Celebrities I Hate

And I hate most of them

Celebrities are the bane of the American existance. Every minute of every day we are regaled with their latest ridiculous sightings, their five-minute love affairs and the mug shots we love to stare at. I hate them. I don't hate them just for being celebrities. I hate each of them as individuals and each for a different reason.

Most of them are boring and stupid. The ones who aren't boring are sleazy. There's not a single celebrity today who isn't an idiot or an asshole. Most of their "talents" are stage or screen trickery that makes it seem like they can act/dance/sing. I'm calling them out now. So, take a look at just of few of the worst celebrities and discover why your favorite celebrity sucks.

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mrpajamasharkman profile image

mrpajamasharkman 9 years ago from Texas

Oh come on! Not ALL celebrities are bad... Just the ones that are constantly in the tabloids and prison. And in labor. Those are the celebrities we should hate.

theman38 8 years ago

I agree they are stupid. All they care about is millions of dollars people in the U.S is losing there jobs, and cant afford to live cause of gas and everything, but they dont care. No one should make more money than the president of the U.S, but Lebron James, and every other athlete and Oprahs talk shows probably make more in one day than they do in a year. I wish people would wake up they need to work for 9-15.00 a hour and see how to manage there money. Most of these people probably have never had it rough some have, but majority has had everything giving to them there whole life. Then they want to stand up there with there shirt off and think they are all that. If it wasn't for the lighting, airbrushing, tv people etc.... They would look just like us!! WAKE UP AMERICA help someone that needs it not a celebrity that has millions of dollars come on!

Ken 8 years ago

I cannot stand it when a famous movie or rock star is plastered all over the news and/or papers. People like myslf would never make the paper if I drove drunk, or did drugs. Who friggin cares about these people, they do not care about us. Name on famous celebrity who came to an average joes house and sat down and had a beer with them. They think they are stupid, dumb, lost. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a fucking horse for christ sakes. Brittney just needs a good fuck. You se these famous movie stars all over the magazines. I mean if Amy Winehouse wants to kill herself, then let her do it; shit I'll give her the bullets. I say we come out with the american citizen magazine. A magazine that goes from town to town and does interviews with people like us. Would it make money? Who cares, it'll be just another enjoyable piece of crap magazine that soon would be exploited by the american public.

Anon 8 years ago

I cannot stand celebs, they just kill me-totally. We suffer from the suckish eco-and they live it up. I CANT STAND THEM!

Anon 8 years ago

Yo, why do celebs get all the fancy treatment like they are royalty. That's what I hate. While US middle and lower class people have to work our way to the top, and some of us don't even makeit. All they have to do is sing a tune or act a scene.

Wazzy 8 years ago

What middle class or lower class? To a Celebrity, or anyone rich, theres ONLY a lower class. They take what weve given them and throw it in our faces! I think its bullshit how people are dying on the streets with hunger, or the person next door just got laid off, but noo, tom hanks just got 43million for a movie... There are celebrities that have more money than GM, Crysler, Ford.... Thats bullshit.. the world is wrapped around the movie.. Let me ask all you a question... If a celebrity'job is to act, then how do we know that they arent acting in real life?

Beaks 8 years ago from USA Author

I agree about how much actors are paid- any entertainer is doing something to give people a degree of hapiness or at least entertainment. But, MILLIONS of dollars? Come on! No actor or singer is worth that.

I do disagree about "anyone rich," though. Most rich people, the entertainment industry aside, work very hard for what they have and should not have to give it away just because there are people who make less. Most millionaires become so after starting their own business and working in it for decades. Most of them also live within their means- that's how they kept their money. These celebrities are NOT what most millionaires look like.

8 years ago

yeah celebrities have gone too far my favorite show is family guy and thats because it always got something stupid going on but in reality how much stupid baloney can this entertainment business put out people are living on the damn streets in the us and im damn near homeless myself you just dont get entertained any more by bitches on sex in the city anymore after youve had to work with real live ones in the work force

starcrafter 7 years ago

If it's art support it, if it's hype ignore it. That's all most of these idiots are: all hype. Look at Dave Chappelle, offered buckets of money but it was controlling him and forcing him into a role he didn't want to live. He had to escape just to keep sight of what he believed in and putting his family first. Sure, all that money would have been nice but mark my words, you start down the path to only money you will lose all the really important things in life. It goes for all of us. Money is a necessary evil yes, but it's not the end all be all for all our problems. Live within your means, be thankful of what you have not greeding over the next big purchase, see past the next dollarsign... I'm not saying people should live in boxes but if we continue to chase dollars, we'll just remain miserable and in a recession continously in an endless cycle. Support artists, shun celebrities.

John 7 years ago

That's why I do not support them. Only stupid fans do

Most celebrities will do anything for MONEY and act like an


kris 6 years ago

I can't stand those overated,ego infested,assholes there are people dying out there because of no health care,not enough food living on the edge,while those disgusting celebs suck up all the resources of the world and leave nothing,they all make me want to vomit in their faces,damn every one of them.Stop buying anything they have to do with,stop going to their crappy movies,stop buying their junk cds,because when you do you help them live their lavish lifestyles while we struggle to keep a roof over our heads,and try to keep a job,try to afford enough food,fuck each and every one of them.

rekik 6 years ago

i hate celebrities they get all the attention its like they are royalty they dont help and some dont even deserve to be famous exmple paris hilton.

