Twitterpated over a Movie Star?
Twitterpated over a Movie Star?

Celebrities in Twitter

Hollywood Celebrities are connecting to fans using Twitter.

Just as Business Owners are finding out the value of Twitter Hollywood is using it in the same way. Promote and get feedback.

The Celebrity list is impressive and constantly growing.

And Hollywood is getting original when it comes to massing followings on Twitter.

Ellen joined and made it a game!
Ellen joined and made it a game!

Ellen Gets In a Twitter!

 When Ellen was introduced to Twitter by Sean Diddy she tweeted and tweeted and tweeted some more! She couldn't stop!

Known for "obsessing" in her comedic routine she proved she was good at it.

Ellen joined Twitter on March 11th, 2009 and started a game:

"Help Ellen get 1 Million Followers in 1 day, Before she goes on Leno Tonight!" and that got ReTweeted (RT'd) by thousands of people willing to help her out!

Twitter was Ellen Show crazy all day!

Ellen told Leno "I want followers not friends!" with a big smile and reported that where she didn't hit 1 Million in 1 day, she got 80,000 followers because people ReTweeted for her!

Definately a Twitterholic Ellen is one of the most amusing Twitter users. Little blurbs into her brain are just as amusing in Twitter as they are on the show or on tour. Welcome Ellen!

Celebrities in Twitter

Here is a current list of Celebrities to "stalk" (tongue in cheek) in Twitter!

@ Al Gore
@ Alex Albrecht
@ Alison Sudol
@ Amber Benson
@ Andy Murray
@ Anita Cochran
@ Arnold Schwarzenegger
@ Ashton Kutcher
@ Barack Obama
@ Ben Kweller
@ Bishop Alan Wilson
@ Bjork
@ Bob Guiney
@ Bob Vila
@ Borat Sagdiyev
@ Brea Grant
@ Brent Spiner
@ Brett Gurewitz
@ Britney Spears
@ Brooke Burke
@ Brooke Hogan
@ Cesar Millan
@ Chris Carrabba
@ Chris Cornell
@ Crispin Glover
@ Dane Cook
@ Dave Matthews
@ David Blue
@ David Henrie
@ David Hewlett
@ David Lawrence
@ David Lynch
@ Deborah (Debbie) Gibson
@ Demi Lovato
@ Demi Moore
@ Diablo Cody
@ Don Draper
@ Doug Benson
@ Dr. Drew Pinsky
@ Eli Manning
@ Ellen Degeneres
@ Emma Watson
@ Erykah Badu
@ Evan Williams
@ Ewan McGregor
@ Felicia Day
@ Fran Drescher
@ Fred Durst
@ Gail O'Grady
@ Gerard Way
@ Greg Grunberg
@ Gregg Opie Hughes
@ Hulk Hogan
@ Imogen Heap
@ Ingrid Michaelson
@ James Gunn
@ James Kyson Lee
@ Jamie Kennedy
@ Jamie Murray
@ Jane Fonda
@ Janina Gavankar
@ Jason Mraz
@ Jemaine Clement
@ Jerry Rice
@ Jesse Jane
@ Jhonen Vasquez
@ Jimmy Fallon
@ Joe Biden
@ John Cabrera
@ John Cleese
@ John Edwards
@ John Hodgman
@ John Mayer
@ John McCain
@ Jona Bechtolt (Yacht)
@ Jonathan Coulton
@ Jonathan Ross
@ Justine Bateman
@ Karl Rove
@ Kate Hewlett
@ Kathy Griffin
@ Katy Perry
@ Keiko Agena
@ Kerry Rhodes
@ Kevin Pollak
@ Kevin Rose
@ Kevin Smith
@ Lance Armstrong
@ Larry David
@ Leo Laporte
@ LeVar Burton
@ Lily Allen
@ Lisa Loeb
@ Luke Wilson
@ Mariah Carey
@ Martha Stewart
@ Maxime Verhagen
@ MC Hammer
@ Michael Ian Black
@ Michael Phelps
@ Michael Urie
@ Mikey Way
@ Mischa Barton
@ Nastia Liukin
@ Natalie Gulbis
@ Neil Gaiman
@ Olivia Munn
@ Patrick Wilson
@ Paul Brandt
@ Paul Wall
@ Paulo Coelho
@ Penn Jillette
@ Perez Hilton
@ Pete Wentz
@ Pete Yorn
@ Phillip Schofield
@ QTip
@ Questo of the Roots
@ Rachel Bilson
@ Rainn Wilson
@ Richard Branson
@ Rivers Cuomo
@ Robby Gordon
@ Robert Llewellyn
@ Robin Williams
@ Russell Brand
@ Ryan Adams
@ Ryan Newman
@ Ryan Seacrest
@ Sara Bareilles
@ Sarah Palin
@ Sean P. Diddy Combs
@ Sebastian Bach
@ Selena Gomez
@ Shaquille O'Neal
@ Shaun White
@ Snoop Dogg
@ Solange Knowles
@ Soleil Moon Frye
@ Sophia Bush
@ Stephen Colbert
@ Stephen Fry
@ Steve Jobs
@ Steve Nash
@ Steve Wozniak
@ Summer Glau
@ Taylor Swift
@ Terra Naomi
@ Tom Waits
@ Trent Reznor
@ Vanessa Hudgens
@ Walt Mossberg
@ Wil Wheaton
@ William Shatner
To find out more go to CelecrityTweet and see actual celebrity posts to Twitter!


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Cynthia L Dixon 7 years ago from Florida


What an amusingly informative Hub page. I had no idea. I knew Twitter was heating up and becoming very popular. Wow, we can actually Tweet and hobknob with the celebs - COOL!

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