Buzz Cuts Cd and Track Listings

Buzz Cuts Cd

As seen on television, the new Buzz Cuts cd is a compilation of 30 of the biggest alternative rock hits of all time.

If you're a lover of alt rock then this cd is a definite must have, with blazing tunes from 3 Doors Down to Alien Ant Farm, Sum 41, Creed and many other artists.

The Buzz Cuts cd is a double cd and the track listing can be found below as well as videos of some of the artists and songs.

The cd is available at

Buzz Cuts Cd 2

  1. Higher - Creed
  2. Meant To Live - Switchfoot
  3. Butterfly - Crazytown
  4. Hemorrhage (In My Hands) - Fuel
  5. My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
  6. I Will Buy You A New Life - Everclear
  7. Amber - 311
  8. Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
  9. Bodies - Drowning Pool
  10. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
  11. Inside Out - Eve 6
  12. Send The Pain Below - Chevelle
  13. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling
  14. Fly - Sugar Ray feat. SuperCat

Get The BuzzCuts Cd Here.

Buzz Cuts Cd 1

  1. Kryptonite - Three Doors Down
  2. Fat Lip - Sum 41
  3. I Miss You - Blink 182
  4. Blurry - Puddle of Mudd
  5. I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan
  6. Celebrity Skin - Hole
  7. Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots
  8. Last Resort - Papa Roach
  9. Running Away - Hoobastank
  10. Hanging Around - Counting Crows
  11. Lakini's Juice - Live
  12. Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse
  13. The Way - Fastball
  14. What It is To Burn - Finch
  15. The Chemicals Between Us - Bush
  16. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

Buzz Cut Cd Picks

Here are some of the track from the Buzz Cuts cd. All the tracks on the Buzz Cuts cd rock but there are just a few that I really dig.


Kryptonite (Live)

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

"Kryptonite" was released as a single off the group's debut album, The Better Life, in 2000. The single along with others helped the album go to 6 times platinum.

Here is a video of 3 Doors Down performing at the Billboard Music Awards.

Higher - Creed.

Higher - Creed

Human Clay was Creed's second album. Released in 1999, the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album charts fueled by the release of the albums debut single - Higher.

People think that the song is about drug induced hallucinations but it was actually about the power of lucid dreaming, according to group member Scott Strapp.

Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm covers one of the greatest pop hits of the 80's - Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.

Putting their own twist on things the song is one of their biggest making them one hit wonders. The video is quite funny as well. Here's a live performance of "Smooth Criminal."

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Aaron 9 years ago

You can find most of these songs on many other '90s compilation cd's especially Hemorrhage, Kryptonite, Higher and Butterfly are pretty much on every single one you see advertised. Don't get me wrong, there are many good songs but these compilation 90's cd's need to add a few different songs as well to differentiate themselves from the others. Most of these I've already had on my Ipod from long ago.

Chad 9 years ago

for all of the 90s songs on this cd that is very true but not all of these songs are from the 90s so i would say that they have added a couple of new songs from other compilations

:( 8 years ago


kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Buzz Cuts is not available in stores...only online through Sorry.

Bryan 8 years ago

they say it's not available it stores cause they want to make u pay a higher price but yet i still see them in target and all eventually

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Yeah they will eventually hit stores and amazon if you want to wait a bit.

ThatKid 8 years ago

Why the hell would you name it

"BUZZ CUTS" of all things. That's just awful.

420: 8 years ago

they named it that because they were

MuRfY LizzLe 8 years ago

This CD has got the best songs known to man... hopefully you make a new CD with artist...POD, INCUBUS, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, CITIZEN COPE, GODSMACK,!!!etc...

LimeWireRulz 8 years ago

All of these songs are on limewire


tenom894 8 years ago

When you get a CD with that many songs there are always some that do not appeal to your musical taste. You just can't please everybody as we are all so different.

Scott 8 years ago

Limewire is full of malware and other crap by the way. Be prepared to have you pc crash very soon. Such a noob!!

Omega 8 years ago

He's right you know.

LimeWirePwnz 8 years ago

Actually a mp3 file or a wav file cannot contain any virus or spyware, only exe's can contain viruses etc... music is totally clean unless it's in the form of a exe or in zip. mp3 wav is okay

Hercules 8 years ago

Obviously you've never heard of a buffer overflow. MP3 files can be packed with malcious code that exploits bugs in some music players that do not catch buffer overflows. Most like Itunes, Winamp and WMP have fixed this now but it is possible to dump code into the memory from an MP3 file.

