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Cloverfield Monster Movie

Image Copyright Paramount Pictures 2009.
Image Copyright Paramount Pictures 2009.

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 This is one of them films that are hyped even before it's release like the original Blair Witch with it's teaser title Cloverfield which stayed as the title of the film, but many speculated it was a working title that was designed to throw people off this secretive film project.

The whole film is shot with hand held cameras and actually by one of the story characters who is holding a film camera throughout the entire run of the film and this was a risky thing to do with a film like this, but it paid off as it draws you into the action and the characters of the film as the events unfold on one of the friends leaving parties.

The action is captured as if you were there and living in the events, after the first 30 minutes you get to see the much talked about creature of the film and wee se it is an original monster for a change, there were all sorts of talk about it being Godzilla or some other monster from the Japanese Godzilla films. The film itself became known for the buzz and the hype that it created and surrounded itself within.

The films producers and writers weren't going to spill the beans about what the creature would look like and in true Hollywood style, there were a few mis directions of information which resulted in the hype that ensued, which of course made the film a sort of viral had to see it to know! kind of movie, with the tag line "Some Thing Has Found Us" you instantly know that a monster would be the main story element, especially with the headless shot of the Statue Of Liberty - Which you see rolling through the streets of New York in the film as the monster plays a crap hand at bowling.

There are some plot points that seemed annoying though. However, as the appearance of the monster wasn't explained, nor do we know where it came from, not even a sniff of it's from outta space!! All though there s some minor speculation from some of the characters in the film we simply do not learn anything more other than it drops smaller creatures off it's body and these go searching for other places to hide, like in the subways.

The parts in the film that deal with the crisis are spot on and if they really happened then there is no doubt that it was as true to how it would be in real life as people just try to survive, as all the military throw every kind of firepower, they have at the creature (with no effect I might add!)

This is a good film, although the films running time is very short at 80 minutes and the ending was a disappointment as nothing was resolved, and it just ended, sorry about the spoiler there, but films that end like this should be banned.

This was a good film though that made you care about the characters and the way it was filmed with the hand held cameras, just made you live the film rather than watching it in high gloss Hollywood filming knowing that everything is staged, whereas this film just seemed cobbled together like archive footage which gave it a realistic slant on an old "monster destroys the city" story.

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Comments About Cloverfield 5 comments

chris Friend 7 years ago

That's a good point aas well. I would be under a bed someplace.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes I thought the shaky camcorder action brought out the realism of this somewhat, although in reality I don't think I'd be holding a camera for a full hour and a half whilst the city is being destroyed by a massive monster, I'd take a few pics and run like hell! lol!

Chris Friend 7 years ago

No, I agree. And the part when the hero's brother was attacked by the monster, well if someone were attacked by something that massive there would be very little leftover. The face shot suggested that he was killed but intact.I admit that's a little morbid on my part, but it didn't make sense. I still loved it and thought it an unusual sci-fi horror film. Still was one of my favorites.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yep, it was a good film, just the ending didn't conclude the whole thing.

Cheers Chris!

Chris Friend 7 years ago

I thought it was an incredible monster movie. One of my favorite films of last year.

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