Broken CIty (2013)

Allen Hughes has done some amazing films. His first foray into filmmaking was Menace II Society. He has also gone on to direct Dead Presidents, From Hell and the underappreciated the Book of Eli. However Broken City is the first time Hughes has directed a movie solo. All his other films where done in collaboration with his brother Albert Hughes so it might not come as a surprise that Broken City ended up being just that Broken.

The movie follows a former NYCP detective turned private detective by the name of Billy Taggart ( Mark Wahlberg). One day the mayor of New York City and a friend of Billy, Nicholas Hosteller (Russell Crowe) comes to Billy for help. Billy soon finds himself following the mayor’s wife (Catherine Zetajones) as he tries to uncover her secret unknowingly getting deeper and deeper into a political scandal that he wants no part of.

Broken City is a mess of a film mainly because of its dull screenplay. It plays out like a character study but none of the characters are ever fleshed out enough to care about. It trys to be smart by adding a twist but all that does is prolong the agony. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if the run time was cut down.

Bored? Yeah me too.
Bored? Yeah me too.

The acting is okay but you expect a lot more from Wahlberg and Crowe, well mainly Crowe. They never seem comfortable in there given roles which is strangle since Wahlberg pretty much plays the same character in ever movie. Crowe just seemed miscast and was never given enough to put on a worth wild performance.

Yet it is still a surprise to see how under whelming Broken City is looking at Hughes prior work. Like the title broken city is a broken film. Overall there isn’t anything in Broken City that hasn’t been done before and better. I recommend this only if you a big fan of either Wahlberg or Crowe, 2 out of 5.


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