WheresMyWhopper 8 years ago

I need more songs from the 90's. Where can I find a list, like Chart Topping songs from back then? Besides this CD...

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Go to either Billboard or wikipedia.

Blubster 8 years ago

most of these songs were on blubster

ReDxNemesis 8 years ago

i personally think everclear's "ive seen better days" is in fact better then this cds choice of everclear

ghgvgvgv 8 years ago

Sublime does "I've seen the better days"

Sam 8 years ago

it's not too bad. i'm satisfied with their songs, but they could've gotten better songs from the same artists

jdeschene profile image

jdeschene 8 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks for posting this. You've helped me make the decision as to whether or not I'm going to purchase this compilation.

EthicalHacker 8 years ago

actually limewire is only not good for inexperienced and unknowledgeable and pc security professionals know that if your search results for average length mp3s include 320kb files and files w/o bitrates listed u stay away from those and choose the ones w/ listed bitrates and 3mb+ filesizes


tyl 8 years ago

this is a good cd and all but there are only 5 or 6 really good songs on it but some of the others ive never even heard of.

clay 8 years ago

well even though with limewire you are prone to viruses, they can be easily ovverran with any type of virus scanning system before they cause damage, not unlike my AVG!

hryhyjjyhyjyj66 8 years ago

Buzz has always had awesome cd's with awesome tracks

i hate limewire, by big bro downloads so much vrap like skype limewire msn aim

my computers like, about to blow up in my face

god, why make comeputer viruses, wtf were those people thinking?

youguysaregay 8 years ago

you guys are gay

limewire;s the shit. i have had it a hella long time.

notimportant 8 years ago

people who make viruses were bored and i really don't understand why people would want to make things mest up when a computer is like the brain of this earth why would you want to mess something that is 95% of this worlds most used product and ts so smart.....thats just my opinion but w/e

PROlimewireG03 8 years ago

haha ya im with "youguysaregay". limewire is the SHIT!!

i've had it for over 5 years now.. and let me just say, that you computer guys can talk about different solutions for viruses all day, but when it comes down to it...

computers are MADE TO BREAK NOW!!!

get over itttttttt!!!!!

Brittanyis13o.o 8 years ago

You know, I do use LimeWire, but there's no reason to bicker about it. Sure, it's cool, but it's not THAT cool. But I see where you're going.

I grew up as a 90s kid. I remember most of these songs, and I miss them quite a lot. I am purchasing this compilation right now.

blindguardian 8 years ago

both lime wire and bear share suck...torrents are so much better

me 8 years ago

torrents are only good if there are seeders... limewire is almost the same way... pretty much it's all fine until someone looses a cpu

Adriana 8 years ago


I love it all.

Yo Mama 8 years ago

this cd is da shit!!!!!!

niggaman333 8 years ago

i think some of you nerds need to go get some pussy nobody gives a damn about what your saying its not going to change anything it just shows that you guys have no life...

AlphabeticalC 8 years ago

niggaman333 = Hypocrite amirite? If you say this forum doesn't matter and nobody gives a damn, and that people here have no life, and you post here anyway, who are you insulting?

Luke 8 years ago

I like how Puddle of Mud and Three Days Grace both opened up for Breaking Benjamin yet there is no Breaking Benjamin on the cd

randomblogger 8 years ago

tacos are delicious.

miles12 8 years ago

i think buzz cuts has some good songs

yamihere? 8 years ago

LOL randomblogger!!! Let's all discuss this.

xsleepwalkdance 8 years ago

uh where is the third eye blind?

and i'm with luke, breaking ben needs some love too!

umm, 8 years ago

wow, instead of bitching about limewire,

lets talk about the cd?

just a suggestion. :)

bob 8 years ago

screw you all

kayla 8 years ago

buzz ballads was better..

natalee 8 years ago

omg, love it.

