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It’s been another productive year so far in the club music scene with the house music style still influencing our charts and with random but spot on artist collaborations.

A couple of gems from mid-late 2010 still remain in the summer 2011 club music charts and are likely to stay for now with hits including Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk and Swedish House Mafia – One.

Top 10 Clubbing Songs Summer 2011:

Below is a top 10 list of club tunes that are massive at the moment, with house style being the major influence but with hints of R&B and Pop.

1. Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling

Released in March 2011 this non-surprising but perfect collaboration between Kelly Rowland, who’s taking the club scene by storm and well established artist Alex Gaurdino is a fresh, zesty and carefree summer tune with an obvious house style base. This is sure to be a hit throughout summer 2011.

2. Rihanna – S&M

Released in January 2011, from the word go this track by the Barbadian mega artist has stirred up a storm in the club scene but also in the TV censorship scene, where it’s provocative qualities had it banned in 11 countries. The word S&M and the fact that it’s by Rihanna tell us a lot about the message of the song.

3. Swedish House Mafia featuring Pharell- One (Your Name)

Released during the summer of 2010, the Swedes did it again! This time they featured N.E.R.D.’s Pharell Williams who added a twang of R&B to this mainly house style track.

4. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

This mega track released on February 2011 by the pop queen Lady Gaga set a fun loving and carefree standard for 2011. The video received a hefty degree of criticism due to it’s symbolism with the song also strangely receiving criticism due to it’s message of equality being advertised.


5. Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People

Released in January 2011 and talk about random! I’d never expect the completely different styles of Benny Benassi and Chris Brown complementing each other, but I’ve been proven wrong with this catchy, house style, summer hit. Again like Swedish House Mafia featuring Pharell, this song is mainly house style with a touch of R&B.

6. David Guetta feat Rihanna - Who's That Chick?

David Guetta finally got his magic hands on Rihanna to create this hit track, who would have guessed…Released in January 2011, this song took the airways by storm and remains to do so. Not sure why now, but sources say that David Guetta wanted U.S. radio stations to stop playing this song as Rihanna was already saturating the airways with all her past and present hits.

7. LMFAO featt. Lauren Bennett - Party Rock Anthem

Ok I associate this song with Marmite, you either hate it or love it, not normally an in between. Having been released at the beginning of 2011, this song doesn’t seem to have gone stale yet and remains strong in club charts. I’m sure soon though that the lyrics “everybody’s shuffling” repeating in our heads will begin to drive us crazy.

8. The Saturdays – Notorious

Although The Saturdays aren’t big in the present, they remain huge across the pond in Europe with many different style songs being released. This song called Notorious is a slightly different style for The Saturdays, but in all honesty they did a great job with this sexy pop meets house style hit. Song was only released in May 2011 so is still fresh in the club charts!

9. Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk

Released back at the end of the 2010, this fresh hit from the lovely Wynter Gordon remains a massive hit in the club charts, probably to it’s catchy lyrics that leave nothing to the imagination. The title ‘Dirty Talk’ is quite explanatory as is Rihanna’s ‘S&M’.

10. Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor feat. Pitbull

Talk about unexpected! Who would have thought little lovable JLo would be coming out with a track like this?! Number one it’s not her style of music and secondly I would have never matched the party animal type lyrics with the humble downtown JLo. I guess Pitbull brought that hidden side of JLo out, but we’re all glad he did as this track became insanely massive overnight due to it’s perfect combination of ethnic meets house and slightly ominous meets sexy style. Released back in March 2011, this hit remains massively popular and is a must play on the club scene.


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