Chronicles of Narnia - The Exhibition Review

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Chronicles of Narnia – The Exhibition Review

Today, my son and I visited the Narnia Exhibit at the new Houston Museum of Natural Science – Sugarland. Both of us absolutely loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and liked Prince Caspian. So, we were pretty excited.

We went upstairs to begin our tour. By the way, it was $12 for each of us. We are members and my son is 3. You enter the word of Narnia just as the Pevensie children do – through the wardrobe. When you step in you see what they saw. There are coats to the left and a snow capped trees. This was very fun and my son kept going back to look at the trees with the snow. I read somewhere that there was supposed to be falling snow and a chill of cold air when you entered, but too bad we experienced neither.Maybe it is just too new here?

In the exhibit, you see the actual props in the movie including the dress of the White Witch, her wand, dagger, and several of her crowns. You can sit in her chair which is really cool (really, it is COLD!). This first area is probably one of the best. It also houses the White Witch's sleigh, frozen animals (including a large bear) and the door to Mr. Tumnus’s house. You can also find all your favorite Narnia places on a large map.

As you walk through the entire exhibit, you see the gold from the treasures chamber, life sized characters, costumes, maps, swords, and even the home of Trufflehunter. There are also many television screens playing parts the Narnia movies, how they made it, and interviews with the actors.

One interactive display is to launch a catapult into a net. You can launch a rubber ball made to look like a rock to a net. It makes a noise too so the kids love it!

At the end of the tour you actually do walk through the Centurions (they are pretty massive!) holding their swords above you as you walk up to the throne to see the crowns of the children.

The cons were that there was no Aslyn. Aslyn is Narnia and the absence of him in the exhibit (other than movie clips) was disappointing. It also seemed that more of the display was geared toward the second of the two movies: Prince Caspian. I could be wrong, but I would have really liked to see more from the first movie.

But, with a friendly staff, excellent props, and Narnia music playing, it is a great way to spend 1-2 hours and definitely worth the cost! You truly do get to relive the magic of this great series and I would truly recommend it. I may even bring my relatives to the exhibit during the holidays!

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