CD Review: Drive-By Truckers - Go-Go Boots

I love poetry and a couple of the greatest poets of the modern day are Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers. On Go-Go Boots , Patterson turns in several great ones but really excels on "Used To Be a Cop" and "Assholes". Mike doesn't slack either, especially on "The Weakest Man". Even Shonna Tucker does a good job with "Dancin' Ricky".

As is true of every Drive-By Truckers album, most of the songs here tell stories that enrapture lyrically as well as musically. I would have to say though, that as good as this album is, there are no tracks that can compare with some of the Truckers' older classics like "Panties in Your Purse", "My Sweet Annette" or "Little Bonnie" though "Used To be a Cop" does come close. Still, this is a very strong album and will certainly be one of the best out this year.

This album also features covers of two Eddie Hinton songs, "Where's Eddie?" and "Everybody Needs Love". On Gangstabilly, the Truckers did a song called "Sandwiches for the Road" that was bout Eddie Hinton, so it is really no surprise that the band would cover him here.

Musically, this is a more laid back, relaxed effort than their last album, The Big To-Do . That album was filled with more rocking tracks fueled by intense guitar where as this record is more subdued and reflective, the emphasis more on the stories the songs tell than the presentation.

If you are a Drive-By Truckers fan, you will find plenty here to enjoy. If you are not yet familiar with the bands, this is as good a place to start as any. I would recommend the album to anyone who enjoys good music or anyone who enjoys good story telling. If you enjoy both, then this one should be at the top of your must-have list!

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