Burn Notice is Back November 3, 2011

Burn Notice


Burn Notice Season 6 on Novemeber 3, 2011 At 10pm EST on USA

Burn Notice is back and it is such a treat as we usually have to wait all year to see Micheal Weston back in action. This season Weston is recruited to work in covert operations well recruited is a nice way of putting it. He is rather blackmailed into it.

It has taken Micheal Weston 5 years to heal all of his old wounds which led him into the spy craft but he has done it. Now he has grown into a loving caring individual with ties to has girlfriend, friends and family. But for spies attachments can prove to be fatal. And attachments serve as leverage in the spy game and Micheal is leveraged up to his ears this season. So while Micheal has healed his scars of his past he is about to have more scars opened up as everyone and anyone is capable of exploiting his family, friends and girlfriend.

This show as just become a tremendous hit over the last year and has better writing and great acting. It is not the same show by any stretch of the imagination when it premiered five years ago. Five years ago Micheal would have thrown himself on a land mine to avoid dealing with his Mother. Now he has recruited her into the trade craft and she works with him.

It is amazing how different this show is then when it aired. It is as if it is two separate series.

Burn Notice airs on Novemeber 3, 2011 on USA at 10EST.

Burn Notice Trailer

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