Christine 2

The Famous Plymouth!

How Awesome Would This Be?

 I recently watched this movie for the 100th time on HBO or some other channel & came up with an awesome idea! I asked my wife, "Do you think it would be awesome to make a second edition to this classic movie, Christne 2 or Christines Back! or something like that..." She thought it was a great idea or was just playing nice...What do ya' think? Would you like to see this classic movie revived? I think I could write & direct this movie but who knows....Maybe, somebody with the money & backing will do so now....If so, please be kind & drop me a check in the mail! LOL!


The original movie was released in 1983. I was only 9 years old at the time & remember watching this at the Rebel Drive In which was located in Attalla, Alabama. Seems like centuries ago!

This is also known as "John Carpenter's Christine" & it was considered a horror film but I would probably put the sequel in a mystery/thriller catergory in today's time. This original movie was adapted from Stephen King's novel. Hey Stephen, call me!, we should chat....LOL! Yeah right! Anyway, This beautiful 1958 Plymouth Fury was the main theme & movie plot....I'm sure if you're reading this hub, you know all the details of the movie & if someone out there hasn't seen the movie, you can go to "YouTube" to check it out!

So, I would like to take a poll, how many of ya' out there would like to see a sequel to this classic film?

Drop me a visit, I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions.....


Thanks for stopping by......

It's a good time for a cruise in the car! Happy Cruising! Time for me to cruise on....

Michael Gladden

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Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

I would not be against seeing a sequel to it. I would not be opposed to them bringing back the Plymouth either. It's a beauty of a car. So elegant and amazing to look at! Cars today are small and cold by comparison. Cheers! Nice to be the first to comment here too!

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama Author

Thanks Cheeky Girl for being the 1st to drop a vote....Cool! Your all for it ay'....I think it would do good! Definitely would want to use the same car....Come back anytime! Thanks for the visit!

profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

Thanks for the hub and the reminder one should watch that movie again...sequel...bring it on...


Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama Author

Thanks Quill, I think it would do good....Thanks for another yes vote....

Deerwhisperer profile image

Deerwhisperer 6 years ago from Bradenton, Florida

Great hub, and I would love to watch your sequel, just let me know when its ready for viewing.

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama Author

Maybe, some rich producer will be buzzing me soon...LOL! Thanks for stopping by....

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

My husband would watch the sequel for sure. Get you a little hand cam and do it yourself. It might just be the next big YouTube sensation!

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama Author

Great idea Austinstar! I do think it would do fairly good because the 1st one was such a classic! The end always left me hanging for more when they crushed the car....Thanks for dropping a line....

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Thanks Michael! Should have added I am a huge Stephen King fan as well! He's the best modern writer in America in my opinion! He rules! Cheers! : )

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama Author

Stephen King is pretty awesome! Thanks Cheeky Girl...

lazurus 6 years ago

of course make a sequel watch the ending the metal on christine begings to move again so make a sequel

gerry 6 years ago

i think this would be awesome and due to what other people have said about the metal movieng at the end when christine is cube it leaves it open for a sequell and it shows many people like this movie so it not like it will go bust or anything. i reckont ehy should make a sequell and make it now but not like that nightrider remake shit you have to keep the 88 fury or its pointless.

James 6 years ago

I would love to see another christine but I would like them to use a different car cause I love the looks of the 1958 Plymouths. And everytime I wacth the movie I always yell at the movie for trashing the cars so would like to see a different 20ish year old car like a 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra, and of course red. Just saying.

Steven 6 years ago

It was announced by Platinum Dunes a remake of Christine will be directed by David Slade and produced by Brad Fuller, Platinum Dunes announced that will be released in 2011 in a 3D format.

jordon 6 years ago


cc 6 years ago

I would love to see a remake and/or sequel. Hard to believe this show came out over 20 years ago... Still as good as it was the first time I saw it.

Joseph 6 years ago

I woud like a remake of Christine but only if they don't make it 3d or stick 13th/nightmare teenagers and kill them off, it has to be like the first. I rekcon a gud backstory would help as they "why" the car was evil, I came up with an idea that a gang meeting took place in the car factory and a janitor who looked after Christine when she was beeing outfitted with her custom pars gets killed for being a witness to their crimes and his vengeful spirt goes into the car... what do you think?

1958 Plymouth Fury " CQB 241 cALIFORNIA" 6 years ago


I have emailed "John Carpenter" as to if their will be a follow on to the movie any time soon.

I think that,if possible the 1958 Plymouth Fury" should come back.