Douggie 8 years ago

Pretty much the same compared to Buzz Ballads. Much of the same bands, same sounding music. Definitely some of the best music to come out of the 90's, but it could do with a little flair and a little more variety.

forever27 8 years ago

to anyone w/real taste in music these songs are responsible for giving a bad name to rock, punk, alternative grunge, "buzz"or whatever this bland, manufactured, crap is trying to be. I speaking on belhaf of anyone with a remote clue about music along with late musicians who can not defend their themselves as their work of art is often placed in the same catergoy w/this insipid sorry excuse for music,

Whatever 8 years ago

Re - forever27: Whatever, ok, just because you don't agree with the music choices of the people who like the artists on this CD, does not mean you can trash them. The real issue is why you find the need to spend your time dissing other people instead of living your own life.  Sure you have different views in music and probably everything else, but some people don't apprecite hearing you put them down just because you think that the songs on Buzz Cuts are insipid crap - go listen to music that you like if you hate this "manufactured crap."

Alex 8 years ago

I Just Listen to Them on

Ej 8 years ago

What's the song that goes i don't wanna be another rtragedy of society? i saw it on the TV

hard boy 8 years ago

fat lip- sum41

murda(: 8 years ago

you're all weirdys :P

Michael 8 years ago

I add them to my myspace page song list using the free Dizzler player..If you grew up in the 90's this CD is gonna catch your attention with some great songs that you remember when you were in high school

113% criminal 8 years ago


Rachel loves newton 8 years ago

i just came out for the first time and it feels name is rachel and i love women!! 3 some anyone?

danielle:{ 8 years ago

i like everyone of these songs in 3rd grade lol wtf

i love it<3

Andy 8 years ago

I think it is alright!!! Not the best!!

ricky 8 years ago

collective soul to the wallflowers and on to oasis alternative rock will be easy to find if you have enough passion for good music. or you can be like others who remain stuck on that punk rock wich i am using as an example; few punk rock is okay. my point is that if you look on the enternet for best of 90's rock only on google on video mode. then go through peoples top lists. after you find forgotten artist look up songs that are the top of the artist. feel free too check out my three examples and you will see what i mean. don't be young in head and understand that some of the greatest alternative artist had only one hit wonders. just remember 1 or 10 these are songs that should be considered the best.

Jimbo 8 years ago

27$ here or free on bearshare :D

wow.  8 years ago

so i just read this whole thing cause i'm bored and have nothing better to do.

yall are funny.


booty meat mamma 8 years ago

bearshares wack stick to anywayz im missin da 90's right now this is mos def a cd to reminisce to please hold while i download all....haha..

Alex 8 years ago

One of these days you will all get over your differences on limewire, by seeing the shining light that is frostwire.

Sean 8 years ago

can anyone find the song the way it is by powerman 5000?

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Powerman 5000 - The way it is 

On Youtube >

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

There is not one good song on the whole compilation however I was extremely amused by the LIMEWIRE chatter that has taken over your comment section.

G Dog 8 years ago

I remember growing up in these days, i loved every single one of these songs, we used to have a radio station in my town that played all of this good music, but when this music became 90's instead of now, the station adopted all of the new crap, don't get me wrong, i still like a lot of the new stuff, but the 90's were still the greatest

Randomblogger  8 years ago

Taco's are still delicious

Indeed 8 years ago

I didn't realize I've heard some of these songs until I looked them up... And RICKY thanks for the collective soul suggestion! I like their song "Shine" =]

cereal is better than tacos.

allmymusicisfree 8 years ago

yea just go to any search for the song you want follwed by the word yea just to give you guys a heads up...this internet thing is pretty crazy huh?

joe_mama 8 years ago

Bull carap Buzz cuts is availaible in stores i have seen it

Donovan 8 years ago

Use Limewire to get the songs!

1993 8 years ago

ya. I remember from when i was younger ( I was born in 1993). I love this cd. though i downloaded it off limewire.. : ]

Enoughcryingpeople 8 years ago

You can download music or anything else with a good News Group provider. Sure you pay a monthly fee but it is well worth it. You can download with no trace of doing it. Save your allowance or go get a job. Torents and limewire suck and leave you very vulnable.

stealthworker 8 years ago

ya these songs are on limewire and you don't need lime pro to get them!!

BakaBaka 8 years ago

Yeah, you can get all these songs on LimeWire. But LimeWire is loaded with viruses and can easily crash your computer.

