logan and James by sneakers to sell off, while Carlos and Katie try getting fruit snacks from Bitters.
  7. Big time pranks - it's a prank war between boys ad girls, while Logan helps Dr Hollywood and wonders what career to take.
  8. Big time christmas - Griffin wants three Christmas songs from BTR, two being duets, and Katie tries to lift Bitters spirit.
  9. Big time guru - James becomes less selfish, Logan builds up swagger, Carlos takes dating advice from a parrot and Gustavo become gentil and kind.
  10. Big time crush - James becomes over protective of Katie and her crush, Kendall and Jo help Carlos get a date and Logan asks out the new girl while still liking Camille.
  11. Big time beach party - a girl tries to steal away Kendall, Logan and Carlos look for treasure and James is saved by someone he believes to be a mermaid.
More are due to air this year!

Guest Stars

Audition - Nicole Schurzinger
Crib - Kofi Kataoka
Bad boy - Matt Angel
Photo shoot - Curt Hansen
Break - Erik Estrada
Demos - Carlie Casey (also in Big time party)
Blogger - Matthew Moy
Sparks - Jordan Sparks
Dance - Fabio
Fans - Sammy Jay Wren
Girfriends - Chelsea Ricketts
Live - Christa Flanagan, Ed Begley Jr
Halloween - Jeanine Mason
Christmas - Miranda Cosgrove, Snoop Dogg, Fabio, John O'Hurley
Guru - Rob Paulsen
Beach party - Russal Brand, Gage Golightly

Songs featured

Audition - Big time rush, Famous, The giant turd song, The city is ours
Love song - Any kind of guy
Demos - Halfway there
Terror - Stuck, Shot in the dark
Sparks - Countin' on you (feat. Jordan Sparks)
Concert - This is our someday
Welcome back - Til I forget about you
Girfriends - Boyfriend
Halloween - Big night
Christmas - Beautiful Christmas, All I want for Christmas (feat. Miranda Cosgrove), 12 days of Christmas and Lets stay in our PJs (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Guru - Nothing even matters
Beach party - Worldwide. Hang onto your Ego and Dance dance dance by The beach boys

If there is anything I have left out or something you wish to know, please write in the comments below. 

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Lovely - and if you're looking for some songs just have a look at

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Logan looks pretty good as a girl . anyone else agree???

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