by Chuck RitenouR 8-20-2K3

verse 1:

She said, "Gentlemen perfer blondes." I said, "You have red hair"

She said'" maybe you aren't a gentleman." I said, "Maybe I don't care."

She said,"I like my hair red." and I said," it looks great on you.

Gentlemen may perfer blondes, but I'm in love with you.

Baby, I'm in love with you. yeah I'm in love with you"

verse 2:

She said, "Blondes have more fun, now don't that beat all.

My hair is Irish red and I'm having myself a ball."

I said,"I've heard blondes aren't that smart."

She just laughed and said,"that ain't always true.

I'm a natural blonde I dyed it to catch myself a fool."

verse 3:

I said," I perfer blondes when their hair is Irish red.

and I think blondes having more fun is all in their heads,

but I really couldn't care if it red, black or blue

Its its ok with me if you think I'm a fool

cause Baby I love you, yeah I'm in love with you."

the end.


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