By the way, I love the CD.

gabrielle 8 years ago

yall the the weirdest bunch of people like ever!!! true the 90's were the best times for all of us who lived through it for more than 5 years. you have to have REALLY lived through the 90s to get the music. now the music is chill, but it will never be the same. oh and by the way, jersey mikes subs are better then cereal and tacos put together. we have good taste in the south.

later fools

whitemixmexican 8 years ago

dude limewire is gay. bearshare is the shit... im sorry

wade soxaplox fox 8 years ago

dude im in needing of a crip 3, 6, 4000 episode of pokémon can anyone help?!?!?!

exarmy1 8 years ago

I actually saw this cd at Target yesterday, not sure if it is at any other store.

-_- 8 years ago

great i just wasted my life trying to find sum decent songs to put on a cd i want to listen to at work but instead of finding it through the power of the internet i get crap from most people on this thing that has nothing to do with what the topic is. personal yeah i love this music, its prlly the only time that i think that music was at its peak but now its just slowly declining to the point where we will all just listen to this idiotic crap that we call music now and soon we would all be labled with bar codes on our shaved heads have numbers instead of names and rock out and mosh pit or what ever the hell anyone does when they listen to music until we all bleed from the ears listening to whitenoise. and i know im ranting the hell off right now but im kinda in the zone but just because all this shit about limewire and bearshare..WHO GIVES A F*** honestly there are more people in the world that are in need of money then some band from ohio that thinks they can just sell their cd and make millions of dollars and yea i dont wanna sound like a hypocrite i mean i download and i sumtimes buy cds but it all just comes down to free choice cause only u choose to download and u choose to be on this webpage and im not one to judge its what ever they hell u wanna do. personaly i just wanted songs to play at work so F this sh#< cause i just want to not be depressed and sweatting my sack off at work and listen to some enjoyable music cause even though we all have our faults and differences about our taste of music and bands and ect.. we all have one thing in common..... THE LOVE OF THE MUSIC so keep doing what ever you are doing download buy listen but just remember "the love of the music is strong in life and has the power to shape remake and expresse who we are to overcome any problem"

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 8 years ago

This is a really good compilation. I remember most of these songs from around the late nineties and actually own a some of them.

jonestr31 8 years ago

limewire is cool but i find frostwire even cooler

67fgytffj 8 years ago

wtf is a life?

GroupieGirlNJ 8 years ago

I like this mix.

I agree, it is similar to many 90's mixes I've seen, but they've added some post-90's stuff on here that changes it up a little. I think the Stone Temple Pilots song and Blink 182 both sound out of place, but oh well. Overall enjoyable.

And as for the Limewire debates... Limewire is overrated, especially with all the lawsuits and crap going on. I personally found all of these songs except Celebrity Skin on Napster... you just download them on Napster and then strip the DRM coding, and TADA! A quality mp3 file.

starboltchaos 8 years ago

Mmm...opinionated banter.

Honestly, these songs are good. They bring back memoies

Music today: same as always, goods and bads

Limewire & Alternatives: Personal Preference, just know your risks

Getting a life: Just because you know about computerss doesn't mean you have a life.

Did I cover it all?

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

^ ^ ^


YayTaco 8 years ago

nirvana was like the biggest alternative band anytime anywhere. where are they?

zen 8 years ago

The 90's are probably the best years for rock/ alternative. The rock and alternatives these days are good but not great. I love all the songs in this CD!

muhammad 8 years ago

Limewire works great when you know what you're doing (trust me, you don't have to know a lot).

Anyway, good songs.

evan 8 years ago

just buy them one at a time off itunes or download off limewire. worked for me

hahayourfunnyyyy 8 years ago

i totally agree with randomblogger.

tacos are delicious [:



i really miss the 90's

i love these songs. [:

yall are idiots 8 years ago

wow everyone on here is so dumb you can like the music or not it doesn't matter just go on about your business...personally i like the music....but im not gonna hate someone who doesn't...thats just dumb...

C.Riley 8 years ago

yeah, i really liked the cd, but iI would of liklike

1992 8 years ago

Creed is the SEX!:]

Samantha 8 years ago

Creed is my favorite band. =]

But, where's Pearl Jam..or Nirvana =O

It's Puddle od MudD


Samantha 8 years ago


I did want this CD though...