Rich Man 4 years ago

I am a scientist, AND do make plenty money (also operate in several languages, born outside USA). You hate celebrities, but for my people it's not plain hate. I DESPISE CELEBRTIES VEHEMENTLY. One example: I go read email off Roadrunner Webmail which i am forced to when traveling (no MSOutlook) - EVERYDAY the top news which i am force-fed since it's WebMail, not Outlook, is "latest Celebrity Sightings" and quite often the supposedly beautiful people they show are uglier than my neighbors. Beneat all that makeup, mascara & painting, are SWINE.

Corpse vomit is better.

I frigging want my email & legitimate news perhaps, but not enedless carnival of idiocy and who ate or chocked on what, wore such & such dress or got prgnant at 11.

America is agreat counrty, unfortunately ever apple is prone to worms, the obsessio nwith Celebrities is your desease.

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    Britney Spears

    I freaking hate Britney Spears. Everything about her inspires hatred, from her bald head to her bare feet. But, I'll limit my reasons to just three:

    1. She's gross. She always looks dirty, she walks around barefoot or in gross flipflops all the time with a greasy face and stringy extensions.

    2. She's stupid. Did you see her interview in Fareinheit 911? She's the stupidest of all the celebutants. I doubt she can read much more than her name. All that money and she has no clue what to do with it. If she has it for more than another year I'll eat my own head.

    3. She's compelling. Being gross, stupid and filthy rich, it's hard to look away. We need to know what she's doing all the time, every stupid gross thing. She shocks us in a way that Madonna can only dream of. If Brit would just go the freak away we could all get back to our regulalry scheduled lives. She sucks.

    Amy Winehouse

    There are a lot of disgusting celebrities out there, but this one is the second worst (yup, Pete Doherty is #1 worldwide). I've never actually heard this thing sing, but judging from the crack, meth and heroin use, how good could it be? And even if it was the most perfect sound ever conceived, it could never make up for the world being subjected to this pile of crap. Being a filthy drug addict sucks.

    Angelina at her worst
    Angelina at her worst

    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina sucks because she is the most misguided celebrity with a God complex alive. Angelina Jolie believes that she is saving the world by adopting a few children. She isn't building orphanages. She isn't putting in volunteer work cleaning out the rats in Russian orphanages or working in a soup kitchen for homeless families. She's making movies. And, that's pretty much all. Her biological and adopted kids are schleped all over the world without a stable base of operations. Their lives are crap, moved from school to school and subjected to daily paparazzi attacks. But, all of this gratifies her giant ego and she somehow feels she is "helping" the world. Way to go, Angelina Jolie. You suck.

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    Lolita 9 years ago

    I think Angelina does this because she is trying to get people to like her, not because she thinks she is saving the world. Its all for the press.

    jenova  8 years ago

    britney is trash,amy winehouse is just freakin gross and angelina thinks she's the second coming of christ

    j-master-5 7 years ago

    I agree with you all the way but your also forgeting all here movies are all really really bad and to me she is not that hot and also her boobies sagg.

    Annie 6 years ago

    I hate Sidney Crosby because he plays a sweet shy boy in front of the camera and in real life he is a vulgar pig and a self-absorbed, self-entitled, arrogant bully. Since when did athletes become friggan actors. Don't be a nice person but then get the hell of my child's pajamas and off my child's cereal box. I don't want him looking up to you when a few years from now everyone will learn what you are and we will have another Tiger Woods or worse.

    HR 6 years ago

    At least she helps people

    Robbie Gallagher 4 years ago

    Excellent that you've used the word "schlepped"! Fits precisely.

    As of 3 celebs analyzed above - note how massively dominant women are in a class of "stupid celebrity".

    While infinitely far from Islam, sometimes I think Islamd got it right with women.

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      Paris Hilton

      I hate Paris Hilton because she's disgusting. Not only is the ugly, she has no idea that she is. She thinks she's beautiful because people pay her to model their crap. They pay her because they know people will look at the pictures to marvel about how gross she is. She used to do runway modeling and got that because her parents were famous and connected. She's stupid, her friends are stupid, and her life is pointless. She would do more good working at a Dairy Queen. Paris Hilton is a waste of space on this Earth, which is why she sucks.

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      sun goddess profile image

      sun goddess 8 years ago from davao city, philippines

      That's harsh... but yeah... The world has had enough of her airhead antics and bad taste in men and clothes... somebody shoot her dead...

      jenova 8 years ago

      She looks like a ventriliquist dummy with those quacky square lips and the only reason she's famous is because of daddy's money

      j-master-5 7 years ago

      yeah I hope she burns in hell.

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        Um, you forgot your pants...
        Um, you forgot your pants...

        Why I Hate Victoria Beckham

        What an arrogant idiot. It doesn't matter to her that she's as dumb as a post, as long as she's ashy looking and thin she doesn't care about all that silly brain stuff. She once bragged that she had never in her life read a book. That, of course, was AFTER she "wrote" a book of her own. Idiot. She needs to be ignored fiercely until the world returns to some semblance of sanity and forgets crappy celebrities like this one. Being stupid sucks.

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        jenova 8 years ago

        she looks older than god

        j-master-5 7 years ago

        who the hell is this???

        Julia Skinners 4 years ago

        I didn't know this celeb existed? Victoria beckham?

        Also why so many stupids amonsgt FEMALE "celebs" (I am nto sure if Victoria is even a 'celeb")?? More than men. Are women genetically retarded?

        Beaks 4 years ago from USA Author

        There are so many stupid, useless male celebrities that I gave the their own Hub. I assure you, male celebs are every bit as arrogant, idiotic and pointless as their female counterparts.

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