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Bones didn't take long to become one of my favorite shows and its at the top of my TiVo season pass list. When the show first started I wasn't immediately on board the Temperance train, but Brennan has grown on me over time. Of course, I loved Booth from the get go, but then I adore David Boreanaz and spent years watching him on both Angel and Buffy.

The big question this season is will Booth and Brennan kiss? If it weren't for the writers strike, I'd say it would happen during February sweeps, but now? Who knows how long we might have to wait!

Like one of my other favorite tv shows, NCIS, Bones takes a lot of the police procedural elements common to other shows like the Law & Order and CSI Franchises and flips them on their head. Personal lives of the characters are on display and everyone is just a little bit tweaked and zany. The show is never boring.

Bones tv series
Bones tv series

Special Agent Seeley Booth

While the show is titled with Brennan's nickname, Seeley Booth is the entryway character for the audience. He's the everyman. The show is only called Bones because that's what Seeley calls Brennan.

Booth is a great FBI agent. He's smart and intuitive and while he hates being psychoanalyzed himself, he frequently uses psychology and what he understands of human behavior to solve cases.

Seeley is also Catholic and one of the better drawn Catholic characters on tv outside of Rescue Me. He's consistently Catholic while also consistently human -- in other words he makes mistakes and does things that contradict his faith. But it's there and ever present. There are a number of other Catholics on police procedurals, but without exception it is treated as a throwaway plot point on other shows, only trotted out when strictly necessary.

David Boreanaz brings a fair amount of wit and comic timing to the role which I never would have expected after all those years playing Angel. I love him lots!

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Brennan is Bones. The character is based upon forensic anthropologist and author, Kathy Reichs. I believe she has an executive producer credit on the show. The character is not based upon a character of the same name in Reichs books. They just borrowed the name.

In season 1, it took me a long time to warm up to Brennan, mostly because she's just not that warm a character and had poor social skills. Her social skills have improved only slightly, but I love her a lot more than that. Brennan has an amusing violent streak that makes me happy. She's always eager to carry a gun, shoot a gun and last episode she smacked a guy simply because Booth did it first so that was practically an engraved invitation for her to do the same thing.


There are four other characters on Bones. Four other characters I really don't care about at all. They are all part of Brennan's team at the Jefferson Institute and provide lots of color and comedy and crime-solving nerdiness, but this show revolves around Booth and Brennan. Half the reason the other characters exist is so that they can provide commentary on that relationship and they act as foils to Booth (and sometimes Brennan, but mostly Booth).

David actually talks about this point in the following video. The show is about the relationship. The crimes are purely a backdrop.

David Boreanaz Interview for Bones DVD Release

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Kat 6 years ago

you should really start caring for the "For other characters" because i personally like the squints better than Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth they add so much more to the plot and story then you seem to realize. I find it offending that you would disregard the squints in such a manner. It is obvious that they are crucial to solving the cases and one of the reasons Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan are so lovable is the way they interact with each of the personalities of the squints. And besides the show is centered around the case and the science that they use to solve it and the characters are meant to create a more attracting plot.

embitca profile image

embitca 6 years ago from Boston Author

You find it offending that I don't care about fictional characters? LOL Okay.

droopone 5 years ago

Bones is a typical separation of science and religion, or love and realism. I think the discovery and identification of the bodies and the murderers always takes a backseat to this struggle. The show is interesting on most levels, save perhaps for the endearing interactions between the characters. I am not saying that its' bad, just a little overdone for my tastes. As a whole the show is timely, intriguing, factual, and fun, but the base story is the ying and yang, what goes up must come down, love conquers all, and all you need is a great group of friends to overpower life's daunting challenges.

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