Cartoons and Animated Characters That Kids Love and Learn From

Watching Cartoons

One of the most powerful instructors in a child's life today are the animated cartoon figures he watches on the television. I know my child has picked up many words, phrases and even attitudes from the cartoons he watches.

While some so called animated movies should never be seen by children, there is a lot that the children can view and learn from as well. I must congratulate the Disney people for the formidable line up that they have for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Here is a selection of some of my boy (and my) favourite shows.

Handy Manny

Handy Manny and his tools help fix things
Handy Manny and his tools help fix things

Handy Manny Theme Song

Handy Manny

Set in the town of Sheetrock Hills, Manny is a handyman. He owns a repair shop and a box of animated tools. In each episode they get called for help from one of the town's residents.The answering call cue is "You break it, we fix it!"

Depending on what needs to be fixed, Manny will head with the tools over to Kelly's hardware store and pick up the needed spare part. Then they will fix what is broken.

There is generally a crisis to be averted and a different solution to the problem presented. A song is usually made up about the repairs being carried out.

The lessons that kids learn are many. The first is that it is easy to work with your hands and fix things that are broken.

Second there is always more than one solution to a given problem, if you only think about it. There is also a smattering of spanish to be picked up.

Mickey Mouse Club House

Mickey Mouse Club House

Who doesn't know and love the world famous mouse? The people at Disney have turned the gang of Mickey, Minni, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto into an education machine.

The club house appears when you say the magic words, "Miska Mouska, Mickey Mouse!"

Then some one comes up with a problem, and we go to the Mousketeer to get the Mouskatools. Which are very kindly brought to us at the appropriate time by Toodles! (Oh Toodles!)

There is also one Mystery Mouseketool which we only discover when we need to use it. The gadgets used are many and varied and help children understand how they work.

Without even realizing it kids pick up shapes, colours, numbers, pattern identification and basic age appropriate skills. Not to mention an increased vocabulary.

My Friends Tigger and Pooh

My Friends Tigger and Pooh

In the Hundred Acre Wood lives Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, Eyore, Roo and his mother Kanga. Then there is six year old Darby and her dog Buster who drop by to play. Christopher Robinson also comes along once in a while.

The team of Darby, Pooh and Tigger is the team of the Super Sleuths. The Finder's Flag tells them about the location of the episode's mystery. Then they cycle over and try to solve the mystery.

This will usually involve them to "Think Think Think" before they come up with a solution to the mystery problem. Again a lot of subconscious learning happens along the way.

Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins

If some one told me that they would instruct preschoolers in Classical Music, The Grand Master Artists and Geographic locations of Historical Buildings, I would have asked them if they were crazy.

This was before I viewed the Little Einsteins on Play House Disney. The team consists of Leo, and his sister Annie and their friends June and Quincy.Not to forget the versatile Rocket, who takes them on incredible adventures.

Leo is the conductor, Annie is the singer, June the dancer and Quincy is the musician. Each adventure involves going from one location to the other. Art appreciation is blended in with introduction to the classics.

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Reena Daruwalla profile image

Reena Daruwalla 7 years ago from INDIA

It used to be Teletubbies and now it is, as you say, Mickey Mouse club house and Little Einsteins. And i also like them to watch Boogie Beebies and Big Cook Little cook and Numberjacks on Ceebeebies. As in I don't actually mind!

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

Hey that's all on Cee Bee Bees. I think I'll do a Hub on them as well. This one is total Disney.

Candie V profile image

Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

I loved the orig Mickey Mouse Club!! And you can't go wrong with Winnie the Pooh!! Great hub, Cashmere!!

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

Thanks Candie. I love them all as much as my son does.

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

I learn a lot about this stuff when I shop for baby gifts! LOL But I still can sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme. Cool hub, I likes! :D

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

It is fun isn't it? Cris!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

Makes me wish I had a youngster at home.  Oh wait!  I can watch these shows without one! ;D kids grew up with Sesame Street, a pretty radical idea back then.  That kids could learn spelling and shapes and such from TV.  How far we've come! 

AlexK2009 profile image

AlexK2009 7 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

The radical thing is that learning can be fun and absorbed uconsciously. The risk is that these techniques could be used for political indoctrination. Apart from that it is a welcome trend

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

It is great jama. I love the play way schooling they have these days.

Alex it is a concern that I agree with. That's why I monitor my every program my baby sees.

Kushal Poddar profile image

Kushal Poddar 7 years ago from Kolkata,India

I never missed a Tom and Jerry show till this day. Miss The Simpson though.

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

Kushal those are perinial favourites! Tom and Jerry totally rock.

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

I'm still mad how they changed Winnie the Pooh. There was nothing wrong with it the way it was :) Excellent hub.

Charia Samher profile image

Charia Samher 7 years ago

Yes I believe you, these cartoons can be a great help indeed in our little ones. We can guide them in choosing the right cartoons to watch to. =)

cashmere profile image

cashmere 7 years ago from India Author

I know uninvited writer, I liked Cris too!

Yes Charia, what they watch can make a world of a difference in their attitude and behaviour!

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