Chris Brown Loses His Temper and His Shirt......Again Uh Oh

Angry Chris Brown after Good Morning America Interview.
Angry Chris Brown after Good Morning America Interview.

People Magazine Reports

Apparently Chris Brown made an appearance today March 22, 2011, on Good Morning America. The Interview was supposed to be to promote the release of his new album. F.A.M.E. However, during the couse of the interview, he realized that theinterview's focus was more on the previous assault case that he had encountered against his ex-girlfriend, POP Singer Rihanna. Since, that case Chris Brown has struggled to regain the trust of his fan back. So, I am not at all surprised that this kind of interview would upset him. He apologized to Rihanna publically and he was ordered probation and many hours of community service. Since, the assault Chris Brown has worked hard to reform his image, as well as his music. He has grown significantly as a music artist ;anĀ is steadily growing as a sex symbol in the hip hop industry. He is now sporting a new blonde hair do. According to People, Chris Brown performed one song, instead of the two scheduled, and then he returned to his dressing room where he had a raging fit. He destroyed the dressing room in rage, they are also reporting that security was alerted. They did not elaborate, on whether or not security detained him. The anchor, Robin Roberts, apparently asked him questions about the felony assault case. Chris' response was "It's not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation. I'm just trying to move past that in my life. He then went on to say Today's album day, so that's what i'm focused on. I don't blame Chris Brown, he responded to that perfectly during the interview. However, People is reporting that he was visibly upset, and he stormed out of the dressing room, shirtless and out of the studios in New York in 40 degree weather. As I viewed the interview you can tell that he is heated, and he actually says several times in the interview that he is there to talk about the album, that he named the acronym F.A.M.E. symbolizing Fans,
Are, My, Everything. I know that the assault was a very violent act but,at some point people need to let it go. It seems that both Rihanna and his fans have forgiven him, so I think that it was a tacky tactic embodied by the news anchor to even bring it up. I understand his dilemma, he was there to promote his new album. This negativity geared towards him and the felony assault case could hurt his album sales., and give him a lot of bad press. Chris seems to be center of attention these days, just last week someone leaked nude photos of him all over the internet. Nevertheless, Chris Brown is a phenomenol artist. His work still prevails, i wish u the best Chris.

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optimus grimlock profile image

optimus grimlock 5 years ago

hes got a few screws loose thats for sure it could be because the way he was raised. He's not a bad actor either, i think he needs an older woman to screw his head on straight. hmm I would say kerry washington but she'd kick his ass

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@optimus grimlock, I actually like him, I'm not feeling the blonde hair though. I never thought about him and Kerry Washington but thats not a bad idea.

Mammas7 profile image

Mammas7 5 years ago from Office

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@mamma7 I totally agree, im always in his corner that is why I included the actual interview. I wish him well. He actually apologized,for his actions on BER 106 & park

helpfularticles profile image

helpfularticles 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

Great Article! I think its ashame that they tricked him into thinking the show would be all about his album and then blindsided him with the whole Rhianna incident. I don't agree with what him going off after the interview but they are dead wrong for doing that to him, it's just so weak on the Today's Shows part! I pray that the rest of society can get past his mistakes and let the man live his life and prosper in his career. He is young, he made a mistake and paid the price. So the media needs to get over it!

shaekelly profile image

shaekelly 5 years ago from Alabama Author

@helpful articles I fell the same way,i think people need to learn how to forgive.

lmoynihan082 profile image

lmoynihan082 5 years ago from ireland

Once a woman beater always a woman beater.

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 5 years ago

It looks like the publicity may turn to his favor since it got people talking and tweeting. Apparently they want him back on the show to do a interview with Rihanna, that should be interesting.

jberens43 profile image

jberens43 5 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

What happened to Sisqo, he was kooler than this clown. "Let me see that thongggg....."

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