BubbleWs isn't paying me so I'll hang out here


I abandoned BubbleWs on 6/27/2015 because the admins went wildly political.

There is no mechanism for bulk deletion over there. My articles persist, as far as I know. Feel free to copy them, donate them to Goodwill, or line your birdcage with them.

I don't know what this is but it's of a very High Quality and I took the photo.
I don't know what this is but it's of a very High Quality and I took the photo. | Source

BubbleWs make me money, except when it doesn't.

I can and will excrete 750-800 words in order to transform this composition into a Featured Hub or whatever it's called these days.

High Quality graphics originally created will also be included herein. Read on; it's probably better than watching reruns of Big Bang Theory.

How's it going? I've missed you all. BubbleWs called my name and I went running. On that site you can make money with little or no writing skillz. I've proven that.

I've been raking in about $50 a month most of the time for most of a year. Sure, they sometimes ignore my polite requests for payment but for the most part it's all been good. Until now.

I've been due a payment since August. No response to my polite inquiries. Therefore I'm back here to enlighten all the Liberals. Quite a bit of enlightening seems to be necessary but fortunately I have the time and the keyboard and the brain cells.

Here's some water. You can't go wrong with a High Quality photo of water.
Here's some water. You can't go wrong with a High Quality photo of water. | Source

What goes on over there?

You must read onward because I titled this capsule with a question. You cannot resist onwardly reading until you've gleaned an answer.

Over there at BubbleWs a 400 character article finds itself published. Compare that to a 750 word minimum on this venerable site. Sure, you can publish shorter stuff here but plan for it to languish behind lesser content written by liberals using more words. A high word count matters mostly when you write for HubPages. The trick is that Google can't tell if you write good but they can deploy software to total up your words. That's good enough for the world-dominating search engine so it's good enough for HubPages acolytes.

BubbleWs welcomes 'spun' articles and even articles copied from other articles on the same site. Shucks, you can probably publish the same article 42 times by swapping the first word and the last word or deploying a 'bot to do the job for you. Highly qualified wordsmiths coexist with software developers posing as sentient humans.

One single solitary penny accrues to your account for each page view, "Like," and comment dropped onto your publishment. Reaching $50 in pennies permits you to ask for 'redemption' and then wait for months while high-powered computers ignore you.

At this moment I am owed about $90. That won't change my life. Either way I'll finish my PhD and continue redirecting wayward liberal synapses throughout cyberspace. It's mostly the principal of the thing, you know?

Artistic and High Quality.
Artistic and High Quality. | Source

Out of shape, my fingers are.

Wow. This many words would comprise, like, 50 BubbleWs articles. My phalanges ache.

It will be worth it.

Once complete, this epic Hub will stand in mute salute to all the hard work I put into it. For untold ages my letters, words, and sentences will be immortalized in digital format somewhere in The Cloud. We don't know precisely where, but a tiny data file encapsulating precisely what I'm trying to say spins madly on a high-precision journey. I doubt seriously that my articles rate storage on an SSD: any 7400 RPM motorized disk platter suffices.

A quilt of high quality
A quilt of high quality | Source

I can see the finish line

Cramps in my digits will not stop me. Together you and I charge headlong into stratospheric levels of words counts destined to catapult what you are now reading into HugPages front pages.

I feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing but behind the front of my mind I secretly gape in awe at myself as words tumble from tired blistered fingertips onto the Interweb. Even &PCUnix would be proud of me but he is a personality on BubbleWs and he will probably never see this. MarkEwbie might see this. He might leave a politely encouraging comment in the comment section below. Mark's comments are like a digital pat on the head to a little child. He realizes I'm essentially an idiot but he understands that his content looks even better juxtaposed with the junk I put out.

698 words at this point.

I want to thank all of you who stuck with me. We have arrived at the end of a long journey that probably hurt you more than you even realize.

Enjoy the stunningly beautiful photographs and stay for the words. That's kind-of my motto. If you have a better motto for me, feel free to keep it to yourself unless it's complementary. If it's complementary feel free to share it with the world immediately below this capsule. You have little to lose at this point. No one will know of you actually read what I wrote or if you simply felt sorry for me.

Take this handy quiz, or not.

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Comments 18 comments

Mark Ewbie profile image

Mark Ewbie 2 years ago from Euroland

I was reading this even without the mention. Impressive wordage and sorry you haven't been paid yet. Nice pics and nicer digs at the Liberals. Keep on rocking sir!

