Brittany Snow: Rising Star Is Sexy and Cool

Have you ever seen a sexier woman as cool as Brittany Snow? Oh, if only she would keep her hair dark instead of always going blond! But perhaps she feels that many of her fans prefer her this way. I think that most prefer her either way as long as she is in front of the camera at every opportunity. though I prefer her darker hair, I must admit her blue eyes go well with the blond.

Brittany has starred in many popular Hollywood films and currently appears on the television Harry's Law with the great actress Kathy Bates. She has portrayed everything from a prostitute to a lawyer's assistant and is only certain to gain more diversity in her future roles. Of course, most men will prefer to see her play sexy characters but it is important that she shows a beautiful woman can be both intelligent and desirable simultaneously.

Brittany has a full slate with new movies always in the works and more episodes of Harry's Law as well as she has been named as a Maxim cover model. Certainly we will soon get to see some hot photos from her with that issue on newsstands soon. The photogenic actress is sure to be much in demand as her star continues to rise and she becomes even more of a household name. Is this any surprise as her beauty shines so clearly?

Some people might say Brittany Snow is the stereotypical California girl when she has her hair blond, but truthfully she is from the other coast and was born and grew up in Tampa, Florida. Of course, Florida has plenty of sunshine and beautiful girls as well so perhaps this is no surprise. Brittany even managed to graduate from high school in Florida while juggling time in New York City appearing on the soap opera The Guiding Light.

Brittany became comfortable with a camera lens at an early age, modeling from the time she was three years old. This seems to have established a love affair with performing that remains to this day. Thankfully we can expect more and more to come from this relationship as the camera and the fans seem to love Brittany just as much as she loves being a star!

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