Samantha 8 years ago

I still want it...

you guys are nerds 8 years ago

get over it

the only reason i looked up this cd is so i could look up all the songs on limewire... this cost money

limewire = free

so go die in a hole or something

krissy mv180 8 years ago

i really want this cd it has some of my favorite bands on the cd,i hope i get this awesome cd

getalife. 8 years ago

seriously, Pat's in philly is so much better then ANYTHING in this world. so thanks for your opinions but i've got this :D

the cd is cool and limewire is the shit.

pop 8 years ago

I love papa roch

XxbonniblazexX 8 years ago

This Cd is pretty much amazing. And all you limewire haters...yeah it kills your computer but see that's why god invented virus blocker stuff...well yeah. this cd is cool and... limewire rocks so ..Yeah...

peace love 'n' alternative rock


gbman18 8 years ago

this cd has got some great songs on it that arnt swearing or bad. overall gooooddd. 2 thumbs up!

papa = mama 8 years ago

ok papa roach rocks wheres nirvana?

haley_skarr159 8 years ago

this is a super cool site.


dozier 8 years ago

You can know get breakfast at Subway! Thank god, I've been waiting for a foot long breakfast sandwoch for years. Word!

liz 8 years ago

to solve the problem of limewire and viruses, try using a mac--no viruses :)

With the proper anti-virus software, medium computer knowledge, boot disks, and the CD's that came with your (hopefully registered and legal) version of Windows, there should be no problem with using limewire anyway. :)


Former employee of Geeksquad and Microsoft, current employee of an IT department at a University, title: Technology Specialist.


LIZ SUCKS IT! 8 years ago

liz says:5 hours ago

to solve the problem of limewire and viruses, try using a mac--no viruses :)

With the proper anti-virus software, medium computer knowledge, boot disks, and the CD's that came with your (hopefully registered and legal) version of Windows, there should be no problem with using limewire anyway. :)


Former employee of Geeksquad and Microsoft, current employee of an IT department at a University, title: Technology Specialist.



Embryonic 8 years ago

LIZ SUCKS IT! says:3 hours ago

liz says:5 hours ago

to solve the problem of limewire and viruses, try using a mac--no viruses :)

With the proper anti-virus software, medium computer knowledge, boot disks, and the CD's that came with your (hopefully registered and legal) version of Windows, there should be no problem with using limewire anyway. :)


Former employee of Geeksquad and Microsoft, current employee of an IT department at a University, title: Technology Specialist.



You are both wrong. Its all about Linux. If you actually ARE a tech speacalist, you would know this Liz. As for Microsoft/Windows. Look what happened with Vista

truth 8 years ago

all the worst songs in the 90's all on 2 cd's and over-priced. honestly 95% of this songs are almost impossible to sit thru, just the worst generic sounds crap ever, i laugh at the people buying this cd.. im serious.

limewire7459483 8 years ago

hey guess what? i have no virus software. i have no adware or spyware software. i have limewire running in the background whenever the computer is on. i have never gotten a virus by downloading music and videos...or even porn

Poop 8 years ago

Buzzcuts is a terrible name for this.

SorceressEdea7 8 years ago

:P No Weezer? it needs Weezer.

urallpathetic 8 years ago

sum ppl on this thing a gay as hell grow up and get a life..

chey 8 years ago

i agree with matt. truth can screw off, i like most of those songs. i realize some of them r way overrated but u don need to be a dick about it.

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

Why are all your comments from non-hubbers? it makes it look unreal. I'm sure you weren't writing these things to yourself but it does kinda feel that way.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author

Are you serious? I'm #1 on Google. All of my traffic is from non-hubbers!

jaXreapeR 8 years ago

Limewire and bearshare both suck. The last thing I need is to download some music and it ends up being porn or some advertisement. Ares is better than both of those and you don't have to worry about Viruses EVER.

wowguys 8 years ago

Isn't this stuff supposed 2 b about the CD? seriously. I was just looking for the song titles so I could download them. But u guys r talking about all this limewire crap that's really pathetic. Cant u guys go outside or something I mean seriously. It's GORGEOUS outside!!!!!

Mike 8 years ago

They have very great song, that you would want to listen to anywhere.

Hitoshi 8 years ago

I'm thinking to myself wow most of these are decade old already. I grew up with these songs and still love'em. I can see it now 50 years from now still listening to it on oldies channel on radio getting laughed at my grand kids

Yarp 8 years ago

Calling Simple Plan or Lifehouse alternative music is like calling Soula Boi hip-hop. Some of this crap I can live without (Creed, 311, Puddle of Mudd) but the good stuff is... well, good. Buzz Ballads mixes it up a bit more though.