NateB11 profile image

NateB11 2 years ago from California, United States of America

I took the quiz and it was surprisingly short. I laughed hard like, "What?!"

I'm also laughing about the Liberals taking over. Man!

I write over there at Bubblews; about eating ice cream, what I had for lunch and how I made payout and redeemed. Those are my main topics. As soon as I write 4 lines on a post I quit and hit submit and then the bucks roll in.

Anyway, your articles are entertaining. Me likey.

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 2 years ago from Moundsville, WV

Oh Nicomp, I'm so disillusioned. All this time I thought of you as a dedicated public spirited writer and now find you to be a crass, commercial literary prostitute. Who'd a thunk it?

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 2 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Oh well I enjoyed the funny digs. Reality of course. Thanks.

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 2 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

nicomp - You are to writing what Mark Ewbie is to stick man drawing. Now there's a semi simile for you! But here's a real one - you write like a photo of words.

earner profile image

earner 2 years ago from United Kingdom

Happy to see you here ... as you're in a huff there :)

aka: Writers/bubblews

nicomp profile image

nicomp 2 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Lelax : Thanks so much!

Romanian profile image

Romanian 23 months ago from Oradea, Romania

Bubblews ows me more than $100. I won't write for them any more. I think now I will earn better on Hubpages than on actual Bubblews. And here I'm sure that I will be paid.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 23 months ago from Ohio, USA Author

Romanian, they owe me from back when the payout was $25.

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 23 months ago from Earth

During all of that inane twaddle and vacuous verbiage, you left a typo in your sentence: "I feel pretty relaxed about the whole thing but behind the front of my mind I secretly gape in aew at myself as words tumble from tired blistered fingertips onto the Interweb."

I think you meant 'awe' and not 'aew'? Right? LOL!

Hey, so-called wordsmiths like you need such scrutiny from, like, random insane people pointing out silly typographical errors; ha!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 23 months ago from Ohio, USA Author

Nice to see you haven't chaged.

earner profile image

earner 23 months ago from United Kingdom

That's it, fill up some pixels so that MarkEwbie doesn't steal them all and use every pixel on t'Internet.

The other site robbed me of $300 from when one post went (legally/properly) viral - and $40-50 when they swiped everybody's cash in January ... and I've about $30 in the bank there now that'd take a year to redeem


nicomp profile image

nicomp 19 months ago from Ohio, USA Author

I see not much has changed.

Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 19 months ago from Earth

Actually a lot has changed within the spare chump change via the Bubbleverse. I rarely even log into my own account over there during the last year or so, but it's still easy to notice the drastic transformation that got integrated into the payout format over there, a while back. Instead of the majority of so-called writers typing poppycock for pennies over at Bubblews, it has ultimately ended up being a charity to the actual founders of the place. Is that irony or what? Hey, keep blogging for us; we'll just keep the money; no problem with the spammers and manipulators this way... LOL!

I mean, how many times can you divide a penny into endless dividends before it actually registers on a member's bank section over there? Hell, even negative integers can become positive after a while, at least during the pre-chimp algebra classes they teach in Junior High.

What did it in for me, was when they removed the pay-per-view, which killed any sort of passive income. Now, only the new "bubbles" can make a limited amount of pennies within the first day or so of each post. Basically, a lot has changed over there, but nothing has really changed as far as how a lot of good ideas/companies/businesses go astray when greed parallels with the size of their original anuses. Yeah, that may have been a bit of an open-ended comment towards the end... Ha-ha!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 18 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Thank you nicomp for reading and commenting on some of my articles, I appreciate the time it took you. Since I really don't care about money but live in a society that does, I'm forced to play the game.

My point, I tried Bubblespews for a while but just found it to be . . . for lack of a better word . . . lame, so moved on. Obviously I don't write for the money but to organize concepts and ideas.

You have an interesting style and are a prodigious writer . . .

nicomp profile image

nicomp 18 months ago from Ohio, USA Author

@somethgblue : Do I owe you money?

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 18 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

If you did, would I care?

I was trying to be polite but am obviously communicating with an adolescent intellect that is insecure in its own limited paradigm.

Might I suggest changing styles . . . consider it a challenge.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 18 months ago from Ohio, USA Author

My style changes with my medication.

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