Childrens Movie Despicable Me!

Family Fun

I have to say i always get wary when the kids ask for a new DVD because i just know im going to have to sit through it. However, this is different. I found it absolutely brilliant and have to say that Pixar have produced an amazing, family fun film. There are a couple of scary bits but its worth it! Im not going to go into too much detail but let me just say that this is definately a film that we watched as a family and thoroughly enjoyed.

When the egyptian pyramids go missing and the news headlines are all about the evil genious who stole them, our evil genious, Gru is filled with envy and rage. He had not been headline thief for years. A plan must be developed with his minnions but what to steal. Gru has always had a love of the moon............all he needs is a rocket and a shrink ray........easy. Once stolen it dosent take long before evil nerd Vector steals the moon right out from under Grus nose. Gru then enlists the help of three cookie selling orphans to help steal it back, knowing that Vector has a sweet tooth. He then realises that the girls are not just pawns but actually care about him and he actually makes a pretty good parent.......................

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