As for the whole Limewire debate: if you don't want STD's don't buy hookers.

"to anyone w/real taste in music" I bet it's safe to assume library consists of Metallica and Pantera mainly. And if YOU had any real taste, you'd listen to a variety of music, rather than the same stuff, regardless of how good it is. It's amazing what you can tell about an idiot by a simple comment such as yours.

"ya. I remember from when i was younger ( I was born in 1993). I love this cd. though i downloaded it off limewire.. : ]" Shut up, you were in preschool when the majorityt of this stuff was released. I don't think the teacher was playing alt-rock after naptime.

Stfu. 8 years ago

My god you are the most bitchy people i have EVER SEEN. If you don't like some of the music, POST ABOUT WHAT YOU DO LIKE. If you don't like any of the music, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE. And if you think Limewire is crap, YOUR CORRECT. Frostwire is Limewire Pro for free, and with next to no virus's. And for all you fucktard nerds that think EVERYTHING carrys virus's, I am a computer major. In all odds, Your virus's are coming from the PORN you download from LIMEWIRE. The MUSIC is not the PROBLEM. Get a life, stop looking at porn, and you will be just fucking peachy.

green day rocks44 8 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh liiiiimmmmeeee wiiiiiirrrrreeeeee hearts my brain! virus this virus that!tacos are good

wetware 8 years ago

ok yeah the term "buzz" is an indication to a new song that is "buzzing" around and getting airplay. Has nothing to do with being alternative. These songs all made tv debuts on MTV's buzz bin. There ya have it, that's why it was aptly titled buzz cuts. As for the music, i can't say one bad thing about this release at all. I love every flippin song on it. I'm very happy with the selection.

eehhh 8 years ago

i used limewire for like 4 years but it did eventually allow a hacker to enter. someone wrote mp3 in the name of something but i didn't actually pay attention to the "type" so a hacker went it... got to bank info. scuked, but if it happens it was your own fault, just like it was mine.

BloodFox 8 years ago

This is such a great cd it has like all my favorite songs♥

ehhhhhhhhhhh 8 years ago

LIME WIRE???????????????????????????????????? DON'T PAY FOR MUSIC

Asia 8 years ago

Haha, i honestly just read all of this.

I kept laughing, you people are funny.

Well, i like 75% of this CD, but i wouldn't buy it.

i use limewire and ive crashed one of my old computers because of all the porn i watched, not because of the music.


tacos, cereal, and subway are very good, i agree.


Tommyyy 8 years ago

Shit, never heard of Frostwire. I'm gonna try it

Oh, and fyi, half these songs are good. the other half is crap. and that's just how it is, don't argue, b/c its true.

joe 8 years ago

buzzzz cuts what like army guys

jimmy deen 8 years ago


Johnny 8 years ago

This cd looks aight. I'll be gettin it for sure

Vanessa 8 years ago

Buzz Cuts IS acctually Available at Target Stores.

just so you know.

kelyo 8 years ago

i was reading some of these comments because i am just that bored & i would like to say that i want randomblogger to be my best friend!

tacos are truly delicious & talking about them is much more interesting than talking about limewire!

but to stick to the topic this cd does have some really good songs.

Fishbeard 8 years ago

I took about ten minutes to read through this because I just watched the commercial and curiosity took over. Being a musician myself I respect all other musicians and I respect those that made it big. These people worked hard and had fun and made a few good songs, songs good enough to be put on a cd that is currently being sold for almost 30 bucks. Some of these songs are simply amazing every time I hear them, some have the appeal of a house fire, but this cd is a nice mix of popular songs I wouldn't be ashamed of owning in my arsenal of music. If you want to download them go ahead, it's a big kick in the ass to bands our there that are dropped by their labels because they aren't making enough money. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back jackasses, you killed music.

Hater 8 years ago

I hate every band on this cd. I hate every song on this cd. I hate this cd in general. And I hate alternative rock.