But knowing how "RARE" they must be in the States now (as im from the uk)

If there couldn't be any (1958's) used

then another possible option would be a "later plymouth fury" as a "new born to chrstine (eg the son/daughter of Christine" which comes back with hell more fury!

the film starts in a similar way such as "the new say,80's fury) is rolling down a cue of other fury's on the production line, in a newer warehouse.. (newer styled car) but just as badass attitude!!

and the title of the new movie could be called something like" Chrstine's new born OR the Return of Chrstine!

This movie is brilliant (as myself am into classic cars and love watching this movie when restoring any classic car! and love getting into the feel of the movie when behind the wheel lol

Letting "Chrstine" the movie,fade away into the dusty pages of history (to be forgotten and never repeated for a younger generation of people,would be an absolutely diabolical shame!!

I will post if any news or anything comes back from "john carpenter"

Thanks and good luck writing the new story!

Jackilyn 6 years ago

I'd like to see Christine as in the book by King. Lots of power to her!

Keith Halak 6 years ago

I just finished watching the movie again, been years since i saw it & was still as good as the first.

Someone should make a sequel, could even open with the end of the first with Christine crushed into a cube & part of the grill moves indicating she isn't gone..

could start credits with the smelter process of her being recycled with cameras following the molten metal of Christine through the production of a late model muscle car like the new challenger (keeping the Dodge / Plymouth theme) then after the credits start the movie with her reborn with the same red / white paint coming off the production line at the end of the work day when someone disrespects her & she kills them.

Now with a new identity its either revenge after so many years ( if the 2 actors / actress are still in the business ?) & their family, could even have their kid buy it for a reunite. or she gets a new care giver & & a new movie plot?

Haha, either way the movie would be great & the CG could take it to the next level.


LethalGN 6 years ago

I always thought it would be cool to have a different car for a sequel.Maybe they took the battery out before crushing her and put it in another car?A Buick GS or GN would be cool.

nathan  5 years ago

yeah i would like to see a part 2 and by the way its a 57 plymouth fury with the 350 golden commando engine and a push button tranny for the movie they used a few 58s but the main car is a 57 and they had to change the tranny for some of the seens because the oringal push button tranny for those cars liked to pop out of gear alot my email is if you want more info on them or if you might want to here my ideas

Ryan 5 years ago

It would be awesome if they made a prequel like what the guy above a few of us said show the smelting process, and have it as a new challenger or maybe get a few prowlers or some Chrysler car with the most high performance option perhaps a Viper, but keep all the old 50s tunes playing because that's what christine's personality was was 50s songs just like in the movie, Leigh: "all it gets is those old songs, and sometimes when were making out it just stalls" that's my input keep me posted I would love this to be made cause of my love for this movie I will go see it 100 times when it comes out

cody jansen 5 years ago

i agree there should be a second movie to that movie it was a good movie one of my classic horror favorite i hope that do make a sequal to it

will smith 5 years ago

I think it would be great if who ever made it would stay true to the original story and work off that. I would watch the sequel if its good as many times as I watched part one

RIchard 5 years ago

A new sequal would b the best. I was only 3yrs of age when Christine was released. When I first watched it I thought this is the best movie ever. An today kept safe I still have this movie. I watch it every now and then an everytime its like my first. Someone needs to bring her back!!! But use the same car!!! It wouldn't b the same if a diff car is used!!!!

Eugeneq 5 years ago

I loved the movie and wish they would make a second one with christine with more power. The car was awesome and should be back again.

robbie 5 years ago

in the original film at the end Christine started to rebuild in the scrap yard so YES Please make Christine 2....

kevin 5 years ago

Hey I really think it would be awsome to see a christine sequl. Even knowing I was only 9 when I saw it and now I'm 20 and love that movie since then I always wanted to see a sequl to christine.

Jamie 5 years ago

I would love a sequel!

Jamie 5 years ago

I would love a sequel!

Jennifer 5 years ago

A second Christine needs to be made. I would be all for it. And I like the title Christines Back. That would suit it best.

taff 5 years ago

maybe you should set up a facebook page for it! i'm all for a remake or a follow up. great film, great car, great music, end of. i was 5 when this came out!

Jay 5 years ago

You have my vote! That was a great movie!! Just find out what camera's they were using to film and your golden:) Christine 2 would work:)

Ryan 5 years ago

Actually, I really think they should make a prequel. Theres a HUGE backstory. Remember, at the beginning of the movie that old bastard talks about the relationship between his brother and Christine. It could show Christine during the 20 years we didn't see. They could even explain why she(Christine) is the way she is. Maybe the car became possesed by the soul of some badass, crazy bitch who was really into cars? I thought they did a pretty decent job with the "The Thing" prequel/remake. This movie would be awesome. Just imagine what Christine could do.., with the CG of today!

