Chathurika Peiris Hot Sri Lankan Actress

Chathurika Peiris sexy Sri Lankan Movie and Teledrama actress

Chathurika Pieris is a hot Sri Lankan movie star and a Teledrama actress, who became popular because of her roles in movies like "Hiripoda Wessa" and "Nildiya Dahana". Other than that she has starred in few other films and many other television dramas and TV commercials. One of her most famous TV commercials being the Nestomolt advertisement. Although her sexy looks contributed in her becoming one of the most popular actresses in Sri Lanka, she is widely considered as someone with genuine talent for acting. She is engaged to another popular Sri Lankan actor Roshan Pilapitiya and hoping to get married in 2011. She's into producing as well with co-producing the television drama "Prarthana Mal" with Roshan Pilapitiya. Although very popular her career was not without controversy, with allegations about Chathurika Pieris blue films ( adult films ) etc, but they turned out to be just allegations and her popularity wasn't harmed that much.

Sexy Chathurika Pieris
Sexy Chathurika Pieris

Chathurika Peiris Biography

Other than details about her boy friend personal details of Chathurika Pieris is very hard to find. If you know about birthday or family details please do mention in the comments section.

Full Name - Chathurika Pieris

Boy friend - Roshan Pilapitiya

Birthday - January 02

Sister - Poornima Pieris

Education - Museus College

Movies - Hiripoda Wessa, Nil Diya Dahara, Machan

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Awards won by Chathurika Peiris

Below are some awards won by Chathurika Pieris

  • Most Popular Television drama actress in 2005 Sumathi Awards
  • Best Upcoming Actress in 2004¬†Presidential Film Awards
  • Best Emerging Actress in 2004 Sarasavi Awards¬†

Films starring Chathurika Pieris

Below is a list of movies starring Chathurika Peiris

  • Adaraneeya Vassanaya
  • Hiri Poda Wassa - One of her best movies ever and one of the most popular movies at that time in Sri Lanka
  • Sonduru Wasanthaya
  • Nil Diya Dahana - One of her best and sexiest performances
  • Sinasuna Adaren
  • Hadawatha Mal Yayai
  • Machan - very small part in this movie

Chathurika Pieris Hot sexy pictures

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Chathurika Pieris close upSmiling Chathurika PierisChathurika Pieris smileChathurika Pieris smileChathurika Pieris with umbrellaChathurika Pieris posing
Chathurika Pieris close up
Chathurika Pieris close up
Smiling Chathurika Pieris
Smiling Chathurika Pieris
Chathurika Pieris smile
Chathurika Pieris smile
Chathurika Pieris smile
Chathurika Pieris smile
Chathurika Pieris with umbrella
Chathurika Pieris with umbrella
Chathurika Pieris posing
Chathurika Pieris posing

Chathurika Pieris Hot video

Chathurika Peiris Nestomalt advertisements

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Jhangora profile image

Jhangora 6 years ago from Dehradun

Sweet looking girl ...

senaka 5 years ago

most sexiest looking srilankan actress why doesn't show up often nowadays


chathuri 5 years ago

you so beautiful

ayoddya udeshani 5 years ago

oyai roshan ayyai purnika akkai sahan ayyai harima hondai. lassanata act karanawa. GOOD LUCK.

ureni 5 years ago

I not like you

saman 4 years ago

oyata kohmada

Paka 4 years ago

Ane yako thamange pathiwatha rekagena.idapan wena pakayanta nodi.

wasana 4 years ago

i like ypu so much

Shan 4 years ago


kavesha 4 years ago

.dear,chatu akki.,you are sooo pretty and soo lovely.let anyone to say anythin..we know that you are not so.ok .so akki how is your family life!i didn't see even a photograph of your weddin...why don't your publish a one..plz

S.h.p lahiru madushanka 4 years ago

Ake oyage galanam mara lasanai ...mata henenuth oya penawa..meka suwa karagane kohomada

M.a lakshitha 4 years ago

Akka oya hodata raga panawa. Oya godak hodae.0721424034

Sameer 4 years ago

Ane chathu mama oyata adarei patiyo. Oya hari lassanai.. Ummmmmaa.....

Madush 4 years ago

Hai akka oya nam godaaaaaaaak lassanai.... Wish u all da best chathu akke

dodgeviper 4 years ago

Dulani Anuradha

dodgeviper 4 years ago

Geetha Kumarasingha

nilu 4 years ago

apo meya hari adambarai..kata karanne mha geniyek wage

Kalum 4 years ago

Akke...mama kamathima niliya oyai...good luck!..mama kamathi oyath ekka katha karanna...plz.0750310927

Kalum 4 years ago

Akke oya tharam lassana niliyak mama dakala naha...

laksitha 4 years ago

akka oya aththtama godk lassanai

hihuhi 4 years ago

akki oya ragapanawa hodai. digatama hodin ranganaya karagena yanna...ok akki

upul nandana 4 years ago

wow chaturica peris your are great baby.i really like are very pretty.

nethu 4 years ago

hey! actress kenek unata sri lankan cult 1 suit wena vidiyata act karanna...

Mahesh 4 years ago

You are one of the most talented actresses in Lanka. Keep it up Chathurika. You are very beautiful too. I like your style and straight forwardness.

mihiranga 3 years ago

Oya godak sweet chathu uuummma

Jessica 3 years ago

Hi Chathurika Peiris. I am an Aussie lady and love watching your Hiru Thaniwela . So sexy

subasinha.0716793423 3 years ago

Kala karuwek kiyanne rata ta lokuadarsayak oya godak lassanai

nandana 2 years ago

hi akkiyo mi dawas wala mokada karanne

matara chami 2 years ago

Hi akkiyo kohomada oya me dawas wala mokada karanne.

kumara 2 years ago

Add Your Comment..oyata mama kemathi rasikayek mama oyage teli katha balanawa.

thisara 2 years ago

Akki oya ragapanawwa lassanai api kemati

sarani 2 years ago

hi chathu akke, oya nam maara Lassanai... Act karanawa godak hodai, bt oya me dawaswala penna na ne... Apita paalui

www 2 years ago

Akke Oya lads an so

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