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Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.
Sam Ewing


Four years ago, two young men decided to take their hobby seriously...

They decided to make films - but not just films - stories that would remain with the audience and show God's relevance today.

There was one minor hiccup though... They didn't have a clue how they were going to do it! Their first film didn't even have a script!

However, this fact - and their zero budget - made it no less crucial to their development in becoming an award winning film production team.

2009 hit and after much prayer, they decided that despite the level of "quality" of their experimental film, 'Blue Dragon', they were going to continue with what they felt they were being called to do. And so, Noble Brothers Productions was born.

After months of hard work completing his first script for NBP, John-William Noble started his search for actors and actresses. They started by inviting their friends to join and they also made good use of the internet - mainly social networks to locate others.

They shared the responsibilities by splitting the jobs according to their personal talent and interest. John-William continued to write real, gripping stories as well as co-direct, while Graeme took like a duck to water with the editing, fight choreography and co-direction.

As time went on and word of mouth spread, they completed 'The Hope Within' with well over twenty cast members and gained entry into 'The Phoenix International Christian Film Festival' in 2010.

Entry into a high profile Christian film festival was a roaring success for the Noble Brothers Productions debut feature and it seems that they have only went up since.

They invested in better sound and video equipment, worked every hour given and now have an international fan base.

They have filmed in Hong Kong with notable actors such as Juju Chan and have the previous child star, Christie Mitchell as the lead female in their greatest project yet.

Eleven successful film festival entries to their name and a 'Fan Favorite' award, with film festivals ranging from the UK to the USA.

It is fair to say that audiences should sit tight for their coming films like, 'Street Fight' and 'Call of Babylon', set to hit festivals at the end of the year.

With every film, they raise the bar and in just three years, it is paying off.

Imagine what they can do in ten.

Watch this space!

John-William Noble (left) Graeme Noble (right)
John-William Noble (left) Graeme Noble (right)
From left to right: Graeme Noble, Reuben McKay, Shaun Moir, Nick Sorrie
From left to right: Graeme Noble, Reuben McKay, Shaun Moir, Nick Sorrie
Legion of Evil cast
Legion of Evil cast
The Hope Within Cast
The Hope Within Cast


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