Cheburashka and Gena

Cheburashka | Source
Cheburashka and Gena on the train
Cheburashka and Gena on the train | Source
Cheburashka | Source

Cheburashka and Gena - the crocodile are the most popular and old animated characters known in Russia. Cheburashka with its immaculate behaviour and amicable deeds makes you feel fallen for him. Gena- the crocodile always accompanies Cheburashka. Many episodes have been produced with them, not only the children but also the grown ups like Cheburashka and Gena. These cartoons are based on the stories by Eduard Uspensky.

In one of the episodes, Cheburashka is lost and later found by a small girl who takes Cheburashka to Gena. Meanwhile, they decide to construct a home for all the people who are lonely in their city and they are joined by some of their friends like Lev Chandr- the lion, a giraffe, an old man, a small girl, a puppy and a dog and some more. They want to live together but an old wayward woman named Shapoklyak who is always carrying a rat named Lariska in her hands obviously can’t take this so she makes all the bad deeds to destroy their plans but in the end she realises her fault, gives up and makes friends with Cheburashka, Gena and their friends.

Cheburashka is certainly a very different animated character which sets itself apart from other animated characters. It’s a must watch for everyone. The simplicity and kindness of Cheburashka and Gena are commendable.

Enjoy the video clip of Cheburashka and crocodile Gena.

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A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 5 years ago from Texas

THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! You know I like childrens stories, and I'm completely enamoured with Russian folktales. Share more once you have time. SPASIBO!

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Spasibo balshoye vam. I'll surely share some more here in near future. I also like old Russian folktales and animations. These are classic series and in my opinion no other thing can match them.

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Good hub. I always enjoy learning about other cultures. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available as it was terminated by YouTube.

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Thank you for reading my hub and informing me about the video. I'll try to find a new one as soon as possible. Enjoy reading!!!!!!

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Cheburashka is soooo.... cute !!

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Thanks for the comment. He is cute and very innocent.

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 4 years ago from USA

Love these guys so much!

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