Shadefilmguy 5 years ago

HELL YES!! I think they should make a sequel to this amazing movie. But the car would have to be the same cause it's a beautiful car and it's menacing the way she is. Also the actors would have to be the same as well. Older obviously but the same. If I could I would make the sequel, but I don't nor will I ever have access to an amazing car like that to put in a movie where she gets smashed up every time she kills people lol. I am a low budget film maker making a movie for a film fest you may see some of my stuff one day, the name is Brody Trollope., email me if anybody wants to talk about movies or if you live in calgary we can hook up and may be I'll have a spot in one of my movies for yea. On another note This movie is AWESOME, plus I love the purr Christine gives off lol.

robbie 5 years ago

hey i would love to see a follow up also but how would you bring her back?

alleycat 5 years ago

i have always love christine. it is one of thoses movies that i could watch over and over and over. but i really wish someone would make a sequal i relly do

carjunkie 5 years ago

After reading all the comments, I'm glad to see there are so many people that feel the same way I do about "Christine." If my life depended on it, I don't think I could tell you how many times I watched this movie. If a sequel were to be made, consider this; Christine's evil spirit is transferred to a 1960's Plymouth muscle car. That way, you still have a classic Plymouth but with a little more style and a lot more power!

carlye 5 years ago

My husband and I were just saying the same thing. We think that's a GREAT idea!

yes please 5 years ago

make another one now it will be great to see more

Charles 5 years ago

I'm a big Christine fan. I watched Christine over a 100 times and if will be great for someone to come out with a part 2

And plus I don't like how the last one ended. So please come out with a part 2

Josh L. 5 years ago

I just caught this movie again on American Movie Classics and it got me thinking about a sequel, which led me here.

I'm definitely all for it! However, in my opinion, there's no way it will fly if its not a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury. I mean, that movie is a classic and shouldn't be followed up with some sub-standard sequel. In fact, if I were doing the next film, I'd make it with the same cameras used in the early 80's to keep the nostalgia. Plus, use real cars & real stunt men driving them to keep it real, CG can be so fake. It would take time to collect enough of these treasures and fix them up to look like Christine. Now, the cars you will find will most likely be in bad shape. But that's ok, because you only need one that is pristine for close ups. The rest can have 20, 30, and 40 foot paint jobs. Even still this will take a pretty penny to achieve. But by today's movie making standards, still cheaper.

I think id start by remaking the first one. Then, do the sequel(s) to it so the characters can remain the same. Maybe even cameos by some of the original actors! Now that would be great!

John Fiorella 5 years ago

Bring on a sequel to Christine I am all for it.

wynn s 5 years ago

I was 13 when Christine was born my friends and I watched her 20 plus times it would be great to see what shes doing these days. do Christine 2 the revenge 5 years ago

I seen a trailer on christine 2 the revenge and they were showing a jap car.WTF? if they don't use the 58 fury, the movie is going to suck. they need to use the radio,or the engine, as the soul from hell,or over the year she was pulling her self back togather. and someone she see her and buys her as a project car like annie did.i started the movie and go from there, come on movie writers don't jack the story line up. keep the movie awsome like it was when i saw it. mr, king call john carpenter let do this.

lee 5 years ago

there is a christine 2 out it has been out 4 years i have it on dvd and it was on tv on friday night

VeteranGhost 5 years ago

You need to think about the cost you know 1 Plymouth fury can cot 80,000 dollars so if they did they would not use Christine. Probably a newer model of car.

William Graiman 5 years ago

I would love to see a sequel of Christine but born from the smelting process and the Christine's cube smelt would taking place 29 years in the future from the original movie, and have it as the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 2012, Plymouth Road Runner 2012 or Shelby GT350 2012.

Bevis 4 years ago

i Would go mad if someone could get a sequel going, But they must do it right, Since i was a small boy i watched that movie, i love that movie and i would love to see the next one. But with the same car.... And no robot stuff like arms and stuff... Lol. Can someone please just make the movie. lol. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago





Wardog69 4 years ago

I would love to see part two Id love it. Thankd wadog69:)

Brittany L. 4 years ago

I am only 12 n LOVE christine if yall are making a new one please email me at please and thxz if you do make a new one it would be so poupuler I have already got 1,000 signatures saying they want a new movie and thats just from my school !!!!!!!!!!

bigballer 4 years ago

they should make a part two of christine because the little part moves making you wonder if there will be a part two.

noman 4 years ago

I had dream bout the movie it bout the time she was got crush at yard the thing was she made in to a new plymouth fury 2000's model but that kings said in my dream he was going to do but now plymouth don't make cars no more how this going to work less they have a come back making the new plymouth fury as there come back on the car show room with the new plymouth fury but what i DREAM about the christne 2 no end to christne that was what king going to call in my dream only I can see this happied if king write a book about it then the movie real coming soon latter I think that how he works the stephen king himself

