Chumlee is the man, reason i watch Pawn Stars


The Chumster is that dude.

Real name of Chumlee of the TV show "Pawn Stars" is Austin Russell. How much does he weigh? A bit too much, but the everyone loves the big man. I'm guessing he got his nick name from the word "chum" meaning pal/ buddy. He is best buds with Cory one of the heirs to the shop. Chumlee makes the show more entertaining to watch. He adds a lot of spice and fun to the everyday hustle. Being worth $600k a year and some say $25k an episode plus he drive a Bentley, some crazy guy tried to hustle a free ride from him, he is definitely worth every penny. He basically reminds people of just an everyday guy that can clown around and has a cool personality while working in a high establishment in Vegas. But don't be fooled, the big man knows his stuff.


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