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How Hot is Saffron Burrows

From the film In the Name of the Father (1993) to the sexiest lawyer in history on Boston Legal.

This healthy looking thin model grown into actress is now a member of a great spinoff from Bones. As I haven't yet read the books "The Locator" spinoff in based, I can only review what I watched last night (4/21/2011) on Bones.

Burrows has worked along some of the modern greats in her still young career. As much as I have loved her in Troy and Boston Legal it was slightly, very slightly, disappointing to see her character a clone of Gabriel Anwar's "Fiona" from Burn Notice. Similarities are hot, shapely, Irish, mysterious, supporting character, etc. Differences are different shows on different networks, Fiona is more kick ass (so far). Imitation is the greatest complement. Burn Notice was just signed for another two seasons and premiered a back round movie on the Sam character. My family loves Burn Notice and Bones so this spinoff has a very real chance to gain an audience.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan

Were you able to watch The Green Mile and not cry? If you can you might want to seek professional shrinking of your head. Since then I have liked most of his work even his portrayal of The Kingpin in Daredevil. With all the great crossovers in comics I really thought we would see more cameos doing the same in the Marvel Studios movies. Maybe in the new ones Thor and Captain America being released soon. Michael's character in The Locator is a nice blend of sage and muscle.

Geoff Stults in Lead

Geoff Stults

Geoff has been steadily working in TV for over ten years. His new role as Walter Sherman, "The Locator" is his best yet. This character has a brain injury from his tours in Iraq. Yet to be explained in the spinoff (the books always have more info) is how the brain injury causes his quirky paranoia and locator ability. His talent is to see connections to all things big and small. He wraps himself into the life of what ever he is locating.

The Future of Bones

Emily Deschanel

Spinoff's are the New Black

A good spinoff can be a profitable venture. It has a captive audience to introduce the new possible cast. It gets free press from the word of mouth of the fans. It can be honed through testing with guest spots on the parent show. Advertisers are already in bed with the parent show. If done well, they can grow or reboot a franchise. I have a good feeling about this one. The characters are interesting, the premise can take them around the world, and has an almost supernatural element with the "locator" ability. Brains, brawn, action, quirky, well paced writing, and a beautiful woman The Locator should be a big hit.


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