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Bollywood Actresses and Movies on Hubpages

Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood. With a billion people residing within her borders, India produces a lot of movies, and India has a lot of beautiful stars. Random selection has guaranteed many beautiful women and our hubbers have majored in Bollywood trends. Our hubbers have created some extraordinary hubs on this subject. You will see.

Bollywood is only a part of the Indian film industry located in Mumbai (Bombay) and is not in a single physical place like Hollywood. But Bollywood is the popular face of Indian film. The film industry started in India in 1913. Considering that the first silent film shot in Hollywood was in 1910, you can see that Bollywood is a mature, professional film producer.

Included in this hub are actresses from Kollywood and Tollywood, from Southern Indian states. Kollywood has been producing films in Chennai since 1916

I hope you will bookmark this library of Bollywood sites and enjoy the convenience that this will give you. Keep in mind that some of these hubs show one picture but have many more in sequence. Just click on the slide feature.

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Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood Actresses

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jewelsofawe profile image

jewelsofawe 8 years ago from Oregon

I like Aishriya Rai

bgamall profile image

bgamall 8 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

You have good taste. I was struck by her as well. She is like a Sophia Loren or maybe a Julie Christie.

Sandy 7 years ago

I'm really not familiar with the Bollywood actresses. But I have heard of Aishyiya Rai.

Hot Mobile clips 7 years ago

Bollywood actress are now try to move in Hollywood too like aish

bgamall profile image

bgamall 7 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I noticed that. Reminds me of the Country Music migration to Hollywood in the past.

satyam12 profile image

satyam12 6 years ago from india

great hub great work, very good information u have given i have bookmarked ur hub

latest bollywood news about aishwarya 6 years ago

wooow nice videos i like aishwarya

Himanshu c k 5 years ago

What is the official lingo of bollywood? I don't think it's english. Had it been so, our stars should have been as fluent in english as barack obama and nicolas cage are. Unfortunately none of them are. Ashutosh rana is right when he says that they think in hindi and try to speak in english. Sorry amitabh and shahrukh, even you are no exceptions. So, be indian and embrace hindi.

shiv jaiswal 5 years ago

Nice post !... Congratulations on this fine compilation and many thanks for thinking so highly . I just came across your page in my travels to Washington D.C. and want to congratulate you on a well-assembled post . Thanks for putting it together for everyone!.


pic2pic profile image

pic2pic 5 years ago from kerala

Very nice hub. i like very much

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