Aly 4 years ago

I just finished the book. Love the movie! Wont give anything away but read the book a sequel is totally possible! If they are going to remake stick to the book as much as possible ot was so good I read it in 14 hours!

john 4 years ago

would love to see a part 2 with all the cg we have today, it would b a hit I think

David 4 years ago

I agree with everyone on here, let us get a petition together and send

it to John Carpenter, and Steven King to re-make this film!, I would

suggest either a new DODGE CHARGER, Or a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, Also we should remind him of how much $$$ he would make!.

antonio 4 years ago

hell yes make a part 2 baby, lol that is a most so MR King,MR Carpenter's get to work!!!!!

bigjames 3 years ago

I always loved this movie and thought that there should be a part 2.

jesse 18 3 years ago

christine 2 .only the thought of that gives me chills.after i saw the movie the ending were christine had been chrushed to a cube and still moved left me expecting for a sequal to this movie.but it would be wery hard to make this movie cuz u probably know how many of these cars had been destroyed during the filming of this movie ,and one plymouth fury belvedere costs probably about 50 000 $ but everything is possible. i wote, make a new movie.

BJ ROCK 3 years ago

I Think a prequel would be the way to go.

The film could be all about Christines original owner "Roland Lebay."

And his side of the story.

Perhaps even have a title like "Christine, Lebays Story."

If done properly using 58 plymouth furys it could be a Fantastic way to reintroduce the story back to the big screen.

Fabrice82 3 years ago

It would make a dream come true !

R68 3 years ago

A prequel to explain why the car possess demonic soul and how it came to be and from the end of part 1 with its regeneration to bring the car up to date with 3D effects to pursue another storyline from there. Stephen King should be again take the story to further heights.

randy 3 years ago

remake christine ? only if it is not stupid . like the dukes of hazard remake , and so on . if you keep it real , and keep the story line yes . but if you plan to make a slopy comedy out of the greatest film ever; then dont bother .

Frank Davis 3 years ago

Not only would I like to see it but,Hey from one Alabama boy to another I want to drive her.I love the movie so much I named my gun after her.So if you make it you have your driver,lol

Paul 3 years ago

they already did a sequel to Christine...where can I get it in DVD?

snoop dog 2 years ago

Christine should come back alive with the same make and model but she should have a sister named christina that does the revenge for her... go Christine cool movie

Chris 2 years ago

I would love to see another Christine movie, why not look how many other movies like the fast and the furious movies there are now. Love the 58 plymouth, problem is theres probly isn't enough cars to make another movie. Love to see one though !!!

JR 2 years ago

With the scrap prices being at record highs and a new trend in America they could create any new direction. They could show the closing and liquidation of Darnells Junk Yard. All the cubed cars get transported to a smelting factory and made into new steel for unibody cars.

It is a the perfect second episode.

Ashley 2 years ago

Great idea please someone get on that A.S.A.P.

dennis 2 years ago

It cannot be called prequel to Christine but it does make an effort at explaining the car being possessed. And it could be the setup for a sequel Look up Christian on Amazon or Kindle

Mike2 2 years ago

Most scrap yards pull the motor (some pull the rear also) before crushing. I'd have the story open with a kid being given a hard time at school about his POS car. I'm thinking a 72 Sport Fury (with hidden headlights!), they had their own kind of ugly-but-mean look. The motor spins a bearing, or throws a rod when he tries to impress a girl. The kid goes to the salvage yard to find a replacement engine. The owner gives him an old motor that's in the back of the shop... he's glad to be rid of it, as it gave him his limp when it "fell" off the pallet years before. Kid hauls the motor home and drops it in...

profile image

Fifties Kid 22 months ago

I had been thinking about a prequel/sequel to Christine for a long time, and finally started working on the screenplay for it, in May, 2014. I had already been running through many ideas in my head for quite a while, so I was able to finish it in 5 months.

It is 179 pages, which is longer than a regular feature-length movie (normally, one page equals approximately one minute of screen time), but a lot of that is detailed setup and description. A screenplay, after all, is a blueprint for making a movie.

I have tried contacting people in the movie industry, but no luck so far. It is a Catch-22 situation, where you will be ignored unless you are well known, and can never become well known unless you are initially paid attention to.

This follow-up movie wants to be made. At least, that is what Christine told me...

Rickhoustontx427 15 months ago

I think a Red Dodge challenger ,blacked out with tint would be the perfect car for the sequel.The evil part would come from the owner finding scrap like an emblem,or something in that nature from the old to see the movie done...they remake so many other movies that were nothing as good as Christine..thanks for reading my thoughts.

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