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 8 years ago from ~~~ Author're a real hater. You hate it so much that you took the time to Google it.

im here! 8 years ago

everyone else was leaving comments, i just wanted to be popular!

they advertised all the good songs in the commercial and then threw a bunch of crap together to make it 30 songs lol

cooper 8 years ago

by the way scott the person who said lime wire crash's your comp. suck a chode ive had lime wire for years and nothing happened and you can find this cd in walmart for 14.99 saw it there the other day

jubs4ever 8 years ago

hahaha viruses...... get a mac and download all the music you like toolbags

ProHacker666 8 years ago

LIMEWIRE Limewire LiMeWiRe lImEwIrE don't have antivirus scan every now and then No Viruses Windows XP Black with custom virus prevention no activation office 07 nero 8 (Vista-(Microsucks Excuse For AN os)) Xp all the way

Viral 8 years ago

Wow so many people bitching about viruses, man one time i purposely downloaded all those "viral" files you find on limewire to purposely crash the computer of a dude i hate, and they don't do shit, at most he got a pop up once, then he just ran spybot search and destroy and boom my master plan was ruined, someone give me a better site with some real damn viruses, the type that makes your computer actually turn into a bluescreen slideshow

kody is hot 8 years ago

i love music bitches

kody is hot 8 years ago

i also love to get laid with violet music in the back to make it more intenseyou know so things are hotter aaaaah yaa slap me!

phizz 8 years ago


damn i couldn't just post lol cuz this stoopid thing came up and said "Your comment is rather short." :(

Torrents 8 years ago

limewire is the n00b way of doing things

there are soo many otherways of downloading music and videos

that arnt so illegal and just as free as the next

limewire n00000000b go home

and cry to your mom


You THiNk YoUr ColD Im frOm WISconSin BiTch 8 years ago

SO i am like sitting in the living room bored off my ass and damn near sleepin and all the sudden BAMN papa roach is singing to me im like HolY O fUck its a sign fRom god .....Is he tAkinG me away to heaven......WTF

NOOO its a KiCk ass commercial ...go figure is what i say about the fuckin CD ...dicth the namE...WTF second WHere iN the hell is Nirvana??? huh? other than that i aint buyin the cd ill just use LIMEWIRE duhhh ...i don't have the money to pay for a cd when i can listen to it free...hello look at the gas prices !!! I COULD care less if its illegal or's what i say if its illegal or going against your parents wishes DO IT!

Byrdman 8 years ago

hell yeah i agree with "you think your cold im from wisconsin bitch" kind of cd is this no nirvana n hell yeah limewire saved me maddd money ill never buy another cd in my life fuck it the shit is FREEE..

Paul 8 years ago

No Good Charlotte, no Limp Bizkit, no Linkin Park, no Nirvana, no Godsmack...seriously they left out a lot of good artists. Still, the album is pretty good.

Kemme068 8 years ago

i don't know a whole lot about limewire but i know that i used to share my music and i got a shit load of viruses but then i got my computer fixed and stopped sharing my music but still use limewire and my security isn't picking up anymore viruses...comment back on this topic

niglet 8 years ago

you can get viruses thru p2p but use frostwire, a lot better than limewire and install avast and you're good.

GrooveSharkListener400 8 years ago

Have you tried Grooveshark? It an online playlist you can create & find many of the songs on BuzzCuts playlist. I've even found music done by a Swedish DJ

Caroline 7 years ago

I've actually seen the first Buzz Cuts cd in Best Buy, if you're looking for it in stores.

Steva 7 years ago

Ive been looking for months, trying to get the best 90's songs, songs i remember listening to as a kid and this cd was a big help. i actually dowloaded all the songs from frostwire =], i <3 free music. but ive been using limewire on my computer for about idk 6 years? and frostwire for about 2 years [i flipflop between the 2] and ive never had a virus.. but i only download the mp3 files. any ideas from which internet pages i can get even more songs from?

Ironic 7 years ago

i downloaded both cd's list of songs from so yeah did not need the cd.

awesomekid 7 years ago

well... commenting 2 yrs after the original post and the songs on this cd are still awesome.

limewire and all those other programs are just dumb there are much better ways of getting music

to all the ppl hating on microsoft, windows 7 runs great and i wouldn't ruin it with dumbass programs like limewire or frostwire

dylan 6 years ago

No ska? R u kidding?

antwon. 6 years ago

yeah, these bands are way too overated. these are all the videos, and songs you see on youtube with 40million views or more, they're too genaric, spread you're musical library and listen to some underground music.

vikki 6 years ago

these are all my fav. songs and now are on one cd! i am soooooo happy

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