Charlie Sheen's Custom Bullet Proof Maybach Up For Sale On eBay

Charlie Sheen has used eBay to sell his custom made 2009 Maybach 62S. The Listing has currently had over 17 thousand views and at present, the bidding sits at a respectable $241,250, with 149 bids. Being sold by a friend, I have to say this is one of the worst put together listings I've ever seen! The eBay account holder should of got a copy of my ebook to make this a worthy listing.

The listing doesn't give us much to go on about the vehicle other than it's perfect condition, has 27,000 mile on the clock, is a 2009, A Maybach 62S with a link to their site and mention that it has bullet proofing upgrade.

It is possible for the winning bidder to meet the man himself. Oh and the latest update wishes the potential bidders good luck with the #winning.

Who know's why Charlie has resorted to giving this to a friend to list on eBay. Publicity stunt? Maybe. But I hope hobbs_1000 the ebay seller, understands the potential eBay fee he's going to get at the end of this! That's if they get a genuine bidder of course.

Anyhow, for what ever the reason for putting Charlie Sheen's Bullet Proof Maybach on eBay, I hope it has a positive result. Whether that the buyer gets a great car and a chance to meet the legendary Mr Sheen or a charity benefits from the sale.

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