Carlos Bertonatti - Times Are Good

On this bleak, gray November 2008 day, I wish I was anywhere but here. I wish I was relaxing at the beach... Swinging in a hammock...

I can go there, just by popping in Carlos Bertonatti's album - "Times are Good."

YOU can go there, by downloading the album on iTunes or Amazon.

I discovered Carlos Bertonatti's music sometime in the spring when I received a friend request from him on MySpace. At first, I thought he was a college acquaintance, but when I went to his profile and heard his music playing, I realized he wasn't anybody that I'd gone to school with!

I fell in love with his songs instantly - especially "It's So Easy" and "Picture Perfect," both of which are featured on his MySpace page. Carlos' album is the kind of music that you could put on repeat and listen to over and over and over again. His sultry voice and lyrics have already captivated thousands of fans.

From commenting back and forth on MySpace, and later meeting him in person, it was apparent that not only is Carlos very talented, but very sweet and humble as well!

I was delighted to learn that over the summer, Carlos would be touring the west coast of Florida - including the sleepy little town I live in - with Fabian Hernandez. In preparation for the tour, Carlos paid a visit to a local TV station and performed a few of his songs on the air. You can see his segment on Studio 10 here.

I gathered a group of gal pals and friends from work, and when Carlos was scheduled to perform, we all took over the teeny-tiny coffee shop where he was going to be playing. When Carlos arrived, he greeted us with a huge smile. He and Fabian began rearranging chairs and setting up. While Fabian was singing, Carlos took a seat at a table nearby. When one of my friends arrived, he offered his seat to her - she didn't realize that he was the singer we were all there to see! She couldn't believe his chivalry! I told ya, he's a sweet guy.

The best part of the evening was just hanging out and listening to Carlos tell stories as he played guitar and sang to us. I always love hearing how a musician comes up with lyrics to songs, and being curled up in the big comfy chairs in front of Carlos was the perfect setting for us girls to hear those intimate details!

When most of Carlos' fans departed, a group of us hung around and talked, took pictures, got some autographs, and listened to Carlos and Fabian play and sing some more. It was a great evening, and it's very exciting to say that we saw Carlos so early in his musical journey, because we know he's got great things in store for him!

Early in 2008, Carlos signed with Sony ATV Publishing and Epic Records. His album, "Times are Good" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online music retailers. He's touring a lot right now, so check out his website or MySpace for tour dates and information!

A lot of people have said Carlos sounds like Jack Johnson. His laid-back mix of folk-rock-acoustic music speaks for itself. Listen to some of Carlos' music here.

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